My interview on the Shift Network's #MeToo Dialogues today

Today is the final heart-opening day of #MeTooDialogues.

My interview on astrology as a resource for people healing a lineage of abuse is on this afternoon. I hope you will Tonya and me for this conversation.

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Here’s the schedule:


  • We’ll begin at 9:00am Pacific with actor Cathy Curtin and Tonya exchanging thoughts about the pressures and difficulties of being in a workplace where there are sexually violating behaviors.

  • Next up… activist, storyteller, and theater artist Ianne Fields Stewartdescribes their challenge in owning their black, queer, and mixed-race transgender identity with love and magnetism.

  • Monique Wilson, global director of One Billion Rising, has lived with blood cancer for seven years and shows how she’s dedicated her work to the healing practices that transform women's lives in a positive way.

  • You won’t want to miss Kasia Urbaniak, founder and CEO of The Academy, as she and and Tonya explore the "freeze" response around sexual abuse — as well as the intricacies of power dynamics. Kasia’s acuteness in addressing this topic is truly stunning.

  • Actor and singer MJ Rodriguez brings her experience as a transgender female to a vibrant conversation about the status of transgender issues in our world today.

  • Founder of Cosmic Crone Enterprises, Diva Carla, talks about a planet called Nessus and points to significant Nessus aspects and transits that can provide clarity about the patterns, wounds, and challenges caused by sexual abuse.

  • Co-author of The Hostage ChildMichelle Etlin, uncovers her personal experience and research in the field of custody battles to elucidate what she sees as the "anti-mother" bias that plays out in the court system.

  • And for the grand finale of The #MeToo DialoguesRudy Mazzocchi, an expert in the field of biotechnology, focuses on biotech solutions to sexual predation. Wow!


Join this necessary and vibrant conversation that will inspire and support you to create lasting change in your life and your community!

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What do you REQUIRE to Thrive?

The energy of the Cancer New Moon and solar eclipse is whooshing us with some big power!

This weekend I will attend Healing Turtle Island ceremonies hosted by Sherri Mitchell - Wena'hamu'gwasit of the Penobscot people of Maine.

She writes: “Our ancestors tell us that the Eastern Door is where we will gather to begin the healing of this land. It is here in the East where first contact was made between the Native peoples and the newcomers. It is here that the first blood was spilled between our people, and the long history of violence began. And, it is here on this same land that the healing must begin.

Our prophecies tell us that when the people of the world rise up and begin standing for the protection of life, a great healing will begin. In order for that healing to take root, the people must return to the place where the initial wounding on this land took place, and join together with one heart and one mind to heal the wounds that they carry within them, and those carried by Mother Earth.”

Send your prayers for the Healing of Turtle Island. I’ll carry them with me.

Read more HERE, and if you are in driving distance, you are invited to come to the ceremony.


Sacred Boundaries Part 2: What do you REQUIRE to thrive?

See Sacred Boundaries Part 1: What does it mean to have boundaries? Click Here.

Boundaries are an expression of our sovereignty over our personhood, body, and life.

Today's lesson on boundaries homes in on sovereign.

Sovereign is the truth of yourself that you must claim as you set your boundaries.

You are sovereign. You are Queen, Empress, or King of your resources, especially time and energy.

I invite you to upgrade your thinking about boundaries to a higher vibration.

Consider what you REQUIRE in your life so you can be your highest and best self.


My priestess Nut Tmu-Ankh used to ask me this question:

What do you REQUIRE to fulfill your mission?

I'd stare into space like a deer in headlights. I had no idea what she was talking about. I barely had a sense of myself as a person worthy of having basic needs met. I was only beginning to allow myself to name my heart's desires.

Am I allowed to REQUIRE something?

As in I must have it; I command it; I have a right to expect it.

Circuits BLOWN!

In the past few months, I find myself asking my clients this question too, because I know it will challenge them as it challenged me.

I know this sense of requiring is how they will break free.

