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I am being "repotted"

** I am not moving, I am being REPOTTED! **

Saturday the women gathered for ceremony at Hope Peace Ceremonies. Young Warrior Women, Elders, and Crones, we prayed together opening our Womb Medicine within the womb of the mother.

Fifteen years I have been keeper of a sweat lodge on the land in Hope. Sacred calling, sacred duty, sacred blessing!

Women's Lodge June 17 fire

Lodges, dances, vision quests. I have quested and danced here for my own healing. I have held space and facilitated for others, including beloved clients in their initiation.

My life has changed on this land. I have discovered and grown into my healing mission on this land, and in ceremony. This land held me through 12 years of Orgasmic Alchemy initiation as I learned the Womb Medicine and sexual healing I teach you.

It is on this land, and often in my lover's arms, that I received the inspiration and began channeling the work I teach now: Womb Magic, Womb Wisdom, and the Cosmic Womb Initiations.

One of the gifts I received within the lodge yesterday is that I am releasing this land to new custodians so that I can grow into the NEXT PART OF MY MISSION!

What looks like uncertainty on the outside, it truly is a fertile open space to grow my roots, leaves, flowers and fruits. Yes, I am being transplanted from the root bound pot of my old home, old life, and way of serving others -- and the Divine Feminine.

I am not merely selling my house and moving, I am being repotted by the Goddess! (OMG, SHE's cracking me up!)


The first flower of my expanding mission, Awakening Womb Magic, is the front porch of the Temple. Private clients are already seeing deep healing unfold and new expansion in their vision and mission and ability to receive money, love, and inspiration in greater measure than before.

It is time for you to clear the obstacles to your wealth, love, sex, and mission.

This month, I open the doors to Awakening Womb Magic's first group program.

We start August 1.

Email desire [at] orgasmicalchemy [dot]com to get the info.