A Manifesting Lesson from Biscuits

Last week I taught Facebook how to make biscuits. 

I made biscuits on a Facebook live video! 

It was the most fun I've had in front of a video camera in my entire life! 

Watch the Video here!

Manifesting Lessons from Biscuits

This simple inspired action turned out to be so rich in rewards and lessons. 

Reading through the comments, I was gratified by how much pleasure people got from a real life, messy elbows cooking lesson!

From me showing up real and raw and covered in flour. 

Viewers thanked me for teaching them a simple skill that took them back to their childhood, and memories of mamas and grandmamas long gone. 

One of my son's friends learned to make biscuits from me when she was in high school, and let me know it's her favorite recipe!

The lady who lived up the road from me when I was growing up on the farm in Tennessee commented with her remembrance of me as a little girl. 

The comments are full of my own personal history. 

Later that evening in my group, Sexy Wealthy Divas, someone asked me about Orgasmic Manifestation, something I teach about in my work. 

I shared a "recipe" for manifesting and realized, it is as simple as the biscuit recipe.

Cooking is a good analogy for manifesting. Think about it: 

You start with an appetite! A desire. A hunger. 

You have a picture of what you want to make. A mouth-watering colorful picture is best. Aromas and flavors and memories of eating a dish add to the pleasure and anticipation. 

You assemble the ingredients. You may have to take a lot of action, like shopping, chopping, and lots of skillful preparation. 

Or the recipe could be super simple, like the biscuit recipe. 

Even so, it takes action, some skill, some practice to manifest biscuits from flour, milk, butter, and heat! (Watch the video to learn the secret tips!)

After a lifetime of making biscuits, I don't need a recipe or even measuring cups. I just do it. 

Manifesting is like that too. 

The simpler and more straight-forward your desire, the easier to manifest it into your experience. 

The clearer your vision, the easier to manifest. 

The more complicated and big and outside your everyday experience your desire, the longer manifestation may take. 

You may have more resistance to doing the necessary actions,
or believing in the truth that it's here,
or knowing that you deserve to have it, 
or you may need to learn and practice new skills to bring it
or, or, or... 

And yet, you most certainly can do it all, and have it all, and with diligence, passion, determination, and persistence, you can manifest anything! 

Keep that mouth-watering vision of the finished recipe in your mind the whole time. 

The most important thing is to not worry about what people think, what it looks like to others, and HAVE FUN with the process. 

Just like I did in the biscuit video. 

I hope you enjoy this tasty buttery lesson in manifesting. 

Send me your question about biscuit baking, manifesting, or my other specialty: Sex, Wealth, and Voice! 

Wet, Dark, Tangled, and Feminine

A reminder to all of us that the Creative Power of the Universe is not a neat, linear, clean process. 

Villoldo The Dream

Creation is Feminine.  




Creation is Wild. Feminine. Dark. Tangled. 

In this way all the elements of creation can fulfill their purpose: 





Creepy Crawlies. 

Creation is made from the elements of decay and death. 

The true nature of Creative Power has been misunderstood and demonized. 

Co-opted and cleansed of it mess and its mystery in an attempt to control Death. 

Death is not destruction but transformation. If you destroy death, you kill life. 

Alberto Villoldo shared the wisdom of the elder medicine woman: 

" . . . I remember being told by a medicine woman in the Amazon, 'Do you know why they are really cutting down the rain forest? Because it is wet and dark and tangled and feminine.'" ~Alberto Villoldo

They will cut down the forest.

They will cut us down.

They will give us the weapons and train us to cut each other down, and do their work for them. 

We shall not. 

We put down the weapons we use against each other, and against the Self. 

We let the moss and mold grow in our hair, and tangle our bodies together ... 

We become food for Nature, the foundation of Creation. 

We are birth, death, and rebirth. 

We are the Power, not "They".

When the Holy Thaws

christ is risen with each blade of grass

sprouting from the mud

we listen avidly for the first woodcocks and peepers

spring floods my body like a swollen brook

winter is almost over in Maine

that’s when the Holy Thaws


A woman's body, like the earth, has seasons;
when the mountain stream flows,
when the holy
when I am most fragile and in need,
it was then, it seemed,
God came
God, like a medic on a field, is tending our souls.
Our horns get locked with desires, but don't hold yourself
too accountable; for all desires are
really innocent.  That is what
the compassion in His
eyes tell me.
Why this great war between the countries -- the countries --
inside of us?
What are all these insane borders we protect?
What are all these different names for the same church of love
we kneel in together?   For it is true, together we live; and only
at that shrine where all are welcome will God sing
loud enough to be heard.
Our horns got locked with the earth and sky in some odd
marriage ritual; so what, don't worry.  We should be proud of
ourselves for everything we helped create in this
magic world.
And God is always there, if you feel wounded.  He kneels
over this earth like
a divine medic,
and His love thaws
the holy in us.
~ St. Teresa of Avila ~
(Love Poems From God: Twelve Sacred Voices from the East and West --
versions by Daniel Ladinsky)

Equinox: A Great Time for a Divine Feminine Astrology Reading

The Aries Equinox - Sring in the Northern Hemisphere and Fall in the Southern Hemisphere - is an astrological power time. 