Many women are new to taking up space in the world, asking for what they want, and raising their expectations of how people treat them. In other words, setting boundaries.

Their boundaries land somewhere between “I don't need that much to be OK”, and outright martyrdom and self-sacrifice. One of the side effects can be desperate overcompensation. They tend to lock out the very things they desire and need to feel supported and fulfilled.

How many wise, gifted, and mission-inspired women do I know who settle for crumbs, and deplete themselves doing Divine work without the support and resources they require!

Doing God's work on your energetic dime!

What does that yield? Lots of overworked, depleted, angry women who give up on the work they love and came to Earth to do. Who settle for less than they really want and deserve.

It's blasphemy!

Divine Love did not place you on this earth to share your jewels without the soul nourishment, finances, love, and companionship you need to do the work.

You can forgive yourself for internalizing the idea of service as self-sacrifice.

You learned how to be this way in your mother’s womb.

The Patriarchy has grown fat on the physical, spiritual, and emotional labor of women, especially black and brown women.

You can change your life. When you change, the world will change.

Try this on:

What happens when you stop thinking of need and start thinking of require?

Take a minute right now to list all the things that would make it possible for you to show up powerfully as you, express your highest gifts, feel supported and appreciated for your work.

You list may have things like a beautiful place to live, good food, pleasure, deep sexual connection, high paying clients, money to continue your own spiritual growth, flowers!

Notice where you back-peddle on this. Where are you in the habit of setting or not expecting you'll have what you want.

Where do you still feel unworthy?

YOU as sovereign of your life have the right and the power to command the Universe to supply your needs and desires.

You let the Universe know what you require to be your best, highest, and fulfilled expression of you.

It is a pre-requisite for setting your boundaries in THRIVE mode.

Does this feel really hard for you?

You may need some deep healing, womb clearing, and practice with someone to guide you.

Let's talk about how I can support you.

You can book a no strings chat with me on my calendar

and let me know what you'd like to talk about.

Part 1: Sacred Boundaries - What does it mean to have boundaries?

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Boundaries are up in my world these days. Clients, friends, myself are all feeling the shock of having boundaries violated in some way.

It is time to write a series of articles about boundaries:
What they are and are not
Different kinds of boundaries
How they work
How you find your own boundaries and hold them.
Boundaries are not one thing, they are many things.

Some boundaries are hard lines that you do not allow crossing at all.
Some boundaries are frontiers that are areas to explore for growth and adventure and fun.
Some boundaries belong to others in our lives and we learn to respect them as we want to be respected.

Some boundaries are unconscious; sometimes we don’t know they have been violated, we just feel violated, and we think there is something wrong with us because of our feelings. Unhealthy, insecure, or wicked people may take advantage of that.

Some boundaries are conscious, meaning we know what we won’t tolerate and protect that boundary conscientiously, even fiercely.

Boundaries usually mean NO, and boundaries are a prerequisite for YES.

In the Sex, Wealth, and Voice trinity that I teach, boundaries are an aspect of VOICE.
Boundaries require you use your voice to articulate them, first to yourself, and then to others around you.

Boundaries require you to speak up when someone is violating a boundary.

And in many relationships, you have to use your words -- and your voice -- to negotiate the boundaries. It's a vital skill that makes relationships satisfying and fulfilling on every level.

The tragedy is that most of us do not learn to know and own and express our boundaries. Most of us have our boundaries routinely violated from birth in ways that are considered normal socialization. Some of us have our boundaries horrendously violated in criminal, abusive ways, and our journey to wholeness is even more challenging.

We spend our adult lives constructing boundaries. Sometimes they are healthy and serve us well. Sometimes they are unhealthy and cause us to repeat the patterns of disempowerment or abuse we grew up with.

A broad definition of boundaries that I like:

To be a sovereign woman who lives in your divine feminine power, you must master boundaries.

That’s why the work I do with women in claiming your powers of sex, wealth, and voice includes a lot of boundary awareness, discovery, and negotiation in each of the powers.

