Vision is the First Step to Activism
Erotic Energy is Your Inner Fire

Sex is Your Inner Power Source!

Sex is your inner power source. This is fundamental wisdom for empowered women.

But what does it mean?


In a series of posts, I'll break down the ingredients of sex, sexual energy, and personal *feminine* power to establish a common foundation for people new to this concept. It will be a Masterclass on Sexuality as Your Inner Power. 

Sex inner power graphic

Morning meditation led me to this teaching from Caroline Myss:

"The second chakra is your center of personal power, creativity, sexuality, and finances."

There it is, wired into our energy system!

Chakras are energy centers in the body. Chakra is the Sanskrit word meaning "wheel of light." Much of what we know about chakras comes from Indian systems of thought, though understanding the body as having energy centers governing health, function, and higher vibrations is almost universal among the world's peoples.

Caroline Myss refers to chakras as "energy anatomy". There are seven chakras in the physical body, and each one associates with a organ system, an energetic quality, and can manifest particular physical issue if there is something off in the chakra energy.

Each chakra is a resource for power, and all the chakras work together.

The second chakra is in the belly between navel and pubic bone. Its organs are the uterus and ovaries, bladder, pelvis, hip, and large intestine.

I refer to this space as WOMB. Womb is more than the uterus -- it includes every organ of reproduction and pleasure. There is a Sankrit word you will hear me use often: YONI. It also refers to all female organs of reproduction and pleasure. Yoni means "Sacred Space." That is why I like to say it!

That is how I invite you to think of your body, your womb, yoni, and genitals -- Your Sacred Space.

We have established some terminology that we can use to share information and talk about experiences:
chakra, womb, yoni. We will gather more words as we go along.

For now, I invite you to ponder the space in your belly and pelvis, and imagine how it may be affecting your sexuality, finances, and power.

(Part 1 of a 7 part masterclass in Sex - Your Inner Power delivered in my Facebook group Sexy Wealthy Divas. Request to be added!)