Step through the Eclipse Portal


The Solar Eclipse of the Sun is today, August 21, 2017. Called the Great American Solar Eclipse, it is the most hyped celestial event of the century – so far.

What makes this eclipse so important?

It's path of visibility is 100% on continental United States soil. The moon's shadow travels across the country from coast to coast. Millions of people will travel to the 70 mile wide stripe of totality from Oregon to South Carolina.

I had planned to be one of them, as the path of totality includes my hometown in Tennessee. However I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease this month. I deemed it wise to stay home, give my energy to healing, and staying connected to myself as I move through the eclipse portal.

This eclipse is getting a lot of political attention. It is a Leo eclipse on the degree of Donald Trump's rising sign. The brightest star in Leo, Regulus, the star of the king, is conjunct this eclipse. It is tempting to predict a downfall with aspects like this. It bears watching.

This is a more potent eclipse than usual. Every solar eclipse is a portal of change that we have to navigate with awareness. Each one ignites a 19 year cycle of transformation.

I compare solar eclipse to cosmic class 5 rapids, where you strap on your helmet, check your kit bag for water proofing and point your kayak into the chute. And RIDE.

That is true for this eclipse, with the addition that the river is on fire.

What makes this eclipse so powerful the message found in the astrology chart of the moment of totality.

Solar Eclipse Chart

Here is what you are looking at in the chart above.

Notice the triangle. The top angle is Sun/Moon conjunct at 28 Leo. You can see the star Regulus at 0 degrees Virgo right beside them.

Trace the right side of the triangle down to Uranus at 28 Aries. Trace the bottom to Pholus/Galactic Center 26 and 27 Sagittarius, and back up to the Sun and Moon eclipse.

This is called a GRAND FIRE TRINE. This is hot, fiery, explosive, active energy. This would be enough to make you pay attention to how this eclipse affects your life.

But there is even more. The Goddess is all over this chart. The eclipse triggers her in two points specifically, and they are both aspects of Lilith.

On the left angle, at 21 Sagittarius, there is an exact conjunction of Black Moon Lilith and Saturn. This makes a 2nd Grand Fire Trine superimposed on the first.

Lilith, the wildest aspect of the original feminine is standing on top of Saturn, the stern task master father figure. When Lilith is confronted by the controlling aspects of the masculine, she walks away. She will not be controlled. She does not compromise to keep the peace, or make the masculine feel OK.

Lilith stands for radical, soul-level integrity.

You can also take the perspective that Saturn is in service to the feminine, creating a structure in which she can thrive and express her power. In your personal chart, I suggest that you look at your life and see which attitude of Lilith will support your growth and power more. Do you need to leave an oppressive situation, or do you need to work within a structure that channels your energy for higher expression?

Whichever is true for you, it requires that you take conscious action now.

Notice the red line from the top angle of the triangle to the point at 26 Taurus on the right side. This is a square to Algol, the Lilith Star. This star is also called the Eye of Medusa. She represents the Demonized Goddess that the patriarchy disowned and made into the paradigm of evil.

I see her as the Universal aspect of the collective rage of the unvoiced feminine. She stand for that which is forbidden to be felt or spoken.

When this eclipse portal opens, the floodgates open. Her voice roars forth -- through YOU!

She is the Goddess, and she does not speak exclusively for women or against men. She speaks and acts against abuse, destruction, and ignorance. She speaks for justice, abundance, and remembrance of our holy relationship with Nature. This eclipse portal ignites the Goddess and makes her power available to those who listen for her voice. 

We are her body, hands, feet, and voice on earth. Each of us gets to decide how we will respond, how we will show up as HER through US.

I believe this to be true: The Divine Feminine is calling. Your passage through this eclipse portal is an invitation to embrace your mission and purpose, and listen deeply to how SHE would use your gifts to make the world a more beautiful and safe place for all beings.

One last thing: Chiron. The lower red line in the chart connects the Galactic Center to Chiron. In turn, he is connected by a short blue line to Algol. This tells me that this eclipse event is a healer and teacher for the planet through the Divine Feminine energy unleashed.