Boundaries cannot be overestimated!

Over the next few moon cycles, I’ll be writing more about the different aspects of boundaries, as well as doing some Facebook live streams in my group Sexy Wealthy Divas. (Join us!)

Boundaries are power! Use them well. 


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One year ago I was beginning the grueling process of getting my old farmhouse ready to put on the market.
I was beginning the hard emotional work of letting go of 24 years of my home, my family, my late husband, my successes, and some broken dreams and failures along the way.
I didn't know what what coming... whether Charlie and I would stay together, whether I would have the money to live, a home somewhere, or a room in someone's attic.
(I can get melodramatic when facing big change!)
Now a year later, I can look back on a magical, blessed year!
The house looked great! It sold in 2 months and we were moved out and into a beautiful rental in town in 4 months!
The leave-taking from the land was a months-long ceremony that was so gentle and loving!
One year later, we are packing up to move to our new and I hope forever home at Hoodathunkit Farm, aka The Beavery!
There is a beaver pond with a big dam and multiple lodges. 

Beaverdam close up crop

Charlie and I have made a commitment to one another that we grew into naturally, organically. It is sealed by the land.
I say that we are marrying the land, together.
Already I feel my roots seeking the deep nourishment.
I feel my branches and leaves expanding to the sky.
I feel my breath, my heart, and my yoni opening to the Earth --
And to the Divine Guidance present and waiting for me on the land.
We close the purchase on Monday morning, and begin the joyful process of cleaning, clearing the energy, blessing the house, and moving in. 

Packing up the house in town is underway. 
I am blessed! I am joyful! I am tired!
Moving is unsettling to the system, no matter how joyful and well planned.
Self-care is a vital nutrient, and pleasure is the most nurturing of self-care... well, second only to sleep.
Nature is ultimate self-care for me. As an eco-sexual, nature turns me on, and support my orgasm.

Nature = Pleasure!
That deserves its own article. 

I offer you the beauty of this gorgeous, fragrant weeping cherry tree in the corner of my new garden.
If only I could send the smell!
Cherry tree house

I am a racist, and it is my problem. What about you?


Last year I felt triggered almost every time I tuned into Facebook. The triggers were that there was something wrong with me because I am white. I felt constantly criticized and told I am wrong.

Now, no one was calling me out personally. I was a timid lurker in these mystifying and painful interactions.

The first awareness was Layla Saad's letter to Spiritual White women – and the ongoing online conversation that has not stopped.

I was convicted of my sin, as my Baptist ancestors would say.

My sin is the sin of racism.

Mostly unconscious, endemic, unacknowledged, and unmitigated racism.

Along with white privilege and white fragility and white centering, and appropriation and colonization.

Many many unrepented sins of racism and wielding the weapons of whiteness.

Triggered up my ass.

After a while, I couldn't ignore that this constant triggering was pointed to work I had to do, and changes I had to make. Fortunately, I am in relationships with white women doing the work, and they directed me to teachers.

In January of 2018, I took Catrice M. Jackson's 30 day course for white women. I recommend it to all white women in leadership and have a message and mission to share.

Starbucks ought to hire Catrice to do its “diversity training” day this month.

Catrice's class was hard. Real hard. I hated it. I hated the work that was insisting that I question everything about myself. Every word, thought, deed, and relationship.

The 30 Day Course is the beginning of dismantling my own racism and becoming aware of my weapons of whiteness. The work will last a lifetime.

** Becoming a true and effective ally with people of color is a long journey of failing and learning.

It's wicked uncomfortable. I am not there, not at all.

I confess to being in the performative and resistant phase of the work. I am grappling with things in my life that I don't want to deal with. And I won't come out as changed until I feel it inside my body as a real thing.

And I also don't like getting it wrong.

I can hear Catrice saying, Get over that fast, because black and brown people are dying while you worry about getting is wrong.

Which brings me to why I am writing today.

The Danielle Laporte debacle.

I have to say something.

