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The Spiritual Entrepreneur's Number One Mistake

NOTE: This article is the first in a series on creating a Spirit-Centered Business that supports you in fulfilling your sacred mission. My mission of 2013 is to help mission-inspired spiritual entrepreneurs work with their creative sexual energy and real-life business skills to create business that bring transformation, peace, joy, and wealth to all.

The Spiritual Entrepreneur's Number One Mistake
One of the questions I ask people in breakthrough sessions is how much money do they desire to make in their business. If they’ve considered the question at all, they usually respond in terms of replacing current income, or making a little more to create some ease and relief in their finances. We often come to our sacred work with the mindset of an employee earning an hourly wage for our service. We undervalue our work, and underestimate the amount of money we really need in order to stay in business.

This is the spiritual entrepreneur's number one mistake. The results of this mistake can result in working too hard, financial struggle, and not expressing your gifts through service in the most powerful and pleasurable way.

The breakthrough I had was when I realized that my business has its own life, own soul, and own needs. Thinking like an entrepreneur meant understanding in a deep and spiritual way what the purpose of my business really is, and what it needs from me to fulfill its purpose. One purpose of my business is to create a container of service and transformation that embraces my clients and sustains me in the work.
This spiritual inquiry frames some very practical considerations. Here’s what I learned in my own path as an entrepreneur.
The decision to start your own business as a spiritual entrepreneur is one that occurs on three main levels.
  1. Spiritual – You have a spiritual gift and you are called to help others. You honor your calling by bringing together your gift, modalities, skills, training, and life experience into a container into which you invite the people to receive your help.
  2. Service – People who have a particular problem, desire, or dream are drawn to you. They feel a resonance with you personally, as well as with the modality or service you offer. They seek your support for their healing, skill development, accountability, and transformation. They look to you for direct service and also as a model of how to integrate their transformation into daily life.
  3. Financial – You have a desire and a need to earn income from sharing your spiritual gift in service. You need personal income to support yourself and your family. You must have sufficient income to meet business expenses and investment in your future. You may also want income to fund a bigger vision, the fullness of the change you are meant to be in the world.
I’ve observed that spiritual entrepreneurs are pretty clear about their spiritual gift and calling, by the time they hang their shingle as a practitioner. It is easy to find examples of hourly fee for service or pay by the session business models, and that is what they do when they start their own business.
What they miss following this business model is the depth of Service their business is called to give. Both the giver and the receiver of this service are conditioned to think it is about the modality, the time, the personal attention. These are significant, but they are only a stepping stone toward what the client really wants and needs. Ultimately the client wants to achieve a result, which you model for them. He or she wants to develop skills, knowledge, mindsets, and accountability in order to live a fulfilled, happy life, and follow their own sacred calling.
TMoney Hearthe financial level is where so many spiritual entrepreneurs are ill-prepared. Your business needs a significant amount of money invested in it each month in order to be healthy, to thrive and to grow. You, as the business owner, also need to be consistently investing in your own personal development, coaching, and healing.
Your business also needs to be structured to support your clients in their transformational journey. When a client steps into your world they have reasonable needs and expectations for communication, attention, and information. You want have a team or staff member to meet those needs without draining you personally. 
These are just a few of the financial needs of a hungry young business! The first step to making money in your business is to know your numbers. Know how much money you want to make, and what the real expenses are to bring in that money.  Then design your business offers and fees to bring in sufficient money to support you financially and energetically, so that you are available to those who need your help.
Money and finances in your spiritual business are a topic we’ll return to again. It is fundamental to business success. We cover it in depth from a structural perspective and the sexy mindset perspective in my sacred business development program, Divinely Wealthy: 7 Steps to Attract your Ideal Clients and Make Magnificent Money in your Spirit-Centered Business. Would you like to learn more today? Send an email to desire at orgasmicalchemy dot com and we'll contact with your next step.