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Vision is the First Step to Activism

Last November a lot of people on both sides voted for change. A lot of people didn't vote, and by their non-vote they were also voting for change.

The results of the election are a catalyst for change. If we are to have change that we can live with and thrive with, we must hold a vision together.


It is an absolute requirement that we create a clear vision of the world we desire, and only take actions that create that world.

The current political situation we are in now in the United States is compelling and dire. I recognize that the regime in power is calling the shots, our shots. When we respond, react, and resist, they set our agenda for us.

We don't mean for it to happen. I know most people in the resistance are fighting for what they believe and desire a just and caring society for all people.

But all the attention is focused on the seats of power, mostly in Washington, and the latest outrageous move of the current regime.

We cannot win that game because it is their game. It's a nasty game with no rules. It will destroy us.

What I recommend is necessary and harder, and ultimately more rewarding and successful.

Come together to declare and illuminate the vision of the world we want to live in.

Last night I attended the screening of Jim Merkel's documentary in progress, Saving Walden's World. This is Jim's declaration of his vision for a world that is possible.

The foundation of his vision is the rights and empowerment of women, reducing the collective carbon footprint, and turning over 50% of the planet to wilderness.

This vision is congruent with my own vision of the world I want to live in and leave intact for my grandchildren – A world in which human beings live in an intimate relationship with nature – a relationship built on “grateful reciprocity”, the theme of Robin Wall Kimmerer's book Braiding Sweetgrass.

It is challenging work to get together and create a consensus for a vision of the world we desire. It's even harder to decide on the actions that will assure this world's creation. Hardest of all is to find shared values and common ground with people we don't see eye to eye with politically or otherwise.

Fortunately, there is room for diversity of beliefs, skills, and actions in this big vision of the world –


Womb Circle Cone of Power

In 2015, I had a vision of Circles of Women doing magik and healing work together. The men surrounded them with protection and honor. The Feminine takes a leadership role in this new Vision. Men stand with the Women, as they heal their own wounds that the patriarchy inflicted.

My own contribution to the Vision is healing individual and collective sexual wounds as a the first step to creating healthy relationship with self, other people, and nature.

What is your gift and contribution to the Vision?

Some of the work we do together will include political action, acts of resistance, and defense of water, air, land, plants, and animals. We will have to defend our rights to grow food, save seed, love whom we wish, live where we like, and govern ourselves by vote and representation. We defend these rights for all people of this land, this Earth, together.

Before the action comes the vision of the world we are creating comes first.

The Vision will guide our actions.

Here is the tricky part:

Once we have the clear vision and a sense of what it takes to bring it into being, then comes the biggest challenge:

The willingness to change ourselves as that blessed vision of our world requires us to change.

As much as I believe in my mission of intimate relationship with Nature, there is a stubborn part of me that wishes I did not have to change my patterns of consumption of Earth's resources. I understand why so many voted a certain way because they wanted their old life, the former American dream, back again.

That dream is over. It has become a nightmare.

While the period of change may feel like “sacrifice” for a time, it is the spiritual meaning of sacrifice:

Letting go of something of a lower nature so you can receive something of higher nature.

The New Vision of the World that is founded on “grateful reciprocity” with life is an abundant vision. It is a higher vibration.

We have teachers to help us. Our teachers in how to change to greet this New Vision are the Indigenous, the refugee, the people of color who have already sacrificed to the ravages of the old, dead vision. There are among us masters and journeymen of farming, reclaiming, re-skilling, and re-wilding. There are people who have been working towards a vision of a thriving, sustainable world for years.

Their time has come.

Gather with your neighbors from all walks in real life, and yes, virtually as well. Create a vision together of the World you want, globally and locally. Start making decisions and taking action for change.

Incremental change is easier that drastic change, but we may not have a choice by now.

We do have the choice to envision the change we want, takes steps now, and meet change with enthusiasm.

Some of it will be a fight, some of it will be pleasure, some of it will be beautiful.

Change is coming, whether or not you are ready for it, you voted for it, or you have a say in what it looks like.

Don't let that happen.

Reclaim your power.