A lot of planets that were in Pisces last month have moved to Aries. 

This changes everything!

The planets and other heavenly bodies that astrologers work with represent archetypes. They are symbols of the energy we carry within us. 

When we explore their relationships to one another in the sky, we reveal our personal mysteries so the we can use the energy to create. 

I work with the Divine Feminine. I specialize in the so-called minor planets that represent the Feminine Archetypes of the Goddess. 

Both Women and Men have these Archetypes available in their charts. 

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DFAR banner3

Soul Truth Breakthrough

Beautiful Woman,

You have a big mission to be part of the great Awakening, healing, and re-creation of the world that is happening in this epic time!

I see you. I see your heart full of love, and your desire for a bigger and better life.

I see how hard you've worked to get this far.

And I see your fatigue.

You feel tired and frustrated and dried up by the demands of your life – always busy meeting the needs of others, while your needs, desires, and talents are put off till last.

And too often there is nothing left for you!

You are DONE with waiting for scraps and leftovers!

Doing everything for others and not fully living into your truest, grandest YOU!

You're in the right place. This is where you need to be if:

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And, instead of it being so hard, you desire to let all this unfold with ease and pleasure!


I'm Diva Carla Sanders ~ 
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While there is no map to the buried treasure of your destiny, there are signs, when you know how to read them. These signs are written in the wheel of the zodiac at the moment of your birth.

You have within you tools and clues to break the code so you can find your own trail and create your own map to your destiny. 

The DFAR tells a story about your life inspired by Goddess figures of the Zodiac. You will discover information about your powers, your resources, the legacy of your wounds, and where you get stuck.

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The Truth of Your Divine Feminine Power

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The Magical Story of What Happened through the Eclipse Portal

As I emerge from the shadowy realms of deep winter, I want to update you on the changes since the Solar Eclipse portal of last August. 

In October of 2017, I sold the house and land where I have lived for 24 years, and where I have held ceremony in the sweat lodge for 15 years.

It started on Christmas Day, 2016. I looked out the back window and a flock of about 20 turkeys walked in a circle all around the house! We don't get turkeys here that often. I've seen this many turkeys in the year twice in 24 years

Christmas turkeysAt the Fairy Apple Tree Christmas 2016


As the ground thawed last spring, I realized it was time to change the energy.

I had bought the place with my ex-husband, who died in 2016.
I had completed raising my sons in that house, and they are both grown men, nearly 40!
I began my adult spiritual journey by the agency of that sacred land.
I loved that land as my body, and couldn't imagine not living there.
I struggled to keep the land, and maintain a very old farmhouse.
I began to feel the tug of something new – a new way of living in the world.

I felt how as an elder, a Crone Queen, I was using too much of my energy to hold and manage this land, and my personal history enmeshed in it.

I was too attached to that land, that home, and my dreams for the land.

It was time to let go. Time to change the energy.

In May and June we worked hard to get the house and land spiffed up to put on the market. I worked with the best realtor, Annie Higbee of Downhome Maine. Intuition told me that Annie's energy as well as her expertise would be the right support for the sacred letting go of this land.

In the summer Solstice sweat lodge, I got the crystal clear message that I am being repotted!

My mission and my personal growth and fulfillment of purpose depends on moving to a bigger pot. What that pot looks like is an unfolding story. Knowing that I had to leave the land in Hope made the letting go a bit easier, even possible. Yes, it began to be joyful!

I made a ceremony calling in the next caretaker of the sacred land. I made a ceremony opening myself to the call of my new land. Spirit and I were partners in this repotting project.

Remember the turkeys on Christmas Day?

The listing for the house went live around July 7th

Starting that week, I was visited by turkeys every day.

Deer turkeys cat arrow 2The grey and white cat Bougie spies on the turkeys. They know exactly where he is. 


Throughout July and August I had two big jobs that kept me close to home:

Ceremonial decommissioning all the sacred sites, dance arbors, and the Peace Chamber sites

And healing from Lyme infection.

I noticed that a flock of five adult turkeys would bring their chicks through the back yard every day.
Day by day I watched the young turkeys grow. They were two sizes, meaning that one clutch had hatched earlier by a few weeks.

One day they surprised me by all flying into the trees! They were roosting every night in the woods just beyond the backyard meadow. What a blessing!

