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Carla on the Radio Today!

Crop Obsidian and snake Talking about the Peace Chamber and orgasmic alchemy medicine on Tweaking Your Vibrations today!

This afternoon, March 31, I'll be visiting with Diva Valerie White, healer and all round magnificent radio diva. She'll be interviewing me on her radio show Tweaking Your Vibrations on the BlogTalk network.

Please tune in today at 2 pm eastern time. You can listen via web, or call in from where ever you are, and you can post questions in a chat room. I'd love to connect with you live!

If you have a previous engagment, you can always listen to the recorded version later, and ask follow up questions through the blog comments at Orgasmic Alchemy.

Today, March 31, 2010, is the day to tune in HERE.

I'm looking forward to it!

Beaver Medicine

On the way to Phenomenal Touch training Sunday morning, a beaver made itself a gift to the Peace Chamber, and to our bigger community. It was dead on Route 17, unmarked except for a small amount of blood from its mouth. Diva Deborah Cautela, who was driving her car, willingly gathered it into her trunk.

When we arrived in class and shared the news, Willow, a classmate who might have been carpooling with us except for an errand, told us she'd drawn a beaver medicine card that morning. 

Clearly the beaver has some medicine to share:

Builder, family, teamwork.

Just what a Peace Chamber needs.

Now given that we are building Hope Peace Chamber out of logs and clay, I am calling all the beavers I know to come to our aid!

The beaver story is not finished yet. Stay tuned to the blog.

Sweat Lodge and Deep Freedom

Dear Friends,

The next sweat lodge is happening on Saturday April 3, 2010
12 Noon to 6 or 7 pm
We will begin with ceremony at the Peace Chamber.
There is a chance that the sacred Kubota will excavate that day too.  So much depends on the weather.
This Lodge is very important for Supporting the Peace Chamber site as we disturb the earth for the building process.

Offering: $30.00

RSVP required. Please respond by Friday April 2.
Thank you for your courtesy.
Scroll to the bottom of this email for a list of what to bring and directions.


My friend Olivier Tryba has answered my invitation to come to Maine in May with his wonderful work on his way to Europe, where he will spend three months teaching and writing.
His workshop is called:

Deep Freedom, Deep Connection!: 

Living Authentically with Natural Wisdom & Connective Desire,

A Visionary Journey Through & Beyond Cultural Trances

May 22-23, 2010

I have found Olivier's work to be an anchor for all the medicine I have received through my 8 years of initiation with Nut Tmu-Ankh and Grandfather Joseph Rael.  Olivier and I are inviting 10 visionary leaders to join us for this experiential weekend, which I call Permaculture for the Soul. This is for you if you are called to leadership in any field that is preparing the human race and the earth  for thriving in THIS TIME, OUR TIME of transformation. This is for you if you've been engaged in personal growth and spiritual development for years, and yet, the change you seek has eluded you. Deep Freedom, Deep Connection will show you why that hasn't worked. I promise!

In a couple of days, I will be sending you a letter from Olivier describing the weekend in detail, along with prices and other information.  I look forward to taking this inward journey with you and Olivier!

Did you know that you can subscribe to Hope Peace Ceremonies through the website and through a facebook Fan Page?
You can keep up with news, events, and videos of what's happening at Hope Peace Chamber through the internet media.
Please visit  and if you are on facebook, become a fan of

Many blessings!
Diva Carla

Hope Peace Chamber updates

I subscribe to Mike Dooley's Notes from the Universe. This is what dearest Universe sent me this morning:

Carla!! Of course you can! YES, this year! That and more! Easy, done, HISTORY. Just imagine it, feel it, and leap like your pants are on fire... I'll catch you.

I'm there now, waiting, and all I can tell you is that a Hope Peace Chamber is just the tiniest tip of the iceberg.

    The Universe

Snow rune 10 This Equinox weekend in Maine was all about that! The weather was an early gift. Where the past two spring Equinox found me snowshoeing in the woods photographing snow runes, this weekend was warm (70 on Saturday), sunny, no snow, and no bugs! I spent the weekend taking steps to start building the Peace Chamber.

I met a neighbor, Ryan Entwhistle, who has a few acres in permaculture and a straw bale house. He has two tall straight fir or hemlock trees. I am not sure which, but he is cutting them down, and I can have them for the Peace Chamber. A lot of the wood henge structure is standing in those two trees. Another neighbor has offered some pine. I'll be looking at her place next week sometime. There is pine, spruce and popple on the property that's ready to fell and peel for the cordwood ends. We need long trees for the reciprocal roof rafters. Here's a video of the inspiration for Hope Peace Chamber building.