You can choose to use this to heal your own wounds and step into your own power.

It is vital that you manage your energy over the next few days as this eclipse energy resonates through the earth.

The rest of the world is going to be a little -- or a lot -- extra nuts, so you want to be a extra grounded and anchored in positive intention.

On the eclipse, you dig deep. You look at life-long challenges and a long-term vision. You check in how faithfully you are living your purpose.

You look at the fears that keep you in the stagnant side pools that feel safe, but go nowhere.

You can't ride this eclipse out up a creek tied to a tree. It will rip you out and send you tumbling over the brink.

You must have your intention clear and lined up with your actions.

What you are involved with during an eclipse is amplified. How you feel, what you say, what you do.

A solar eclipse is growth factor for your intentions.

Resolve to be the one who can conquer your fears and trust the Universe and your own Soul Wisdom to get you on the other side.

Divine Feminine Astrology Reading

Receive guidance in how to navigate the surging eclipse energy. Find out how the eclipse will effect your life, the opportunities it is opening for you, and get clarity on your next steps.

The eclipse happens tomorrow, but it does not expire. The effects will be active for the next 6 months.

Make the best of this year and this energy to create the life you want.

Who will YOU be on the other side of the portal?

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The Eclipse Portal Opens

Note: First in a series on the "Great American Eclipse" in Leo next month. This is an article I wrote a few years ago about solar eclipse energy. It holds true now, exponentially!

There is a huge portal opening. Strap on your helmet and point your Kayak through the chute. Prepare to be changed.


It is the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on the Aries Equinox. The last degree of Pisces the moon's shadow eclipses the Sun, and 12 hours later the Sun enters Aries and a new astrological year.

Every eclipse is a portal, and the challenging energy before and after can feel like cosmic rapids. Every month, the new moon is a time of intention setting and visioning. When a new moon makes a solar eclipse, the intention setting takes on a new scope and weight.

On the eclipse, you dig deep. You look at life-long challenges and a long-term vision. You check in how faithfully you are living your purpose. You look at the fears that keep you in the stagnant side pools that feel safe, but go nowhere. You resolve to be the one who can conquer your fears and trust Providence and your kayak (your own soul wisdom) to get you through the chute and out the other side. 

I used to teach about leaving things behind that you don't need, or that would impede your safe passage into a new state of being and possibility. I am not sure that is possible, or even preferable. The thing to do is own and rejoice in those parts of your self that seem to hold you back. These shadows are rich with blessings. You need every one of them to be who you are. Integrate these shadows and reduce them to a size that will fit in your waterproof pouch. They don't have to run the show, and they have provided important experiences and medicine for your journey.

You bring all of yourself to the class 5 cosmic rapids of a solar eclipse on the equinox, in the last degree of Pisces. You will have all of yourself – redesigned, re-imagined, rebirthed – on the other side.

Pause for a moment to get very clear on what you want on the other side of this eclipse. It may take a long time to fully manifest it. You'll live with the intentions of this day for a score of years. Today you turn a corner that will change the rest of your life, and the world with you. Be vigilant, aware, and have faith.

Look to the future you creating. Point your Soul Kayak though the portal and call in both your unseen divine helpers and your human guides, coaches, and friends. You don't have to do this alone.

I recommend a ritual or ceremony to hold you steady and keep your mind focused in a strong way. This evening I am holding fire ceremony to open the portal and get myself aligned. Ceremony gets you aligned with the energy, and allows you to be still in your center to receive the medicine of the eclipse. No matter what happens in the outside world, inside you are centered. Keep it simple.

Fire, dance, journal, a sweat or sauna, candles, and gather with others if you can.

Much love and courage. I'll see you on the other side. 

Cultivate Your Passion with Womb Magic

“If I am a fucking goddess, turned on, tuned in and connected, channeling divine energy all the time, why am I so exhausted? Why do I feel so drained all the time? ”

If you feel like this, I'll tell you a secret.