I would wake at dawn to watch them fly down, and then observe at sunset when they gathered in the meadow to feed and fly up to the high roosts for the night.


Deer turkeys cat arrowBougie the Cat ran into the field to flush the birds. 


Turkey medicine signifies gathering the harvest. I sensed that they were helping in the process of the sale of the house. I also felt they might be for the new owner as much as for me. The turkeys were calling them in.

Interesting that they day we signed the sales contract in September, the turkeys went away! They stopped roosting in the trees, and I did not see them on a feeding stroll through the meadow and garden.

Their work on the land was complete.

Fairy apple turkeys sweat lodge

There was one more example of animal medicine power.

On the last day of negotiations post inspection period, I was taking down the sweat lodge for good. Annie called with some final information, and I was taking a deep breath, because this was it. SOLD!

I looked down at the sacred mound. A two foot long garter snake emerged from the rocks, and raised its head. It stayed there throughout the conversation. I took it to mean: Get on with this! Shed your skin. Shed this house and land. Time for rebirth!

Snake on mound 1Snake says time to shed. Rebirth!

And so with the help of the animals, I made the transition.

The animals said GO! They called in the new owners, a wonderful young family who is farming the land, and they are pretty excited about all the ceremony we did there for so many years.

The last week as we were moving and getting ready for the closing, it even felt that the land was kicking me off! The land was ready to welcome the new custodians. My work here in Hope is finished.

It is done.

Last sunset 2My Last Sunset on Hatchet Mountain


At first I was in “transplant shock” as a seedling will be when first repotted.

Through the dark of winter, I felt alone and homesick.

I have felt bereft and ungrounded walking on concrete every day.

I miss my sacred fires and the sweat lodge.

Burnlodgefire1Last sacred fire at Hope Peace Ceremonies: Burning the Lodge

The intense ride through the August Leo eclipse portal ushered in all the change I've just described. In the months of change and darkness – Autumn and Winter – I descended into a cave of fertilization and gestation. It takes time to integrate change. I was not idle in the cave, though I was not so visible.

I commune with the Dark Goddess, often as Lilith, almost daily. She accompanies me in the underworld initiatory journey that is Priestess Path.

Right after my move, I studied with my coach Vanessa Long to acquire powerful new tools so my clients can open the floodgates of transformation.

As the embers of the Imbolc fires die down, I feel my roots grow strong, and new leaves and shoots and buds forming. My repotting is taking hold.

As the Leo eclipse cycle completes with a partial solar eclipse in Aquarius, it is time to bring the messages of the Dark Goddess forward into the light.

It is time to offer the new tools, or as I prefer to call them, JEWELS, to women on their path of discovering Truth, power, and freedom.

It is time to show you what happens on the other side of the portal.


FootbridgeFootbridge over the Passy at Sunset






In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

NOTE: This article was originally published on MLK Day, January 19, 2015. I republish today with an update at the end. 

My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.~Desmond Tutu

IN HONOR of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Today the United States celebrates the first national holiday of the year, the day that honors the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I want to share two memories associated with Dr. King, one heavy and one delightful.

Darkness falls...

Late one afternoon in 1968, I was a teenage girl daydreaming and listening to the Beatles on the radio. It was getting dark, almost suppertime on the farm in Tennessee where I grew up. The music stopped, and a news bulletin broke in. Dr. Martin Luther King had been assassinated in Memphis, just 90 miles away.  

The news filled me with shame, and dread. In the South I grew up in, bones of the Confederacy were not laid to rest. My parents were on the other side of the civil rights issue. Civil rights threatened them and brought up all their fears. I had not yet formed my own opinions, though I am sure turning 13 in 1968 influenced my liberalization, as I began to think for myself. It was many years later, after I moved to New York City, that I began to study Dr. King and Civil Rights, and I learned how much we’d lost that day in Memphis.

MLK crowd
His words ring more true to me with each passing year. 

The saving of our world from pending doom will come, not through the complacent adjustment of the conforming majority, but through the creative maladjustment of a nonconforming minority.
~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Half a lifetime later...

On January 18, 2009, it was the day after Martin Luther King Day, and the day after Barak Obama’s first inauguration. Spirits were high in the nation’s capital, and all over the world. I was flying back to Maine from a meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. Sitting alone on a shuttle between terminals at Dulles International Airport in Washington, DC, I was joined by an entourage. A familiar and very happy elderly man sat across from me. His blazer bore an ecclesiastical emblem on the pocket. It was indeed Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa. The shuttle filled with travelers, and the Archbishop’s assistant offered to take our pictures with him. I sat beside him and shared a few words, thanking him for his work.

DC and Desmond Tutu
You’ve seen him in videos, laughing and joyful as he speaks truth. That’s how he is. He was a keynote speaker at the Martin Luther King Day service at the National Cathedral in 2012. Someone asked if he was at the Inauguration. No! he said, laughing. I didn’t have a ticket! He watched on television.

