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This week I was invited to share some fire experiences as a guest blogger at Shaman Medicine Woman: a contemporary perspective. Shaman Medicine Woman is Carla Goddard, a fire keeper, and a contemporary shaman and metaphysical healer and teacher. She is from Maine, Waldo County, in fact, just a few miles up the road from Hope Peace Chamber, though she now makes her home in Florida.

Dr. Goddard is a model of generosity, and a treasure of spiritual insight and vision. She shares worldwide via social media, blogging, books, and radio. She is a vital asset to her local community in service as a healer and comforter. My life is profoundly richer since we met at Facebook last year. I am grateful for all I learn from her every day!

Here is the opening of the article I wrote at Shaman Medicine Woman:

The revelation of Fire is a personal one, and I share it with you that it may illuminate how Spirit speaks to you, and how all oracles work together.

The Kundalini Yoga Sisters were working with fire krias, body and breath, as I made the sacred fire for their sweat lodge on the other side of the Mountain. My firekeeper was in the Kundalini practice with the Sisters, so it fell to me, the dance chief and water pourer, to work with the fire.

The firewood delivery was greener than expected, and we had 24 hours of torrential rain. Soaked earth, wet wood. It would take a fire to dry the wood before the wood could heat the stones. I prepared “treats” for the Fire beings: fatwood, pine cones, and firestarter chunks wrapped in newspaper. The fire beings were pleased and came to my aid.

What a hungry fire! Tending it was like hand feeding an alligator. I spent two hours inside the fire circle, giving myself to the fire. Eyes watering from the smoke, hair singed, legs burning hot, snot flowing, I laughed at myself. Lodge keeping is a medicine of mud, blood, smoke and snot. We fear nothing, we who work with the elements. We are Medicine Women. Nothing phases us.


Please visit Shaman Medicine Woman to read the rest and explore Dr. Carla Goddard's many offerings and resources.





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