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Surprise Reason Women Need Sexual Healing

Rose PlatterTonight I was washing the china I'll use on my Thanksgiving table, (see photo below) and the Goddess starts talking up a storm. 

I shared her message in my Facebook group Sexy Wealthy Divas, and the conversation is rich. 
Some women are not that interested in sex. They are not looking for a better sex life or a partner, or self-pleasure. They are fine with having low libido, low interest, or low passion in their physical sex life. 

It has always bothered me a little that my message might be shaming to women who have less interest, or are completely happy channeling their sexual energy into other forms. 

Women who feel that way are fine, not broken, and may not be in my tribe. They don't want sexual healing and don't feel a need for it.

This evening while giving my bone china a bubble bath, I heard the Goddess whisper in my ear.

"Women don't need sexual healing to improve their sex life. They need it to clear and liberate their energy!"

Duh. I knew that!

It is the unhappy fact that human beings - female, male, and anywhere on the spectrum -- who are born and raised in this Puritan, patriarchal culture have sexual healing to do. 

If a person is content and happy with their current sex life, even if it is celibacy, they may not find themselves on my list or in my world. 

But I got a nudge from the Goddess this evening that more of them are coming.

Sexual healing will reveal to them their Soul's purpose, and free them from secret pain and shame they've been carrying. 

People with wombs will want to access their womb oracle. 

People with histories of repression or abuse want to forgive, release, and reclaim. 

These beautiful people may learn the joys of "orgasmic celibacy". They may decide to become more actively physically sexual. They may come out as "ecosexual."

Sexual energy is your life force that is the Divine channel running through you. It is your access to deep Self, and your open circuit to Divine. It is the communication channel of your Soul. 

And it makes being in a human body really fun!

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