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A Night of Stars and Planets

Spring Equinox Sweat Lodge in Hope

Springtime blessings to you!

We hold this lodge two days before the equinox, and as Jupiter and Venus are moving apart from their beautiful abundant conjunction in the western sky. The energy of these two planet is of opening and receiving, two active principles of creation. We will bring this energy into our prayers in this lodge.

Thank you and welcome to all who have accepted the invitation. Here is a reminder and the details for people who are new to our community.

Jupiter and Venus Sweat Lodge
March 18, 2012!

Noon to 6 pm approximately

Gather: Noon
start the fire in a sacred way and dress the lodge.
Enter Lodge between 2:30ish pm
between 4:30 and 5 pm  continue celebration with a potluck feast.

You may bring a stone about cantaloupe size for the lodge, and the donations of blankets are always welcome. Other information about what to bring to a sweat lodge is at the end of this message.

$30 offering
Do ask about Service opportunities to help with some of the work needed on the land
Do you have dry firewood? An armload or two of wood is always welcome. Come to land on Friday or Saturday and you can use the chainsaw to help bring up some dry, dead cedarwood.

Visit this web page for more information about Sweat Lodge Ceremony at Hope Peace Ceremonies.

The Sweat Lodge is a ceremony of physical remembrance that we are reborn every day, and we do not take our past into our future.

How do we enter the lodge, the Mother’s Womb? on the cornmeal line, from the FIRE, propelled into the lodge by the masculine fire energy. We stay in the lodge/Womb for a season, a timeless tour of the Medicine Wheel. There we shed the past, and are carried to the center. We are reborn, emerging from the Mother head first. Remembering what we knew when we were born: That we are divine, and we know why we are here and what we have to do. Whole and perfect just as we are!

The Land is especially calling Men to come with your Masculine Fire to participate and serve in this lodge on New Year.

The Sweat Lodge goes on in all weather.: rain cold snow clear.

Watch your email for more information about the Women's Initiation and Women's Web of Life Dance, as well as Peace Chamber movements. There is a lot happening. Call me for more information on anything.

Are you available to help out on the land? Call me!  I appreciate it very much!


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