You are goddess EMBODIED.

It is time for you to Cultivate your Passion!

Cultivate passion womb magic

Your power is sourced in your pelvis: your womb, your vulva – your sexuality.
If you are originating your power from any other place, you are cruising for burnout!

Passion and the fire of desire live in your pelvis – YOUR WOMB.

That is why I teach women about sex and orgasm.

It is why I promote erotic and physical pleasure.

It is why I am a sexual healer.

Reclaim your pelvis and your power.

Start listening to your womb wisdom.

Activate you Womb Magic.

Liberate your sex life from your bedroom and bring your juice, creativity, and orgasmic goddess energy into your work and your business.

Join me live today at 4 pm for part 2 of Cultivate your Passion.

It's on my Facebook page at Reclaim Your True Power with Diva Carla.

New Moon Temple to Ceres and the Earth Goddess

I'call this the New Moon Temple reading.

You can see readings by other astrologers that will talk about the Grand Fire Trine and other more commonly known aspects.

I look at a collection of minor planets that represent avatars of the Divine Feminine, as well as planets that have resonance for sexual healing and expression. 

This is what I see happening on the July 23 Leo New Moon (number 1).

Goddess new moon temple

When I see the goddess planets in a powerful configuration like this Temple, I know there is a special opportunity with this New Moon.

The GATEWAY is the New Moon ~

Moon, Sun, Mars triple conjunction in the first and 2nd degree of Leo –

My astrologer Eric Francis says that New Moon conj Mars says LIVE ASSERTIVELY.
If you have been holding back, take some assertive steps forward!

These three are in a trine to Chiron, so this is a window for intentional healing, and I add that it feels cosmic in proportion. The rule of “Think Cosmically, Act Locally” applies. What you do for yourself and your intimate circle has massive meaning!

I'll describe the Temple then tell the story:
The Roof is made of a trine between Ceres and Nessus. They are both in a sextile to Pallas Athene conjunct QB1 (15760). QB1 is the planet of midwives, Hospice workers, and sexual healers: Birth, death, and orgasm.

The floor is a trine of Vesta and Juno.

The Walls are a sextile of Vesta and Ceres on the left and Juno and Nessus on the right.

Inside the Temple is a grand EARTH trine of Pallas Athene/QB1, Juno, and Vesta.

You can also see the red lines indicating Ceres opposite Juno and Nessus opposite Vesta.

These lines mark the center of this Temple and the Temple is Food and Soil: the Earth that we depend on to grow nutritious, healthy food. The earth element is not separate from water, air, and fire. It takes all four.

This is the story they tell me:

This New Moon is an opening for awareness and change around food around the world.

Ceres (Roman version of Demeter) is the Goddess of Grain. She makes food grow. When her daughter Persephone went to the Underworld she made the earth barren so the people almost died without food. You don't want to piss off Ceres.

I think she is pissed off now, by pollution, GMO, big Ag, global warming, radiation, and other toxins, high fructose corn syrup, soil depletion. Any one of them would be enough, and we have it all now. This is Nessus. He is the planet of abuse. He is also the planet of healing abuse. When we see Nessus, we see the thing that needs to heal, and the opportunity to heal it.

Pallas Athene is wisdom and justice. Justice is blind. We humans can be the agents of our own death (QB1) or rebirth. (QB1)

At the cornerstones are Vesta and Juno. Vesta is the Sacred flame of devotion. This is a sacred cause.

Juno stand for social justice. Food, health, and good living conditions are the right of all beings on the planet: two-legged, four legged, many legs. All the children of all the species.

This New Moon, how will you honor this sacred mission to make food medicine, to support food justice, and to support the health of all species that depend on and help us create the earth's soil

This New Moon is an invitation to intimate partnership with Nature.

Sex the Secret Power to Success!

NOTE: Originally published in 2013, this Jewel has come to light this week. I repost it here for a new generation!

(This article is the second in a series on creating a Spirit-Centered Business that supports you in fulfilling your sacred mission. Here is the first article.)

