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New Moon Temple to Ceres and the Earth Goddess

I'call this the New Moon Temple reading.

You can see readings by other astrologers that will talk about the Grand Fire Trine and other more commonly known aspects.

I look at a collection of minor planets that represent avatars of the Divine Feminine, as well as planets that have resonance for sexual healing and expression. 

This is what I see happening on the July 23 Leo New Moon (number 1).

Goddess new moon temple

When I see the goddess planets in a powerful configuration like this Temple, I know there is a special opportunity with this New Moon.

The GATEWAY is the New Moon ~

Moon, Sun, Mars triple conjunction in the first and 2nd degree of Leo –

My astrologer Eric Francis says that New Moon conj Mars says LIVE ASSERTIVELY.
If you have been holding back, take some assertive steps forward!

These three are in a trine to Chiron, so this is a window for intentional healing, and I add that it feels cosmic in proportion. The rule of “Think Cosmically, Act Locally” applies. What you do for yourself and your intimate circle has massive meaning!

I'll describe the Temple then tell the story:
The Roof is made of a trine between Ceres and Nessus. They are both in a sextile to Pallas Athene conjunct QB1 (15760). QB1 is the planet of midwives, Hospice workers, and sexual healers: Birth, death, and orgasm.

The floor is a trine of Vesta and Juno.

The Walls are a sextile of Vesta and Ceres on the left and Juno and Nessus on the right.

Inside the Temple is a grand EARTH trine of Pallas Athene/QB1, Juno, and Vesta.

You can also see the red lines indicating Ceres opposite Juno and Nessus opposite Vesta.

These lines mark the center of this Temple and the Temple is Food and Soil: the Earth that we depend on to grow nutritious, healthy food. The earth element is not separate from water, air, and fire. It takes all four.

This is the story they tell me:

This New Moon is an opening for awareness and change around food around the world.

Ceres (Roman version of Demeter) is the Goddess of Grain. She makes food grow. When her daughter Persephone went to the Underworld she made the earth barren so the people almost died without food. You don't want to piss off Ceres.

I think she is pissed off now, by pollution, GMO, big Ag, global warming, radiation, and other toxins, high fructose corn syrup, soil depletion. Any one of them would be enough, and we have it all now. This is Nessus. He is the planet of abuse. He is also the planet of healing abuse. When we see Nessus, we see the thing that needs to heal, and the opportunity to heal it.

Pallas Athene is wisdom and justice. Justice is blind. We humans can be the agents of our own death (QB1) or rebirth. (QB1)

At the cornerstones are Vesta and Juno. Vesta is the Sacred flame of devotion. This is a sacred cause.

Juno stand for social justice. Food, health, and good living conditions are the right of all beings on the planet: two-legged, four legged, many legs. All the children of all the species.

This New Moon, how will you honor this sacred mission to make food medicine, to support food justice, and to support the health of all species that depend on and help us create the earth's soil

This New Moon is an invitation to intimate partnership with Nature.