Sex is Your Inner Power Source!
I am being "repotted"

Erotic Energy is Your Inner Fire

Part 2/7 Sex – Your Inner Power Source

All my teaching, writing, and work with clients is about illuminating *this* truth in a woman's life:

Your inner power source is your sexual erotic energy.

Inner fire graph
How much power you have access to, and how much you can impact the world, is directly related to how much sexual erotic energy you can build and access.

In Part 1, Sex is Your Inner Power Source, we established that sex as a power source is wired into our human energy system in the second chakra. We defined some terms I use often – womb and yoni, the sacred space of a woman's body. I refer to them also as your “temple.” 

In Part 2, we are going to define two more terms.

1. Sex. Yes we need to know what we mean by that word.

When I talk about sex, sometimes I am talking about the physical act of lovemaking, either solo, or with a partner -- and I am *always* including the inner truth of sex, and that is that sex is your sexual erotic energy.

So let's define erotic energy ~

2. Erotic energy is your creative life force.

So what does that mean in real life?

{{ Now is a good time to pause for a breath – really, I want to you pause and let a slow deep breath fill your belly, and exhale.
Now repeat that slow deep life-giving breath. }}

This is how you know about *erotic energy* – your creative life force.

YOU FEEL IT. It is a delicious blend of emotional and physical feeling.

You feel this energy when you are “turned on!”
One of the easiest ways to feel this energy is through sex!

** the fire of desire,
** the heat of pleasure, and
** the rush of orgasm...

You use erotic energy to have sex, and yes, erotic energy is how babies are born!


Erotic energy is how you create ANYTHING.

Whether you are creating a baby, an orgasm, soup, a cake, art, healing, a business, money, ideas, wisdom, systems, or structures, you are accessing this sexual erotic energy.

You are born with this sexual erotic energy. It is always there inside of you. Like a fire, sometimes the flames are high and it burns hot and sometimes it cools down to embers. But it is YOUR energy and it is *always* present.

Sexual erotic energy IS a creative life force. It IS your inner fire.


And your inner fire IS what gives you POWER.
Are you with me so far?