Why sexual energy is the secret hidden power to business success
That's an edgy title. It makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

If you've followed my newsletter for a few years, you know that I have written boldly about sex and sexual healing. I've spoken out about the connection between sex and money, and people can get really triggered about that.  I don't mind making you uncomfortable. I am here to help you heal and healing is not the easy road. Transformation is never convenient.

I tried to make transformation comfortable and convenient for myself and all I got was STUCK!

If you are feeling stuck right now, are your settling for comfortable and convenient?

Witness me, stepping out of my comfort zone to focus my work on the sex and money connection. The people interested in sex may dislike the business information. The people who want to know about business may wish I wouldn't talk about sex. And then I'll throw in some spirituality, some Divine Feminine, some mysticism-- which is one of the ways we turn on our sexual energy!

I invite you to explore the edges of your comfort zone, and be willing to be uncomfortable as you explore the sex and money connection with me.

There are two polarities in sexual energy, the masculine and feminine. Simply stated, feminine energy is expansive and magnetic. Masculine energy is focused and far-seeing. These two naturally dance together and create flow. They don't have to be in balance, though both need to be activated and in dynamic relationship. Their nature is to come together in union -- Oneness -- and separate again into two. This is the creative process. Sexual union and orgasm are metaphors for this dance of polarities.  Physical gender is another metaphor for this energy dance.

This energy dance is true for men and for women equally, and each gender will do well to activate both energies within in order to create the flow of sexual energy.

Money loves and responds to flowing, active sexual energy! It recognizes itself, and like attracts like!

This is not just metaphysical and metaphorical sexual energy. The attraction and creation only works when you are feeling your sexual energy in your body. Your sexual pleasure, orgasm, connection, and emotional intimacy are necessary not just to your health and happiness. They are necessary to creation and manifestation. You can use this energy with intention to design your business and make success easier.
Merqueen and her Lover  by Carla Sanders

What makes flowing sexual energy the hidden secret power of your business?

1. You become radiant in your expression.
When your sexual energy is flowing, you shine! You radiate confidence, and you allow yourself to be visible. You express yourself boldly. You are not afraid to do what it      takes to put yourself in front of your clients, the public, the media. You let yourself be seen. You can't help it!

2. You are magnetic to all you desire.
Your flowing, felt, and expressed sexual energy ignites your desire. All desire for any goal, object, experience, or sensation is sourced in your sexual energy. When you are aroused and juiced by what you desire, it begins to seek you! When you are aroused and receptive to love, that which you desire can find you. It homes in on your receptive, open, vulnerable and erotic state. It doesn't matter if what you desire in the moment is a new state of the art refrigerator or your lover's kiss -- the Law says your desire must be satisfied.

3. You are grounded and expanded at the same time.
This is the mystery of Orgasm. When you are grounded, you feel in your body and safe. You feel completely who you are. From this safe, rooted place, you can expand! There is no limit to what you can create, cause, attract, or create. There is no limit to the pleasure you can feel, or the money you can make. There is no limit to the healing energy that will flow through you, or the love. You can dream big and have faith in your success, because you can take action toward big dreams from a secure, grounded place.

Money is the physical form of this orgasmic energy organized into measurable packets. Money responds easily and swiftly to your pure erotic arousal. Just as sexual energy is a renewable, regenerative resource, so is money. There is no such thing as lack. It is the illusion of blocked flow, and beliefs that feeling sexual is wrong, or must be limited, or that money is wrong, scarce, and impure.

You owe it to yourself to set yourself free. Have the best sex of your life, whether you have a partner or not. Take the steps to receive your abundant wealth, because it is seeking you!

How the sex and money connection impacting your life?
My clients open up their sexual energy flow, expand their pleasure, and make more money with less effort. 
If you are ready for these results in your life too, I can help. 

Let's get acquainted and explore the ways we may work together.  No strings, no pressure, simply clarity!
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I am being "repotted"

** I am not moving, I am being REPOTTED! **

Saturday the women gathered for ceremony at Hope Peace Ceremonies. Young Warrior Women, Elders, and Crones, we prayed together opening our Womb Medicine within the womb of the mother.

