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May 2010

Hope Peace Chamber needs YOU!

Hope Peace Chamber is waiting for you!

The Pine Trees and Hemlocks donated by my neighbors need to pay Carl the Draft Horse to move them back to the site. Soon the sacred Kubota will come and excavate and then we'll be shoveling gravel into footings and putting up the wood henge, which is the weight bearing structure for the cordwood and cob walls. The excavator will need some money, and the gravel will cost money too. Professional advice and supervision to make sure critical aspects of the work are done right will cost some money. Feeding the volunteers will cost money.

If you've ever had a baby, you know they are expensive! and so worth it!

Please click on the link here, or on the right, and make a gift to the new Baby Peace Chamber. $5, $10, $15 or more will be so much help!  Thank you!

Make a gift to Hope Peace Chamber

We are having a 5 round sweat lodge for peace on Monday, May 31, Memorial Day. It's the day in the U. S. where we remember those fallen and sacrificed in war. Prayers for Peace are a powerful way to honor the sacrifices. We remember not just soldiers but warriors, Peace workers, and the effort and consciousness that Peace requires of us.

This is a Hope Peace Ceremonies annual tradition. If you are local and can attend that will be an opportunity to make an extra gift to the Peace Chamber in the basket.

Please email me if you'd like to attend the sweat lodge and need more information. 

The Mission of Hope Peace Ceremonies is inspiring and supporting YOU to be a sacred activist for the Earth on the frontlines of social, ecological and spiritual change.

To read more about our Mission, see The Mission Partners invitation.

Giving you HOPE that moves your feet.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Peace Chamber Ho!

Things are moving fast at Hope Peace Ceremonies! and

You are invited to be a Mission Partner with us.

My neighbors Willow and Ryan have each donated trees on their respective properties to building the Peace Chamber and they have to be moved to Hope Peace Ceremonies land THIS WEEK!


Here are the red pines at Willow's place, waiting for the trailer. You also see Carl the mighty horse who will pull them from the driveway back to the Peace Chamber site.


Sometime this month, the sacred Kubota will come to prepare the site.

Will you help with the expense of moving trees and site preparation?
We'll need about $200 for moving (I'll check that number with Jason now that we have the trees down.)

And between $400 and $500 for the Kubota, depending how long it takes.

It's easy to make a donation of any size using this paypal Link,

or the handy donate button on the sidebar to the right.

Please read the Mission Partner invitation about the work we are doing at Hope Peace Ceremonies and make an offering of any amount.

Please share this page with two or three others in your circle of friends who you know would be interested in our work.

I  thank you for your offering, your sharing of the Mission, and your sacred work on the planet!

Diva Carla

PS. Here is the post about the style of building we are using for the Peace Chamber