She is the latest white spiritual woman to be called on the racism embedded in her message and marketing. 

If you are not aware of this story, look up her Facebook page, and read the pinned post with comments. Layla Saad along with dozens of other colleagues lovingly call her into awareness. No, I can't make myself link to it. 

Yesterday I visited Danielle Laporte's website for the first time.

This woman built a worldwide empire of followers, customers, and clients who watch her every move. She launched a new program apparently without a clue of the dismantling racism movement that is going on all around her in her own industry.

She presented skin-surface imagery and program name that looks as if it was designed to offend and wound people of color. And she remains clueless.

Danielle went on the defensive, silencing the voices and effort put out to help her get it right.
Her next steps were to do everything wrong. And she led other women to keep getting it wrong and cling to their own racism.

I hope she will take a “giant ass pause” as one friend said, and invest in her own anti-racism work.

She can make a big difference through her empire if she is willing.


And so can I, if I am willing. 

I've been quiet about my own racism process.

I've been afraid.

Shit keeps coming up that I don't want to deal with.  I get over that now.

My mission is to help human beings remember their intimate relationship with nature.

This mission can only be accomplished if racism ceases to exist. Racism is an abomination against nature.

Dismantling racism doesn't happen on the surface. Choosing pictures and words that are inclusive and diverse doesn't touch it.

I believe people of color when they tell me that racism is a white problem and it is white people's responsibility to change it and to change ourselves.

We have no excuse to remain unaware of what we are doing and how each one of us is doing it. 

Dismantling racism, white colonization, white supremacy, white privilege, white fragility, white weapons, and STOPPING systemic genocide of darker skinned people –

This is OUR work, white people.

Black and Brown and Indigenous people are dying and WE are killing them. 

Yes, you and I. 

Start your education. Expose yourself to yourself. 

Pay a woman of color to start the process with you. 

Resources: Catrice M. Jackson's page for Anti-racism classes and live workshops for white women 

Layla Saad's Patreon

This is just for starters. You'll find more when you follow these women. 


A Manifesting Lesson from Biscuits

Last week I taught Facebook how to make biscuits. 

I made biscuits on a Facebook live video! 

It was the most fun I've had in front of a video camera in my entire life! 

Watch the Video here!

Manifesting Lessons from Biscuits

This simple inspired action turned out to be so rich in rewards and lessons. 

Reading through the comments, I was gratified by how much pleasure people got from a real life, messy elbows cooking lesson!

From me showing up real and raw and covered in flour. 

Viewers thanked me for teaching them a simple skill that took them back to their childhood, and memories of mamas and grandmamas long gone. 

One of my son's friends learned to make biscuits from me when she was in high school, and let me know it's her favorite recipe!

The lady who lived up the road from me when I was growing up on the farm in Tennessee commented with her remembrance of me as a little girl. 

The comments are full of my own personal history. 

Later that evening in my group, Sexy Wealthy Divas, someone asked me about Orgasmic Manifestation, something I teach about in my work. 

I shared a "recipe" for manifesting and realized, it is as simple as the biscuit recipe.

Cooking is a good analogy for manifesting. Think about it: 

You start with an appetite! A desire. A hunger. 

You have a picture of what you want to make. A mouth-watering colorful picture is best. Aromas and flavors and memories of eating a dish add to the pleasure and anticipation. 

You assemble the ingredients. You may have to take a lot of action, like shopping, chopping, and lots of skillful preparation. 

Or the recipe could be super simple, like the biscuit recipe. 

Even so, it takes action, some skill, some practice to manifest biscuits from flour, milk, butter, and heat! (Watch the video to learn the secret tips!)

After a lifetime of making biscuits, I don't need a recipe or even measuring cups. I just do it. 

Manifesting is like that too. 

The simpler and more straight-forward your desire, the easier to manifest it into your experience. 

The clearer your vision, the easier to manifest. 

The more complicated and big and outside your everyday experience your desire, the longer manifestation may take. 

