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July 2010

Hope Peace Chamber model

Enjoy this video tour of the model for Hope Peace Chamber. Isn't it beautiful?

My friend Stevan Hall is building the model. I am grateful for his ingenuity and spirit.

This gorgeous structure is being constructed in real life at Hope Peace Ceremonies. It will be a cordwood and cob building with a reciprocal roof structure holding a living roof. It came from the galaxy, but it's of the earth!

Please join us as a Mission Partner and support the building of Hope Peace Chamber with your donations and by sharing this blog with your friends, twitter, and facebook. It's a world project.


Eagle eye view.

Peace Chamber Model in progress

The email was short and to the point: Carla, I need some feedback, come see it.

My friend Stevan is making a model of the Peace Chamber structure, and it was ready for my first look. It is a brilliant idea to make a model. We talked for a couple of hours about the design, troubleshooting, clarifying, imagining what needed to go into the real life building and preparation. These changes will be reflected in the model. Here are the first photos.





Imagine it 12 times bigger and standing HERE:


Early estimates are that it will cost about $3000 to move all the wood and do the site work preparatory to building the chamber. This includes crushed stone for drainage, and any other hardware and tools we may need. You can get involved with the Peace Chamber by making a love offering of any amount using the paypal button on this website. 

You can share this blog with your friends and groups, and invite them to be involved. Hope Peace Chamber has a page on facebook. You can click the "like" button, and share with your facebook connections.

Hope Peace Chamber is here to support you and to work with you for Peace. If you live locally, or are visiting midcoast Maine, please join us for chanting, Fire Ceremony, and Sweat Lodge. The fire ceremony is the 7th of every month at 7 pm. The next sweat lodge is Sunday, August 1st.

The Awakening to Peace, Passion, and Abundance performance is August 24.

Keep up with the news and Peace Chamber progress by subscribing to our Newsletter. Please share your prayers and questions in the comments.

Blessings and Love!

Sweat Lodge and Peace Chamber Chanting

Virtual Sweat Lodge with Peace Chamber Chanting

So many friends around the world have expressed a desire to join us in ceremony. Someday I hope you can all come to pray, sing, and dance on the land in Hope. Till that time comes for us, I invite you to consciously join your prayers and songs to ours whenever we are in the Sweat Lodge or the Peace Chamber. Please leave a comment below to let us know you participated, and share with us and the world any gifts you received that may bless us.

The next sweat lodge on the land in Hope is tomorrow evening. All times are Eastern time in North America.

If you are able to come in person, be sure to RSVP by email or phone!

Wednesday Evening, July 14: Start fire at 5 pm, enter lodge about 7 pm emerge at nightfall under the light of the crescent moon for a light potluck feast. Still in the New Moon/Eclipse Energy, our prayers this evening are for personal healing and appreciation of abundance.
Please RSVP by email or phone and let me know how many guests you are bringing.

The sweat lodge and Peace Chamber are requesting more ceremony and chanting. Please share this invitation with other friends. Help build the Peace Chamber community.

Donation: $30
Please call or email to say you are coming and the number of guests you are bringing.

List of items to bring and what to wear is at the end of this email.

Two more dates to remember!

Sunday, August 1, 2010. Sweat Lodge Start fire 3 pm.

August 24, Awakening to Peace, Passion, and Abundance with Shawn Madden
and other great local artists. Stay tuned for more information!

A big Thank you to everyone who has made a gift to the Peace Chamber. We are gathering what we need to proceed with the building. Donations are accepted through PayPal, and you do not need an account to make a gift.

Please  Make an Offering to support the work of Hope Peace Ceremonies and the building of Hope Peace Chamber. Your donations make our work possible. Thank you.

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