Fifteen years I have been keeper of a sweat lodge on the land in Hope. Sacred calling, sacred duty, sacred blessing!

Women's Lodge June 17 fire

Lodges, dances, vision quests. I have quested and danced here for my own healing. I have held space and facilitated for others, including beloved clients in their initiation.

My life has changed on this land. I have discovered and grown into my healing mission on this land, and in ceremony. This land held me through 12 years of Orgasmic Alchemy initiation as I learned the Womb Medicine and sexual healing I teach you.

It is on this land, and often in my lover's arms, that I received the inspiration and began channeling the work I teach now: Womb Magic, Womb Wisdom, and the Cosmic Womb Initiations.

One of the gifts I received within the lodge yesterday is that I am releasing this land to new custodians so that I can grow into the NEXT PART OF MY MISSION!

What looks like uncertainty on the outside, it truly is a fertile open space to grow my roots, leaves, flowers and fruits. Yes, I am being transplanted from the root bound pot of my old home, old life, and way of serving others -- and the Divine Feminine.

I am not merely selling my house and moving, I am being repotted by the Goddess! (OMG, SHE's cracking me up!)


The first flower of my expanding mission, Awakening Womb Magic, is the front porch of the Temple. Private clients are already seeing deep healing unfold and new expansion in their vision and mission and ability to receive money, love, and inspiration in greater measure than before.

It is time for you to clear the obstacles to your wealth, love, sex, and mission.

This month, I open the doors to Awakening Womb Magic's first group program.

We start August 1.

Email desire [at] orgasmicalchemy [dot]com to get the info.

Erotic Energy is Your Inner Fire

Part 2/7 Sex – Your Inner Power Source

All my teaching, writing, and work with clients is about illuminating *this* truth in a woman's life:

Your inner power source is your sexual erotic energy.

Inner fire graph
How much power you have access to, and how much you can impact the world, is directly related to how much sexual erotic energy you can build and access.

In Part 1, Sex is Your Inner Power Source, we established that sex as a power source is wired into our human energy system in the second chakra. We defined some terms I use often – womb and yoni, the sacred space of a woman's body. I refer to them also as your “temple.” 

In Part 2, we are going to define two more terms.

1. Sex. Yes we need to know what we mean by that word.

When I talk about sex, sometimes I am talking about the physical act of lovemaking, either solo, or with a partner -- and I am *always* including the inner truth of sex, and that is that sex is your sexual erotic energy.

So let's define erotic energy ~

2. Erotic energy is your creative life force.

So what does that mean in real life?

{{ Now is a good time to pause for a breath – really, I want to you pause and let a slow deep breath fill your belly, and exhale.
Now repeat that slow deep life-giving breath. }}

This is how you know about *erotic energy* – your creative life force.

YOU FEEL IT. It is a delicious blend of emotional and physical feeling.

You feel this energy when you are “turned on!”
One of the easiest ways to feel this energy is through sex!

** the fire of desire,
** the heat of pleasure, and
** the rush of orgasm...

You use erotic energy to have sex, and yes, erotic energy is how babies are born!


Erotic energy is how you create ANYTHING.

Whether you are creating a baby, an orgasm, soup, a cake, art, healing, a business, money, ideas, wisdom, systems, or structures, you are accessing this sexual erotic energy.

You are born with this sexual erotic energy. It is always there inside of you. Like a fire, sometimes the flames are high and it burns hot and sometimes it cools down to embers. But it is YOUR energy and it is *always* present.

Sexual erotic energy IS a creative life force. It IS your inner fire.


And your inner fire IS what gives you POWER.
Are you with me so far?

Sex is Your Inner Power Source!

Sex is your inner power source. This is fundamental wisdom for empowered women.

But what does it mean?


In a series of posts, I'll break down the ingredients of sex, sexual energy, and personal *feminine* power to establish a common foundation for people new to this concept. It will be a Masterclass on Sexuality as Your Inner Power. 

