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Are you the Arrow and the Target?


Archery and the Magic of Energy Flow

Radio makes wonderful dinner company, and on Tuesday evening, I invited Terry Gross and her Fresh Air guest, actor Matthew McConaughey, to join me for dinner. I was melting into the sound of Matthew’s soft southern drawl, warm as Tennessee spring evening. Then he said something that had me put down my fork, and grab my pen, and inspired this article.

There is a lot of buzz among new paradigm spiritual entrepreneurs about masculine and feminine energy. It's usually talked about in terms of balance, because we're familiar with the problems that come up when the masculine and feminine energy in our business is out of balance. Too much feminine energy and you get lots of "attraction" while being busy, distracted, and over-delivering, but not much money or clients come in. Too much masculine energy and there may be a lot action and goal-getting, even money coming in, but there is a high risk of burn out. Both scenes can create overwork, stress, and undesired outcomes.

The problem, however, is not one of balance, but of flow -- and mastery. Knowing when and how to use Feminine and Masculine Energy flow in your business becomes part of your success mindset.

Looking for a way to show this energy flow in my Sexy Money Magik workshops, I kept seeing the bow and arrow metaphor. But something was missing. The whole thing was trite and unsatisfying.

Then Matthew McConaughey’s manly voice as velvety as a magnolia flower gave me the key.

He was talking about how his career shifted from Romantic Comedy leading man to the edgier dramatic roles of his last 6 films. He said, "The roles came to me. I had a project: a son to raise, so I decided to be patient, and let the target draw the arrow. I let the arrows find me."

He allowed himself to be in his feminine energy, ready and available to receive the arrow.

As a man, he understood the energy of the arrow seeking the target very well. That is the natural focus of the masculine, and the great gift of masculine energy: not action so much as FOCUS. Matthew also understood that he had a new desire: to play roles that were more challenging and demanding of his skill and creativity. By turning down the romantic leading men roles, he left himself available to be the target for the projects seeking the right actor for these new roles.

Suddenly the archery metaphor made sense. Look at this illustration of archers, arrows and targets.

Simplified, this diagram illustrates how masculine and feminine energy work in your money and success mindset.

Archer with bow: This is you and your business, a beautifully structured blend of masculine and feminine energy in dynamic union.  (If you feel stuck or blocked in your sexual energy, then some healing and awakening work with a sexual energy specialist may be called for.)

Target: Your intended result or goal. It’s specific and measurable. It may be a specific money goal; a particular thing, such as a car or house; or a desired experience, like a dream vacation, business opportunity, or life partner. Notice how the target uses the energy of gravity to draw the arrow to itself. It is your feminine energy expressed.

The Arrow and its path through the air: The arrow is what you have to give. It is your product or service, your gift, your coaching package, your art, powered by focused intention and decision. Its path is the focused masculine energy that moves the arrow to connect with the target. It is your masculine energy expressing.

Why is this important?  Look at the drawing. You see the appearance of the distance the arrow must travel between the archer and the target. From the archer’s vantage point, the target seems a long distance away. We naturally equate space with time, so we develop a minset based on the false belief that the target is far away and separate from us. We believe that getting what we want will take a lot of work and a long time. We may not trust the bow to let the arrow fly, because we fear missing the target -- failure.

Receiving your goal suddenly seems like a lot of work, and there are so many distractions, so many things that can go wrong! It is as if we are trying to carry the arrow from the bow to the target. Women tend to do this because of mistrust and misunderstanding of masculine energy. Men tend to think they have to control where the arrow lands on the target. Have you ever felt that way in your business?

No one ever told us that the masculine and feminine energies work according to Universal Law to actively seek each other, Arrow and Target.  Masterful!

There is another factor that is a real mind bender, and can have dramatic effect on your results. Once the arrow leaves the bow, the illusion of space/time between the archer and the target disappears. Time doesn’t enter into it.

According to Universal Law, your desire is already in your experience, along with the means to attain it. You are simultaneously the archer, the arrow, and the target. Knowing how the masculine and feminine energy work teaches you when it is effective to be --
The Archer: working with your mindset, focusing your vision, grounding your body, setting the arrow, and pulling back the bowstring;
The Arrow: flying with commitment and the force of decision;
The Target: receiving and completing the arrows of desire sent by others, which the means through which you receive your goals and results.

Even becoming the Archer doesn't take a lot of time. It does take discipline, skill development, and a coach or mentor, but not a lot of time. It simply takes a decision to become an archer. You can start releasing your arrows in the direction of your target right away. You'll get results you can measure. You may get a bulls eye, your arrow may land in one of the other circles, or you may miss the target all together. But you'll be an archer, and with a coach, mentor, or teacher, along with understanding of how the energy works, your results will improve rapidly.

I found a very cool archery video about Lars Andersen, a Danish artist and archer, who is rediscovering the ancient art of speed archery. I include this video to demonstrate how time doesn't exist, and how Lars defied beliefs that "it couldn't be done" by studying ancient texts that demonstrated it could be done. And so he changed his beliefs, and the beliefs of others, by doing it. Can you do this too?

Enjoy the video, and then spend some time answering these questions for yourself.

How does the archery metaphor of the way masculine and feminine energy work begin to shift your beliefs about your business?   What does it teach you about success and failure? What have you been holding back on that you are ready to begin and succeed?  What kind of help do you need in order to make the changes you now see?

In order to understand the flow of masculine and feminine energy outside your body, you need to be grounded and clear in your flow of sexual energy within your body. It is your creative energy and your power source. If you feel stuck or blocked, I can help.  A Sacred Feminine Empowerment VIP day is a great place to begin. Yes, I have a Sacred Masculine Empowerment VIP Day for men. Send an email to with Request VIP Day in the subject line, and my team will send you the information.