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Why Hope Peace Chamber?

The vibration of Peace is growing on Earth. One demonstration of this is the escalation of war and suffering. The old consciousness that believes it is separate from Divine, and believes its suffering is caused by other human beings, asserts itself vigorously as it perceives the ascending vibration. You may have seen this in your own life as old habits that no longer serve tend to put up a fight when you make a decision to change. The period of integrating transformation can be most challenging. So it is on a global scale.

We who live in relative peace, freedom, and affluence have a divine response-ability to expand Peace on behalf of all. There are so many ways we can act on this mission, and our spiritual, religious, cultural, and local diversity will inform us of the way that feels good to us.

In all ways, the journey of Peace begins within. The decision we make to experience inner peace leads to creating Peace locally with family and community. Inevitably local peace expands to global peace through prayer and simple acts of kindness to our fellow creatures of all species, including humans.

Grandfather Joseph Rael
tells us that the war gods have been returned to the dimension whence they came. In due time, the Consciousness of human beings will wake up to this fact and the vibration of Peace will prevail over the vibration of war. He received the vision of Peace Chambers to plant the Seed of Peace in many places around the world. People of all faiths come together in the Peace Chambers to accelerate Peace through chanting, prayer, ceremony, and healing. The Peace Chambers teach us about Peace.

Dedicated individuals and communities around the world have answered the call to build a Peace Chamber on their land. These people are Peace Chamber parents, for the Peace Chamber is like a child, born in innocence, and still remembering its unbroken connection to Divine. As it takes a village to raise a child, so it takes a village to raise a Peace Chamber. In these times, it takes a global village.

Hope Peace Chamber
connects with all other Peace Chambers on earth, past, present and future. This easternmost Peace Chamber in North America connects the Peace Chambers of the New World with those in Europe. The waters of the ocean carry the vibration beyond the 250 mile radius to the Peace Chambers in the United Kingdom. We also share a special energy link with our sister Peace Chamber at the Seven Circles Center for Planetary Peace in Malden, Australia, joining our vibrations through the Center of the Earth.

Each new Peace Chamber that builds into physical form amplifies the vibration of ALL Peace Chambers individually and collectively. Therefore Hope Peace Ceremonies supports the building and maintenance of new and existing Peace Chambers.

At this time, our response-ability belongs to Hope Peace Chamber to see it born in physical form on the land in Hope, Maine. Hope Peace Chamber anchors the Vibration of Peace in this power vortex that is Maine. The land at Hope Peace Ceremonies has been prepared for 10 years with ceremony to receive this chamber. We invite you to join with us and contribute to the costs of the cordwood and cob natural structure we are making to house Hope Peace Chamber.

Some ways you can connect with Peace Chambers to bring the vibration of Peace to your life, your community, and your planet:

--Read Grandfather Joseph Rael’s books to learn about Peace Chambers, the Land, Ceremony and Vibration.
--Light a candle or make a fire on the 7th of each month at 7pm to connect with Peace Chambers who make the Fire Ceremony for the Oceans.
--Chant the vowel sounds Ah-Eh-EE-OH-OO. Grandfather’s books give many ideas for chanting.
--Find a Peace Chamber near you and if they have public ceremony, consider participating.
--Donate to the building of Hope Peace Chamber.
--Perhaps you feel called to build a Peace Chamber yourself. If the Peace Chamber calls you, read Grandfather Joseph’s book Being and Vibration and go ahead. Contact me and I’ll direct you to the International Peace Chamber coordinator for advice.

Thank you for your commitment and decision for Peace which you demonstrate by reading this article. You are welcome to become a Mission Partner with Hope Peace Ceremonies for the building of Hope Peace Chamber.


Dance of Mystery

Guest Blog: Dance Chief and Firekeeper Ferris Donoso tell us about her love for the Long Dance.

The first year I danced the Long Dance I had no idea what I was doing. I made a banner according to the directions, the explanations of the dance might as well have been in Navajo, we “danced” in mud so deep it took our boots off, if something happened to me I didn’t feel it, and I worried the whole thing I was doing “it” wrong. And I loved it and couldn’t wait to do it the next year.