Sex inner power graphic

Morning meditation led me to this teaching from Caroline Myss:

"The second chakra is your center of personal power, creativity, sexuality, and finances."

There it is, wired into our energy system!

Chakras are energy centers in the body. Chakra is the Sanskrit word meaning "wheel of light." Much of what we know about chakras comes from Indian systems of thought, though understanding the body as having energy centers governing health, function, and higher vibrations is almost universal among the world's peoples.

Caroline Myss refers to chakras as "energy anatomy". There are seven chakras in the physical body, and each one associates with a organ system, an energetic quality, and can manifest particular physical issue if there is something off in the chakra energy.

Each chakra is a resource for power, and all the chakras work together.

The second chakra is in the belly between navel and pubic bone. Its organs are the uterus and ovaries, bladder, pelvis, hip, and large intestine.

I refer to this space as WOMB. Womb is more than the uterus -- it includes every organ of reproduction and pleasure. There is a Sankrit word you will hear me use often: YONI. It also refers to all female organs of reproduction and pleasure. Yoni means "Sacred Space." That is why I like to say it!

That is how I invite you to think of your body, your womb, yoni, and genitals -- Your Sacred Space.

We have established some terminology that we can use to share information and talk about experiences:
chakra, womb, yoni. We will gather more words as we go along.

For now, I invite you to ponder the space in your belly and pelvis, and imagine how it may be affecting your sexuality, finances, and power.

(Part 1 of a 7 part masterclass in Sex - Your Inner Power delivered in my Facebook group Sexy Wealthy Divas. Request to be added!)


Vision is the First Step to Activism

Last November a lot of people on both sides voted for change. A lot of people didn't vote, and by their non-vote they were also voting for change.

The results of the election are a catalyst for change. If we are to have change that we can live with and thrive with, we must hold a vision together.


It is an absolute requirement that we create a clear vision of the world we desire, and only take actions that create that world.

The current political situation we are in now in the United States is compelling and dire. I recognize that the regime in power is calling the shots, our shots. When we respond, react, and resist, they set our agenda for us.

We don't mean for it to happen. I know most people in the resistance are fighting for what they believe and desire a just and caring society for all people.

But all the attention is focused on the seats of power, mostly in Washington, and the latest outrageous move of the current regime.

We cannot win that game because it is their game. It's a nasty game with no rules. It will destroy us.

What I recommend is necessary and harder, and ultimately more rewarding and successful.

Come together to declare and illuminate the vision of the world we want to live in.

Last night I attended the screening of Jim Merkel's documentary in progress, Saving Walden's World. This is Jim's declaration of his vision for a world that is possible.

The foundation of his vision is the rights and empowerment of women, reducing the collective carbon footprint, and turning over 50% of the planet to wilderness.

This vision is congruent with my own vision of the world I want to live in and leave intact for my grandchildren – A world in which human beings live in an intimate relationship with nature – a relationship built on “grateful reciprocity”, the theme of Robin Wall Kimmerer's book Braiding Sweetgrass.

It is challenging work to get together and create a consensus for a vision of the world we desire. It's even harder to decide on the actions that will assure this world's creation. Hardest of all is to find shared values and common ground with people we don't see eye to eye with politically or otherwise.

Fortunately, there is room for diversity of beliefs, skills, and actions in this big vision of the world –


Womb Circle Cone of Power

In 2015, I had a vision of Circles of Women doing magik and healing work together. The men surrounded them with protection and honor. The Feminine takes a leadership role in this new Vision. Men stand with the Women, as they heal their own wounds that the patriarchy inflicted.

My own contribution to the Vision is healing individual and collective sexual wounds as a the first step to creating healthy relationship with self, other people, and nature.

What is your gift and contribution to the Vision?

Some of the work we do together will include political action, acts of resistance, and defense of water, air, land, plants, and animals. We will have to defend our rights to grow food, save seed, love whom we wish, live where we like, and govern ourselves by vote and representation. We defend these rights for all people of this land, this Earth, together.

