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January 2011

Joseph Rael's January Message to Peace Chambers

Begin 2011 Knowing Who You Are
The sounds in the word "Tiwa" are “Tii,” which is the vibration of  reflecting, or thinking; and “Wah,” which is the vibration of universes.
           In my teaching and writing, I have often referred to the various sounds in Tiwa, the language spoken by the Indians in my father’s village of Picuris Pueblo. 
Tiwa means 
Universes are reflecting, thinking, and therefore they have language.

Tiwa is not just one language, it is the vibration of all language. It is anything that has to do with sound. Every person who speaks any language, anywhere in the world is speaking Tiwa. If you are an English speaker (or German, or Italian, or French, or Spanish, or whatever language) you are very much a Tiwa.
In fact, every person speaking is the universe reflecting on the consciousness of the multiplicity of billions of billions of billions of universes.

—Beautiful Painted Arrow