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October 2010

Why Hope Peace Chamber?

The vibration of Peace is growing on Earth. One demonstration of this is the escalation of war and suffering. The old consciousness that believes it is separate from Divine, and believes its suffering is caused by other human beings, asserts itself vigorously as it perceives the ascending vibration. You may have seen this in your own life as old habits that no longer serve tend to put up a fight when you make a decision to change. The period of integrating transformation can be most challenging. So it is on a global scale.

We who live in relative peace, freedom, and affluence have a divine response-ability to expand Peace on behalf of all. There are so many ways we can act on this mission, and our spiritual, religious, cultural, and local diversity will inform us of the way that feels good to us.

In all ways, the journey of Peace begins within. The decision we make to experience inner peace leads to creating Peace locally with family and community. Inevitably local peace expands to global peace through prayer and simple acts of kindness to our fellow creatures of all species, including humans.

Grandfather Joseph Rael
tells us that the war gods have been returned to the dimension whence they came. In due time, the Consciousness of human beings will wake up to this fact and the vibration of Peace will prevail over the vibration of war. He received the vision of Peace Chambers to plant the Seed of Peace in many places around the world. People of all faiths come together in the Peace Chambers to accelerate Peace through chanting, prayer, ceremony, and healing. The Peace Chambers teach us about Peace.

Dedicated individuals and communities around the world have answered the call to build a Peace Chamber on their land. These people are Peace Chamber parents, for the Peace Chamber is like a child, born in innocence, and still remembering its unbroken connection to Divine. As it takes a village to raise a child, so it takes a village to raise a Peace Chamber. In these times, it takes a global village.

Hope Peace Chamber
connects with all other Peace Chambers on earth, past, present and future. This easternmost Peace Chamber in North America connects the Peace Chambers of the New World with those in Europe. The waters of the ocean carry the vibration beyond the 250 mile radius to the Peace Chambers in the United Kingdom. We also share a special energy link with our sister Peace Chamber at the Seven Circles Center for Planetary Peace in Malden, Australia, joining our vibrations through the Center of the Earth.

Each new Peace Chamber that builds into physical form amplifies the vibration of ALL Peace Chambers individually and collectively. Therefore Hope Peace Ceremonies supports the building and maintenance of new and existing Peace Chambers.

At this time, our response-ability belongs to Hope Peace Chamber to see it born in physical form on the land in Hope, Maine. Hope Peace Chamber anchors the Vibration of Peace in this power vortex that is Maine. The land at Hope Peace Ceremonies has been prepared for 10 years with ceremony to receive this chamber. We invite you to join with us and contribute to the costs of the cordwood and cob natural structure we are making to house Hope Peace Chamber.

Some ways you can connect with Peace Chambers to bring the vibration of Peace to your life, your community, and your planet:

--Read Grandfather Joseph Rael’s books to learn about Peace Chambers, the Land, Ceremony and Vibration.
--Light a candle or make a fire on the 7th of each month at 7pm to connect with Peace Chambers who make the Fire Ceremony for the Oceans.
--Chant the vowel sounds Ah-Eh-EE-OH-OO. Grandfather’s books give many ideas for chanting.
--Find a Peace Chamber near you and if they have public ceremony, consider participating.
--Donate to the building of Hope Peace Chamber.
--Perhaps you feel called to build a Peace Chamber yourself. If the Peace Chamber calls you, read Grandfather Joseph’s book Being and Vibration and go ahead. Contact me and I’ll direct you to the International Peace Chamber coordinator for advice.

Thank you for your commitment and decision for Peace which you demonstrate by reading this article. You are welcome to become a Mission Partner with Hope Peace Ceremonies for the building of Hope Peace Chamber.