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June 2011

Cooking food, peeling logs, and dancing

Party Invitation

Log Peeling Party

Hope Peace Ceremonies

Saturday, June 25, 2011

4 to 8 pm

Picnic supper cooked over an open fire

Bring side dishes and libation to share

Spend some time with your friends peeling the pine logs for the Peace Chamber.

Please come at 4 pm to have time to enjoy this portion of the party.

The bark comes off with a butter knife, it's easy and fun, when we are all together.

Bring friends and kids.

After the party, we can all go together to Simonton Corner for the Contradance, which starts at 8 pm.

 Please RSVP 207-619-3482

or carla at

Hope Peace Ceremonies

379 Hatchet Mountain Road

Hope, Maine


Grandfather Joseph Rael on Enlightenment

This 10-minute excerpt of an interview with Jeffrey Mishlove on his show, Thinking Allowed,  is like a taste of what Mystery School with Grandfather Joseph Rael feels like. What he shares in this clip is so rich you can live on its wisdom for the rest of your life. The topic is Being and Vibration, also the title of one of Grandfather's early books, and still his most profound.


Grandfather demonstrates how cosmic truth is embedded in the Tiwa language and infused into the people's consciousness through the language and the sacredness of simple everyday life of the people.

Beautiful. Enjoy! Eat! Sweep! Love!