So I have danced the Long Dance five times – six if you count the year I did it by myself in my yard in the tail end of a hurricane (Ask me about it—it was particularly hilarious). And last year when I couldn’t even get a solo dance together, I made a banner. In fact, I am still working on it.


I still love the Long Dance. You, of course, will have or may already have your own exclusive and unique experience of the Long Dance and what it is about. But for any of you who have not dance it falls to us who are inviting you to attempt to describe it.


For me, a lot of the Long Dance is about the Mystery and how I relate to it. The first mystery is why is it the called “the Long Dance”. It is the shortest of Grandfather Joseph’s dances. And what we do does not fit any definition of “dance” that I am familiar with. This is just the first unanswerable question.


All the questions and judgments of my life come up for me in the context of the dance. “What on earth am I doing here? Am I doing “it” right? Everyone else’s banner is better than mine. I’m not getting a vision, should I be getting a vision? Am I missing something? Does this drum make me look fat? And what the hell AM I doing here anyway? Why doesn’t someone just tell me and put me out of my misery?”


And so it goes. There are, of course, no answers.


If I am lucky, though, I get flashes of insight here and there, I get to have a good laugh at myself, and the absurdity of it all, and if I am very lucky, I get moments of dancing without answers, dancing without knowing, dancing simply because I said I would, dancing because I want to, dancing without reasons, dancing even when it doesn’t look or feel like I am dancing, dancing because I AM dancing, and so it the whole of creation. So, if I am lucky, I get to dance with the big Mystery and stop asking questions.


And all of this happens in the dark. After a few years my watchword became “It’s amazing what you can learn stumbling around in the dark.”


So the dance becomes a metaphor for my life—I get to see how I cope, how I make myself miserable, how foolish I look and how none of that needs to stop me from dancing.


And don’t let me get started on the banner! The banner usually extends the dance and its learning for me well into the year that follows.

All of this I get from the dance. But I always hope that I am, in some way, giving when I dance.


The nighttime, especially in the darkening time of the year, has always been seen as a time when the realities can mingle. The Long Dance is an opportunity to honor and celebrate the Beings, Healers, and Teachers of the “other” worlds. As I see it, with the dance we can affirm and strengthen our connection with them. We offer ourselves as bridges to bring their presence into our lives and give them access to our reality. Think of it as team building. The Beings who dance together, serve Spirit together.


This is the Long Dance. I would be honored to share this amazing dance with you and find out what your dance is like.                             --Ferris Donoso, Long Dance Chief

To learn more about the Long Dance and register to participate, click here.

The New Sweat Lodge

Thank you Stevan, Peter, and Ferris for your work, energy, blessings, and fun company as we build the most beautiful lodge structure we've ever had.


The Circle of the Old Lodge

Lodge poles

Circle of the New Lodge (notice it's a smaller diameter)


The poles are bent and tied.


To make a star at the top.

It looks amazing with the circle around it.

The finished lodge seen through the smoke of the fire burning the old lodge.


Peace Chamber News September

In this newsletter:

Thank you

Peace Chamber

Sweat lodge Sept. 12

Long Dance October 16-17

Gifts to Hope Peace Ceremonies

Awakening Passion Peace Abundance

My thanks to each of you who came to Awaken Passion Peace and Abundance and celebrate Hope Peace Chamber on Tuesday. Deepest gratitude to Shawn Madden, Anna Mather, and David Dodson and friends for your gifts of music, energy, dancing and Love!

I want you to know I see you all. I see your gifts, your powers, your blessings, and I love you! I claim you as my people, with honor for all you are and all you give. You warm my heart and bless me. I can’t wait till you come back to the land and I can embrace you all again.

Peace Chamber News

Log peeling party Saturday and Sunday September 4-5

The excavator is coming! Late next week! It’s time. It’s time to peel the pine logs. Come on over this coming weekend. I’ll be around Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday. Let’s do a little work and eat some food together, and enjoy the beauty of the land and this glorious summer. The pine borers have separated the bark from the tree. I can lift it off with a butter knife. A bunch of us can work for an hour and git her done, and then go jump in the lake, after some cantaloupe and ice cream.  If you can't come on the weekend, I am around all week. Call 763-4356 and come on over for a little while. I'd love to see you and every bit makes a difference. Thank you!