Then I found out my other neighbors have a truck with a log grabber on it. So I can hire them to bring the trees to Hope Peace Ceremonies. 

I talked to Sam, who will do the excavation with the sacred Kubota. He's working on the Island for a month or so, but may be able to come over here with his machine April 3rd. So much depends on weather.

Chances are we need a load of crush rock for a footing. I still need a builder who has some experience with natural building and turf roofs to advise us on a few crucial points, and help with some structural decisions, material calculations, weight bearing loads. Any suggestions? 

Last night I made a solo sweat lodge. The Peace Chamber is requiring lots of ceremony before we start digging. And my healing work with art and orgasmic alchemy is also requiring lots of ceremony. On April 3rd, we'll have chanting and ceremony at the Peace Chamber followed by a sweat lodge. There is a chance we'll be standing on the new floor elevation of the chamber!

As soon as the Peace Chamber is excavated, we'll be scheduling the Long Dance on the site. Stay tuned!

With Blessings of Peace, 

(and a reminder that Universe is standing with you on your dream too)

Diva Carla

Hope Peace Chamber news

This is a time of powerful blessing and challenge for our earth.
Hope Peace Chamber chooses 2010 to be born. You are invited to be part of the family.

It is time to prepare the Peace Chamber site for building. I'll be talking to Sam and his Sacred Kubota excavator this coming weekend, and we'll dig out the site within the next week or so.

Then we build the structural "woodhenge", the reciprocal roof frame, and prepare the cordwood for building walls.
View this blog post at to see the video that inspired the cordwood and cob building we are planning for the Peace Chamber.

Some of the building material is here on the land. We will need some of it donated from other sites. If you know of a place with big pine, spruce or fir that will make good posts for the wood henge, and sturdy long rafters for the reciprocal roof, please let me know.
Hay, gravel, drainage pipe, duct work and bottles (see the video), and other materials are needed, as well as equipment and people to operate it. Cash and donations in kind are needed to get this baby up and singing!

Over the next few weeks I'll be posting schedules, supplies, and ways you can be involved. For now, please write me with ideas, networking suggestions on natural building, and expressions of commitment to get muddy and dirty with building Hope Peace Chamber. And join us to pray and chant in the upcoming sweat lodges.

Sunday, March 21 and Saturday, April 3
Noon to 6 pm approximately

We will begin with ceremony at the Peace Chamber site.
Then we'll start the fire and prepare the sweat lodge.
These lodges will be singing lodges, chanting to support the new chamber.
Pot luck feast following

Offering for each lodge: $30

There is space for 10 people in each of these lodges.
RSVP is required to attend these lodges.
Please RSVP by March 19 for the March 21 lodge
and by April 1 for the April 3 lodge.

Scroll to the bottom for list of things to bring for sweat lodge and directions to Hope Peace Ceremonies.


Save this Date!
May 22 - 23
Dare to Unknow! an introduction to Deep Freedom Now

My friend Olivier Tryba is bringing his experiential workshop into the nature of Being, Feeling, and our Ancestral Wisdom
We have space for 10 Deep Freedom adventurers in the weekend. An email with more information and price will be arriving by next week.

Besides my years of Sun Moon Dancing and my Initiation in the Temple of Wombn, my work and play with Olivier has been the most meaningful work I've engaged. My conversations with him provided an opening in my foundation that allowed the Dance medicine and Orgasmic Alchemy medicine to anchor firmly. His work is essential for people leading communities through the changes and challenges that are upon us now. This is Soul Permaculture for the Linchpins of our time.

And Olivier is a hoot to hang out with. He's fun, outrageous, irreverent, full of love and more than a little coyote.
He's come into his medicine through a long, earthy, world wide journey. I can't wait for you to meet him and experience your own gifts through his work.

Please let me know of your interest right away. Don't wait for details!


After a deep quiet winter of inner work, Hope Peace Ceremonies is quickening with life!
This is the year we have been waiting for, and we are the ones we have been waiting for!
On digging day, when the Sacred Kubota comes to the Peace Chamber, I'll let you know.

I'd love to have a group of your here, with cornmeal, tobacco, and cameras! (and food)

With Loving Blessings,

Diva Carla