It was a magnificent day for the world, he said. He could not say it enough, how happy he was, how important and joyful this day was for the world. And he was right, in that moment!

It was over 40 years since that darkest day for Peace and Justice when Dr. King was murdered. I got to witness what it meant to the man who’d presided over the dismantling of South African apartheid and the restoration and forgiveness he mediated in his country.

Our work is not done, and never will be. The work of orgasmic liberation, true complete self-ownership for all people, is all our ongoing work. Peace is our purpose. Peace is the very definition of  "creative maladjustment of the non-conforming minority."


I read the words of Dr. King with new eyes today. Since I posted in 2015, the unthinkable has happened. The joy and hope that Archbishop Tutu felt on that fateful day in 2009, barely nine years later, has given way to deeper entrenchment and overt expression of white supremacy and racism in this country. 

I have to own my part in racist America. I am a white woman, born into privilege and safety by virtue of my skin color. I was bred into racism so deep that I can't see it in myself. I have undertaken the difficult education to face my own unconscious internalized racism.

Unless I do this work to remove my own racism, I remain part of the "conforming majority."

Justice for all people, indeed the fate of planet Earth, requires that I do this work.  I stand with, as a member of, the non-conforming minority. Together we shall become the majority!


Vision Boards Work for Me!

I used to hate Vision Boards. Vision boring.
I dislike searching through magazines and cutting out pictures and gluing. In late 2016, I joined Vanessa Long's Goddess Voice class, and there was a session on Vision Boards. I decided to make one. I found most of my images on the internet, and among my own photographs. That helped.
I made the vision board and throughout the year it got shuffled through stacks of paper. Occasionally I tacked it to the wall. It literally gathered dust as we renovated the house in prep to sell, and it surfaced again as a difficult-to-pack object as I was moving.
That's when I became a convert to vision boards. I'll tell you the story in pictures.
First is a picture of my whole 2017 vision board:
Vision board 2017
At the bottom you see a picture of my house with a maple tree in fall color (green circle). I inserted a SOLD sign from my realtor's Facebook page. Even though we hadn't started the process yet, I knew I was going to call Annie Higbee to be my realtor. No one else was allowed to touch my house!
Green circle
In October we signed the sale contract and prepared to get moved by the November 2nd closing date. The next picture is the one I took of the real sold sign in October 2017. Holy moly! My Unconscious Mind took my picture literally!
Sold house
Next, look at this detail circled in red on the vision board. And look at what I have in the house I am currently renting. How did I live without a claw foot bathtub for 25 years? I have one now!    
One more, that I just noticed as I was writing this post:
Circled in Yellow is a jeweled key with a goddess image on it. I chose this image because it reminds me of my spiritual path: the priceless, jeweled, precious journey of my deepening and growing relationship with the Divine Feminine. This fall, I joined ALisa Starkweather and 30 sisters on the Priestess Path.
These pictures are at the bottom of the Vision Board, as if they are foundational parts that had to happen before the other things can come in.
This week I am reviewing the elements of this Vision Board, and checking: Do I really desire this? What makes my desire more clear, specific, and vivid?
PS. I had a LOT of FOCUSED ACTION on getting the house sold. I also had people in my life working on the same goal. They had my back big time: My partner Charlie and my realtor Annie, among others.
Vision Boards require action, both inner and outer!
I am a convert to vision boards now.
Are you?

Balance of Light and Dark

Equinox lake

Balance of Light and Dark

Equinox is gift the Cosmos sends us so that two times a year, we can remember balance. 
Balance is not stasis or stagnation.
Balance is movement!
Balance marks the halfway point of a journey. 
There is as much behind me as before me.  
Dark night I have awakened from is as long as the day I am awakening to. 
That which I planted I can harvest.
My desire, which creates a hole in my heart, is met in equal measure with abundant fulfillment. 

Equinox is a moment. A day and a night. A chime in the great clock of our solar system. 

We humans spend so much of our energy in drama, in the struggle of making the two ends of a thing meet. 

Equinox is a moment to drop those two ends and let them be. They are in balance. YOUR needs are met. However dark it seems now, equal light is also here. 

Feel the thrill and the peace that comes when you rest in the middle of the tension. That tension becomes pleasure. Energy you can tap into and use. 

Balance is dynamic and creative. Most of the time it is a potential. We see too much of one thing and not enough of something else. It can feel uncomfortably out of balance.

Life requires and creates this movement. That is when change happens. It is good.

Today, feel the balance of Light and Dark in your body. Know that whatever is happening in the world, in your life, balance is the order. 

Today, you get to feel it. Let it be your teacher and your comfort. 

Blessed Equinox!

With all my LOVE, 

Diva Carla

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