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October 2009

My intention for my Ministry

I state my intention to be ordained as a minister through the Madonna Ministries. I ask that Bishop EveLynn Maurine assist me and hold space for this sacred covenant that I am making. I intend to serve all the People and through them, serve the Divine, Wah Mah Chi, the Goddess, and the Great Circle of Life and the Life Force that enlivens us all.

I serve through creating and offering art work that resonates with healing sacred energy.
I serve through ceremony which purifies, honors, unites, teaches, and makes whole, bringing together Earth and Sky, Feminine and Masculine, the Above and Below, the Void and the Light, healing seven generations into the past and into the future, and empowering us to walk together as Divine Beings enjoying a human experience. I honor my teacher Grandfather Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow.
I serve through permaculture, restoring fertility to the earth and health to the people, and returning the surplus.
I serve through the Temple of Wombn, holding space and teaching through the Womb Wisdom Healer’s Circle, the 10 Moon Initiation, assisting women who are Divine Intelligence Vulvically Awakened, and supporting the Temple and her Mission through all my work, art, and being. I serve men and women who are exploring their own experience of spiritual sexuality as an orgasmic alchemy healer. I honor my Teacher Nut TmuAnkh Butterfly Dreaming.
I serve through sitting with those who are struggling with their path to wholeness, ministering through listening and helping them discover solutions, or simply helping them feel they are not alone in their struggle.
I intend, through the powers invested by Madonna Ministries ordination, to serve people through officiating at marriages, supporting them in death, and providing ceremonies for the various rites of passage we go through in life.
I intend to continue as I have: walking in spirit, in communion with the Earth, the Galaxies, all my brothers and sisters, serving with commitment, integrity, and joy.
I intend to continue learning and growing deeper on my own spiritual path.

I thank you with all my heart, EveLynn, for your support, affirmation, and blessing on my path, and through this ordination initiation.

Ahtu, Ashe, Aho!

Diva Carla Sanders

Reverend Diva Carla

On Thursday, October 15 at sunset, my friend EveLynn Maurine blessed me with an ordination ceremony as a minister in the Madonna Ministries. I am now Reverend Diva Carla! As my friend Liaya said, I am now a member of the marry, bury, and baptize club!

Ordination is something I have been open to for a few years. With EveLynn's arrival last week, it came to me that now is the time. Madonna Ministries is a legal church without walls that holds the basic belief that Mary Magdalene and the Madonna represent the Divine Feminine on the earth, and Jesus is the representative of the Divine Masculine on the Earth. The only qualification is that the minister already be serving in his or her community.  The building of the Peace Chamber, sweat lodges, and dances will continue to be my ministry. I am also empowered to offer private and small group spiritual counseling and energy healing sessions. I'll be emailing you announcements about these expanded offerings.

Below is a brief description of my ceremony. Tomorrow I will share the intention letter I read aloud during the ceremony.

To prepare for the Ceremony, in the morning, I had a solo purification sweat lodge, and made prayer ties, which I tied around the Peace Chamber circle. I made an altar from stones around my property, and laid a fire of cedar branches.

At sunset, EveLynn and I, along with three women of my spiritual community: My sweat lodge elder teacher, my fire keeper and my soul sister, walked out to the Peace Chamber. We placed my sacred tools on the altar, opened the four directions, and lit the fire. As the fire burned, EveLynn invited my friends to speak, then she performed the ordination rite, and I read my intention for my ministry in the presence of my sisters. Then EveLynn annointed me with rose oil, and my ordination was completed, as the fire burned to embers, I offered my first communion: Chocolate: the body of the Goddess, and Water, the liquid light of Earth's Blood.
We went to Hatchet Mountain Publick House,  where the staff was waiting for us with a cozy wood stove, hot food, and creme brulee for our celebration dinner.