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April 2009

Sweat Lodge on the Matrix of Life

The Sweat Lodge and the Deep Feminine:
Teachings on the Matrix of Life
A special teaching for both men and women
Sunday April 19, 12 noon to about 7 pm

Jeannette Micoleau, grandmother shaman, will offer teaching on the Deep Feminine as expressed in the mandala of the Sweat Lodge ceremony. Jeannette is a student of Joseph Rael, sweat lodge leader, and practioner of Tibetan Buddhist meditation.

We engage these mysteries:
The Deep Feminine as the Matrix of Life
The Sweat Lodge as the Mandala of the Self
The Mastery of the Deep Feminine -- essential service for these times

The day includes teaching through the making of tobacco bundles, work on the land, meditation on the Fire, and teachings in the Sweat Lodge. We celebrate following with a pot luck feast.

>>>>You will need to bring loose tobacco, a cup of cornmeal (white, yellow or blue), and cloth and string for prayer ties. More details about what to bring and wear are at the bottom of this message.

These are experiential teachings conveyed in ceremonial space. Come prepared to receive in a new way. We cannot understand this with our minds.

It is recommended that you have been in a sweat lodge ceremony before. If you have not, and feel called to come, please contact me. Your spiritual path may have prepared you for this experience in a different way.

Offering: $60.00. 
Sliding scale with work exchange: $35 - $50

RSVP required by April 17.
We will begin promptly at 12 noon. Please do not arrive late.

To RSVP please email carla at hopepeacechamberdotcom
I will email you directions and a list of what to bring.