You may have more resistance to doing the necessary actions,
or believing in the truth that it's here,
or knowing that you deserve to have it, 
or you may need to learn and practice new skills to bring it
or, or, or... 

And yet, you most certainly can do it all, and have it all, and with diligence, passion, determination, and persistence, you can manifest anything! 

Keep that mouth-watering vision of the finished recipe in your mind the whole time. 

The most important thing is to not worry about what people think, what it looks like to others, and HAVE FUN with the process. 

Just like I did in the biscuit video. 

I hope you enjoy this tasty buttery lesson in manifesting. 

Send me your question about biscuit baking, manifesting, or my other specialty: Sex, Wealth, and Voice! 

Wet, Dark, Tangled, and Feminine

A reminder to all of us that the Creative Power of the Universe is not a neat, linear, clean process. 

Villoldo The Dream

Creation is Feminine.  




Creation is Wild. Feminine. Dark. Tangled. 

In this way all the elements of creation can fulfill their purpose: 





Creepy Crawlies. 

Creation is made from the elements of decay and death. 

The true nature of Creative Power has been misunderstood and demonized. 

Co-opted and cleansed of it mess and its mystery in an attempt to control Death. 

Death is not destruction but transformation. If you destroy death, you kill life. 

Alberto Villoldo shared the wisdom of the elder medicine woman: 

" . . . I remember being told by a medicine woman in the Amazon, 'Do you know why they are really cutting down the rain forest? Because it is wet and dark and tangled and feminine.'" ~Alberto Villoldo

They will cut down the forest.

They will cut us down.

They will give us the weapons and train us to cut each other down, and do their work for them. 

We shall not. 

We put down the weapons we use against each other, and against the Self. 

We let the moss and mold grow in our hair, and tangle our bodies together ... 

We become food for Nature, the foundation of Creation. 

We are birth, death, and rebirth. 

We are the Power, not "They".

When the Holy Thaws

christ is risen with each blade of grass

sprouting from the mud

we listen avidly for the first woodcocks and peepers

spring floods my body like a swollen brook

winter is almost over in Maine

that’s when the Holy Thaws


A woman's body, like the earth, has seasons;
when the mountain stream flows,
when the holy
when I am most fragile and in need,
it was then, it seemed,
God came
God, like a medic on a field, is tending our souls.
Our horns get locked with desires, but don't hold yourself
too accountable; for all desires are
really innocent.  That is what
the compassion in His
eyes tell me.
Why this great war between the countries -- the countries --
inside of us?
What are all these insane borders we protect?
What are all these different names for the same church of love
we kneel in together?   For it is true, together we live; and only
at that shrine where all are welcome will God sing
loud enough to be heard.
Our horns got locked with the earth and sky in some odd
marriage ritual; so what, don't worry.  We should be proud of
ourselves for everything we helped create in this
magic world.
And God is always there, if you feel wounded.  He kneels
over this earth like
a divine medic,
and His love thaws
the holy in us.
~ St. Teresa of Avila ~
(Love Poems From God: Twelve Sacred Voices from the East and West --
versions by Daniel Ladinsky)

Equinox: A Great Time for a Divine Feminine Astrology Reading

The Aries Equinox - Sring in the Northern Hemisphere and Fall in the Southern Hemisphere - is an astrological power time. 

A lot of planets that were in Pisces last month have moved to Aries. 

This changes everything!

The planets and other heavenly bodies that astrologers work with represent archetypes. They are symbols of the energy we carry within us. 

When we explore their relationships to one another in the sky, we reveal our personal mysteries so the we can use the energy to create. 

I work with the Divine Feminine. I specialize in the so-called minor planets that represent the Feminine Archetypes of the Goddess. 

Both Women and Men have these Archetypes available in their charts. 

Book a Divine Feminine Astrology Reading today to discover how the Goddess Archetypes can amplify your intuition and provide insight and guidance into the challenges this year will bring you. 

Create your life with a full tank!

Here is more information and how to book a reading. 