Sweat Lodge September 12

On Sunday, September 12, we are rebuilding the sweat lodge and initiating it with a sweat ceremony. We’ll begin at 10 am with the building and sweat later in the afternoon.

Bring a bag lunch and potluck for the post sweat feast.  This new lodge welcomes the Peace Chamber to the land, and is also preparation of the energy of the Long Dance.

Suggested donation: $30

Long Dance

October 16-17, join us for the Long Dance vision quest. One of Grandfather Joseph Rael’s inspired ceremonies, the Long Dance asks us to dance our past, present, and future as individuals and as a community drumming for each other. This year, we will make a dance arbor within the Peace Chamber site and continue dancing Passion Peace and Abundance, the themes of the Horn of Plenty. Each dancer makes a banner expressing his or her past, present, and desires for the future, and brings it to the dance to hang in the arbor while we are dancing. We gather on Saturday morning to prepare the site, followed by a sweat lodge, then we have a light meal and enter the dance arbor to dance our visions through the night. We return to the house to rest and share a potluck brunch.

Dance Chiefs are Carla Sanders and Fire Chief Ferris Donoso. You will receive an email by early next week with your detailed invitation to Vision Quest Ceremony.


The Mission of Hope Peace Ceremonies

Hope Peace Chamber is the centerpiece of the mission of Hope Peace Ceremonies, which is to support spiritual activists and healers through ceremony, permaculture, art, wealth and orgasmic energy. We've posted an article on the website that tells about the origin of the Peace Chamber and the emergence of Hope Peace Chamber.

Even if you live far away or can’t directly participate in ceremony at this time, you can still bless the Peace Chamber and its medicine. You can participate in and support the Peace Chamber through donations. Each person receiving this email giving $10.00 and sharing the invitation to give with a few friends supplies the money required to complete the first phase of the Peace Chamber this fall. The goal is $10,000.00, with $3,500.00 needed to complete the first phase of building this fall. We have received about 15% of this amount over the course of the year. We need to gather the remaining amount in the next few weeks in order to have the structure of the Peace Chamber in place before winter sets in.

NOW IS THE TIME! For your convenience there is a paypal button for donations at If you prefer to mail a check please contact me by email or phone for information.


We also invite you to consider being a Mission Partner. Look into the heart of your abundance to see if you have a larger gift to make for Hope Peace Ceremonies. Please call me at 763-4356 for a conversation of how we may be of service with you. We are here for you and your mission, to help you build your community as well. Call upon us.

With Loving Blessings,

Diva Carla Sanders


Lighten Up for Passion, Peace, Abundance

This evening I sat in David Dodson's living room listening and singing along as he and Shawn Madden played some tunes they be  doing tonight at Awakening Passion Peace and Abundance. OH MY GODDESS~!

It is going to be more awesome, amazing and fun than I could have imagined. If you can possibly come to Hope, Don't miss it! See the post above and below for details!

Here's a video of Shawn's rousing, uplifting and unforgettable song, Lighten Up!

Awakening Passion, Peace, Abundance

Come and Celebrate the Peace Chamber as we


with performance by

David Dodson

Shawn Madden

Anna Mather

and a host of other talent

(including YOU! bring your instruments to Jam, and your dancing shoes to boogie)

Your Emcee for the night is 21st-century troubadour Shawn Madden,

 who will perform his own special blend of inspirational

"funky-acoustic-soul-pop with a touch of the blues".


Shawn is known internationally for his dynamic performances

filled with great songs, lively conversations about the lightness and

meaning of life, and spontaneous eruptions of crowd participation!

Here is a clip of "Horizon",

a song from David Dodson's new album, which will be available at the event!

Come as you are and enjoy basking in the glow of the full moon

as we AWAKEN to Passion, Peace, and Abundance!

Tickets for this event are $15 in advance, $20 at the door.


Bake-sale goodies will be available for purchase;

proceeds to benefit the Peace Hope Chamber.

 Use the PayPal link below to purchase advance tickets. 

We will email you confirmation.

We look forward to being with you on Tuesday, August 24th

for a unique and intimate evening

of inspirational and uplifting entertainment!

