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I was surprised to see the words I AM RICH AND FAMOUS appear in my journal this week. It triggered me, especially since I am working to live in partnership with nature more effectively. I felt the conflict.

I was raised to be humble and modest. That translates as poor and invisible! It was the deal I made with my ancestors as a child, and has been one of the prime movers of my life's healing Journey.

As a child I was shy, smart, bookish, solitary, aloof. Yet I envied the “stars” in my class! The dancers, guitar players, and performers!

I wanted to be on stage too – admired, desired, and applauded for my talent. My forays into the limelight freaked me out so that I withdrew even deeper into books and nature. My gifts seem to breed solitude: art, writing, and spiritual passion!

When I AM RICH AND FAMOUS shows up as a desire in my cronehood, I embrace it with curiosity. What is this message? Why?

Rich and famous


I believe we get to define our terms. I get to choose what rich and famous means to me

FAMOUS means well known and respected by my peers and colleagues for the wisdom, healing, and creative energy I express. It means being sought by people who would learn from me, who are healers, creators, and wisdom teachers themselves.

FAMOUS means having an impact to change lives for the better, to inspire other's greatness. This is a gift I have had all my life; it is why I came to Earth. (I think I am OK with letting my students be the FAMOUS ones!)

FAMOUS mean being RADIANTLY VISIBLE with my message and in service! To fail to do so would be an insult to Spirit and an abuse of the gifts I've been given to share.

Will I ever be a household name, have my privacy threatened? Go viral on Facebook or Twitter?

Will I be world-FAMOUS? Do I even WANT that?

(Here's a story: I live in a coastal community in Maine. I used to sell advertising for the local newspaper and one of my clients was the art supply store. Gino the manager made me a name tag – The World-famous Carla Sanders. He would see me in town and shout across the street Hello! it's the world-famous Carla Sanders! I loved it! )


Wealth has many currencies. We are all wealthy when we live in grateful reciprocity with nature.

RICH means money. It is often associated with luxurious and excessive consumption. This is appalling to me, and yet, I live richly by most standards. My footprint on the Earth is bigger than I want it to be. I don't know which of my luxuries I would part with. A car, a refrigerator full of food, running water, internet?
(Yep, most of what we think are necessities are luxuries.)

RICH mean to me that I am a vortex of money energy that flows and makes things happen. In addition to being wealthy in all the things that make life worth living, RICH means being able to generate sufficent amouts of money for my desires and intentions.

I am meant to be a PHILANTHROPIST as a way of fulfilling my purpose. My purpose is to remind people of their sacred relationship with nature. There are many people already doing well the work that I believe in. I would help them expand their reach and effectiveness with financial support.

What is more, the direct work I do as a wisdom teacher is much more effective if I am financially free and my financial house is in order.

Many teachers I follow make this stand: “It is time for spiritual people to be rich!” – especially women. I stand with them.

To spiritual people who believe money is tainted by a corrupt economic system, I say: Let the money flow through you and be purified! Free yourself from debilitating, mission-killing struggle by being a channel for money. You have the privilege and responsibility to direct all your energy, including money, in accordance with your values and the highest good for all life!

That's what I mean by RICH. Stop hating money, and start liking it. Let it flow to and through you.

My idea of RICH AND FAMOUS may be very different from the Rich and Famous seen in the tabloids and TV. Yet my unconscious objections to those ideas have the power to undermine my values of freedom, service, abundance and expression for myself and all people.

Do my words serve anyone hidden on a blog no one reads, or a journal moldering on the shelf? What is the impact of my art when it gathers dust in the silent studio?

Is this modesty or blaspheny?

Best to get all that out in the open!

I AM RICH AND FAMOUS. These words and image become a sigil -- a way of communicating with my unconscious mind to reveal its secrets. I can play with the dynamic tension between the authentic desire and the shadow beliefs that pinch off the desire. I am free to make powerful choices to live my purpose – reminding people of their intimate relationship with self, one another, and the earth.

This is my growth process. I am gratified if it also illuminates yours.

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