DFAR banner3

Soul Truth Breakthrough

Beautiful Woman,

You have a big mission to be part of the great Awakening, healing, and re-creation of the world that is happening in this epic time!

I see you. I see your heart full of love, and your desire for a bigger and better life.

I see how hard you've worked to get this far.

And I see your fatigue.

You feel tired and frustrated and dried up by the demands of your life – always busy meeting the needs of others, while your needs, desires, and talents are put off till last.

And too often there is nothing left for you!

You are DONE with waiting for scraps and leftovers!

Doing everything for others and not fully living into your truest, grandest YOU!

You're in the right place. This is where you need to be if:

  • You want it to feel easier,
  • You're ready to receive your natural abundance and wealth,
  • You want to feel luscious and sensual in your physical body,
  • You're ready to step into your power,
  • You're ready to align your voice with the gift the Universe has given you, and start singing that cosmic harmony here on earth...


And, instead of it being so hard, you desire to let all this unfold with ease and pleasure!


I'm Diva Carla Sanders ~ 
and I am here to help you kill what's ready to die, birth what is ready to live, and speak your truth -- because you don't have time to waste in pain, and there is so much magnificence waiting for you now.

How do you get started?

The path of transformation reveals itself in layers. Women begin their journey into the Temple of their own magic and medicine with a Truth Revelation Breakthrough process.

1) It begins with a Divine Feminine Astrology Reading. 

2) The next step is a Truth Assessment VIP ½ day.

3) Then you can step up again to a Breakthrough 1 Day intensive.


I'll lay it out for you:



A private consultation and healing session that works with the wheel of the zodiac and the placement of the Divine Feminine Symbols at the time of your birth. You will discover insights about your Divine Feminine Purpose, and how that impacts your relationship, sex life, money, career, and health.

While there is no map to the buried treasure of your destiny, there are signs, when you know how to read them. These signs are written in the wheel of the zodiac at the moment of your birth.

You have within you tools and clues to break the code so you can find your own trail and create your own map to your destiny. 

The DFAR tells a story about your life inspired by Goddess figures of the Zodiac. You will discover information about your powers, your resources, the legacy of your wounds, and where you get stuck.

Includes 1 hour phone reading with recording; pdfs of all charts used








- a Divine Feminine Astrology Reading

- a half-day virtual intensive session

This is a revelation process that takes what you learned about yourself in the DFAR, and goes deeper. The Assessment process uncovers your personal TRUTH –

The Truth of who you are

The Truth of your gifts and wisdom

The Truth of your Desires

The Truth of Your Voice and

The Truth of Your Divine Feminine Power

All the TRUTH you have been hiding inside you, because it may not have felt safe to know it or speak it. The Truth Assessment opens you up to see the BLOCKS you have constructed to knowing and speaking your truth, revealing your gifts, and living in your power, and points to a path to dissolve and release them.



Note: if you have received a Divine Feminine Astrology Reading in the past 9 months, you will receive a $197.00 credit toward the TRUTH ASSESSMENT. Email for instructions on applying your DFAR credit.





- a Divine Feminine Astrology Reading and 
- a half-day virtual intensive Truth Assessment
- a 1 Day Virtual Retreat via Zoom

When you are ready to LET IT ALL GO!

  • Lies masquerading as Truth
  • Negative emotions that sap your energy
  • Limiting beliefs and decisions that hold you back from manifesting your desires
  • The inner conflict in constant battle for your soul
  • Let it go so you can start creating from the power of your Truth.



Are you feeling the pull to re-create your life, feel sensuous and present in your body, and call in your truth and wealth now?

In other words, are you ready for the full SOUL TRUTH BREAKTHROUGH experience including the DFAR, Truth Assessment and Breakthrough?

Then it's time to click this link and book a 30-minute conversation so we can get you started.

Do you have questions? Click the link and book a call with me and we'll create the best path for you to move forward.

Take your next courageous step on your journey of power and truth and click the link to book your call with me now!

With love, 

Diva Carla