Are you the Arrow and the Target?
Charting a Course through the Void

Does Life on Earth Depend on Sexual Healing?

If you were raised in westernized industrial culture, you are suffering from sexual trauma. The majority of people in this culture have been violated or abused by a person, society or a belief system.

My criteria for abuse is broader than most: I believe that being held in ignorance of your true orgasmic nature is abuse. Most of what you have been told about Sex is a lie. The true meaning and purpose of sex has been forgotten, or suppressed. This fatal flaw is designed into the culture, so that it is considered a virtue to keep people ignorant about the power and magic available to them through their sexual energy. The unintended consequence is that a disconnection from Source, Earth and Spirit, is the breeding ground of violence, poverty, and environmental catastrophe.

Orgasmic energy is the key energy of manifesting. It makes babies (of all species), it makes art, it makes money, it grows food. It has invented everything we've ever made. The way it works is that it connects you to your wealth through the earth, and to the source of inspiration through the Divine. If you are blocked, repressed, or missing key information about your sexual energy, it will stop or slow your ability to receive love, money, and creative ideas.

It is my mission and purpose that you shall know your sexuality in its full power and potency. That you shall know the mysteries and wisdom of owning your body, and owning your sex. That you shall know that your sexual energy is the Divine in you. And that sex and pleasure are normal. Ecstacy is normal. That there are levels of ecstasy available to you that you haven't reached because you are missing simple information about your body, your life force, and you haven't had a chance to practice.

Sexual Healing is necessary to Life continuing on Earth. And none of that matters unless YOU are happy with your sex life, if you are not feeling all the pleasure, power, and joy that is your birthright.