If you have questions or comments, please email us at:

(And the gorgeous Model of Hope Peace Chamber will be on display)

Awakening Hope

A Garden Spider Tale

Spider Medicine is powerful on the land at Hope Peace Ceremonies. We honor this medicine by writing this blog, among other ways. We leave the back yard in natural meadow for most of the summer so that birds, bees, butterflies and spiders will have rich habitat to support their lives, and bless us with their presence.

August 1st, quite early for summer, we found a mother garden spider putting finishing touches on her egg orb, an act that foreshadows her death by hours. We posted a photo essay about the life and death of a garden spider at facebook. Click on the picture below to view it.

   Egg orb in goldenrod plant 

Hope Peace Chamber model

Enjoy this video tour of the model for Hope Peace Chamber. Isn't it beautiful?

My friend Stevan Hall is building the model. I am grateful for his ingenuity and spirit.

This gorgeous structure is being constructed in real life at Hope Peace Ceremonies. It will be a cordwood and cob building with a reciprocal roof structure holding a living roof. It came from the galaxy, but it's of the earth!

Please join us as a Mission Partner and support the building of Hope Peace Chamber with your donations and by sharing this blog with your friends, twitter, and facebook. It's a world project.


Eagle eye view.

Peace Chamber Model in progress

The email was short and to the point: Carla, I need some feedback, come see it.

My friend Stevan is making a model of the Peace Chamber structure, and it was ready for my first look. It is a brilliant idea to make a model. We talked for a couple of hours about the design, troubleshooting, clarifying, imagining what needed to go into the real life building and preparation. These changes will be reflected in the model. Here are the first photos.





Imagine it 12 times bigger and standing HERE:


Early estimates are that it will cost about $3000 to move all the wood and do the site work preparatory to building the chamber. This includes crushed stone for drainage, and any other hardware and tools we may need. You can get involved with the Peace Chamber by making a love offering of any amount using the paypal button on this website. 

You can share this blog with your friends and groups, and invite them to be involved. Hope Peace Chamber has a page on facebook. You can click the "like" button, and share with your facebook connections.

Hope Peace Chamber is here to support you and to work with you for Peace. If you live locally, or are visiting midcoast Maine, please join us for chanting, Fire Ceremony, and Sweat Lodge. The fire ceremony is the 7th of every month at 7 pm. The next sweat lodge is Sunday, August 1st.

The Awakening to Peace, Passion, and Abundance performance is August 24.

Keep up with the news and Peace Chamber progress by subscribing to our Newsletter. Please share your prayers and questions in the comments.

Blessings and Love!

I See Baby Birds Everywhere!

This morning I had coffee with the woodpeckers. After the weekend away at a Phenomenal Touch intensive training, I was eager to see them. As I suspected, the nest was empty, though when I sat down at the Peace Chamber, the parents were on the birch tree, pecking and sipping sap.

Soon Papa was joined by a fluffy gray baby, showing the early markings that affirm he is a yellow-bellied sapsucker. Oh, there are two babies in this picture!


Here they are sipping sap and practicing basic pecking skills.

Shortly, Papa flew away, and another bird fluttered in somewhat awkwardly. It was a third baby woodpecker! I enjoyed watching three three nestmates hope around the small birches and squabble over the best holes.


One flew over to a branch on a bigger birch to the left. It quietly practiced pecking on its branch. The fog was rolling in, and this woodpecker is fog colored, isn't she.


Suddenly Papa began calling from the ash tree to the west. The three birds in their perches froze. They stayed still for about 10 -15 minutes, while Papa sounded the alarm. I never saw the disturbance, but something put Papa on alert!

Through the binoculars, I can see that at least one of the babies is male. He already has a red blush coming in on his chin. I'll keep an eye on the others, to see if they develop colors in the next few days.

The three babies are contentedly sipping on sap, when another bird joins them from the treetops. It's a fourth baby woodpecker! Four babies! It lands briefly on the birch with the others, but soon flies to the branch in the bigger birch. Can you see them in this picture?


Here they are! (Click on the photo to see larger image.)

  4 baby woodpeckers circles

As always, your donations help maintain the land, build the Peace Chamber, and support our work. Join with us as a mission partner today. Come sing to the woodpeckers!

Bonus: I just uploaded a very short video of Papa feeding the baby. It's back lit and foggy, but charming nonetheless.