Before the action comes the vision of the world we are creating comes first.

The Vision will guide our actions.

Here is the tricky part:

Once we have the clear vision and a sense of what it takes to bring it into being, then comes the biggest challenge:

The willingness to change ourselves as that blessed vision of our world requires us to change.

As much as I believe in my mission of intimate relationship with Nature, there is a stubborn part of me that wishes I did not have to change my patterns of consumption of Earth's resources. I understand why so many voted a certain way because they wanted their old life, the former American dream, back again.

That dream is over. It has become a nightmare.

While the period of change may feel like “sacrifice” for a time, it is the spiritual meaning of sacrifice:

Letting go of something of a lower nature so you can receive something of higher nature.

The New Vision of the World that is founded on “grateful reciprocity” with life is an abundant vision. It is a higher vibration.

We have teachers to help us. Our teachers in how to change to greet this New Vision are the Indigenous, the refugee, the people of color who have already sacrificed to the ravages of the old, dead vision. There are among us masters and journeymen of farming, reclaiming, re-skilling, and re-wilding. There are people who have been working towards a vision of a thriving, sustainable world for years.

Their time has come.

Gather with your neighbors from all walks in real life, and yes, virtually as well. Create a vision together of the World you want, globally and locally. Start making decisions and taking action for change.

Incremental change is easier that drastic change, but we may not have a choice by now.

We do have the choice to envision the change we want, takes steps now, and meet change with enthusiasm.

Some of it will be a fight, some of it will be pleasure, some of it will be beautiful.

Change is coming, whether or not you are ready for it, you voted for it, or you have a say in what it looks like.

Don't let that happen.

Reclaim your power.


Do You Need a Melting Hug Too?

I need a hug.

Not a butt in the air, no touching below the waste hug.

Not a one armed we-used-to-be-lovers-but-I'm-dating-someone-else-now hug.

Not a quickie hug.

Not a bear hug.

Not even a heart-to-heart hug.

And I am going out to find one today.

Which means I have to dare to give somebody a melting hug today.
Giving a melting hug means I dare to be uncomfortable until I melt.
More, it means I dare to be with the other person's discomfort till he or she melts.

We're uncomfortable melting into another person's body and presence.

Not even with our lovers -- 
and certainly not with other people, definitely not in public places.

People, our comfort zone is killing us!

I am getting out of my comfort zone today.

Dare to be uncomfortable for a few seconds.
Give and receive a melting hug.

One body porcelain

Not sure how to do a melting hug?

A melting hug is embracing belly to belly, heart to heart, and breathing with it until you feel yourself relax and yield to the presence of the other person and YOURSELF.

Here's how to begin.

-- Start with the ask. Ask someone if they will share a melting hug with you

Those words are important: SHARE a melting hug. You are not giving a hug or taking a hug.

-- Explain that you will hold each other in a belly to belly hug until you feel like you have melted into one other.

When/if they agree -- consent is necessary --  

-- Stand up and find a physically and mutually comfortable embrace. This may take some adjusting, and you'll feel it when you get it.

-- You hold the embrace, relaxing into it, adjusting your body as needed, and breathing, until you pass through the awkward uncomfortable phase, and feel the love well up in you. 

It not romantic or sexual. It is a HUMAN HUG.

It melts away sadness, anxiety, and separation. 

It lasts until you both feel complete, having moved through awkwardness and unease to ease, comfort, pleasure and connection.

A melting hug generates an unfamiliar sense of I am present. I am worthy. I am OK. 

In a melting hug, each person is self-responsible, and the hug gives them a physical, sensate, and visceral experience of that. 

If a trigger happens, and a person is unable to complete the melting hug experience, let them back away, generously holding their gaze, and thank them for the hug. Don't worry about triggers.

A good way to complete any melting hug is to slowly release and separate, still touching hands or arms, and gazing into one another's eyes.

Say THANK YOU, and complete. 

This is free and simple and easy. A pure gift. The fewer words the better. 

Will you dare to share a melting hug today?

Let me know how it goes.