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Sex the Secret Power to Success!

NOTE: Originally published in 2013, this Jewel has come to light this week. I repost it here for a new generation!

(This article is the second in a series on creating a Spirit-Centered Business that supports you in fulfilling your sacred mission. Here is the first article.)

Why sexual energy is the secret hidden power to business success
That's an edgy title. It makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

If you've followed my newsletter for a few years, you know that I have written boldly about sex and sexual healing. I've spoken out about the connection between sex and money, and people can get really triggered about that.  I don't mind making you uncomfortable. I am here to help you heal and healing is not the easy road. Transformation is never convenient.

I tried to make transformation comfortable and convenient for myself and all I got was STUCK!

If you are feeling stuck right now, are your settling for comfortable and convenient?

Witness me, stepping out of my comfort zone to focus my work on the sex and money connection. The people interested in sex may dislike the business information. The people who want to know about business may wish I wouldn't talk about sex. And then I'll throw in some spirituality, some Divine Feminine, some mysticism-- which is one of the ways we turn on our sexual energy!

I invite you to explore the edges of your comfort zone, and be willing to be uncomfortable as you explore the sex and money connection with me.

There are two polarities in sexual energy, the masculine and feminine. Simply stated, feminine energy is expansive and magnetic. Masculine energy is focused and far-seeing. These two naturally dance together and create flow. They don't have to be in balance, though both need to be activated and in dynamic relationship. Their nature is to come together in union -- Oneness -- and separate again into two. This is the creative process. Sexual union and orgasm are metaphors for this dance of polarities.  Physical gender is another metaphor for this energy dance.

This energy dance is true for men and for women equally, and each gender will do well to activate both energies within in order to create the flow of sexual energy.

Money loves and responds to flowing, active sexual energy! It recognizes itself, and like attracts like!

This is not just metaphysical and metaphorical sexual energy. The attraction and creation only works when you are feeling your sexual energy in your body. Your sexual pleasure, orgasm, connection, and emotional intimacy are necessary not just to your health and happiness. They are necessary to creation and manifestation. You can use this energy with intention to design your business and make success easier.
Merqueen and her Lover  by Carla Sanders

What makes flowing sexual energy the hidden secret power of your business?

1. You become radiant in your expression.
When your sexual energy is flowing, you shine! You radiate confidence, and you allow yourself to be visible. You express yourself boldly. You are not afraid to do what it      takes to put yourself in front of your clients, the public, the media. You let yourself be seen. You can't help it!

2. You are magnetic to all you desire.
Your flowing, felt, and expressed sexual energy ignites your desire. All desire for any goal, object, experience, or sensation is sourced in your sexual energy. When you are aroused and juiced by what you desire, it begins to seek you! When you are aroused and receptive to love, that which you desire can find you. It homes in on your receptive, open, vulnerable and erotic state. It doesn't matter if what you desire in the moment is a new state of the art refrigerator or your lover's kiss -- the Law says your desire must be satisfied.

3. You are grounded and expanded at the same time.
This is the mystery of Orgasm. When you are grounded, you feel in your body and safe. You feel completely who you are. From this safe, rooted place, you can expand! There is no limit to what you can create, cause, attract, or create. There is no limit to the pleasure you can feel, or the money you can make. There is no limit to the healing energy that will flow through you, or the love. You can dream big and have faith in your success, because you can take action toward big dreams from a secure, grounded place.

Money is the physical form of this orgasmic energy organized into measurable packets. Money responds easily and swiftly to your pure erotic arousal. Just as sexual energy is a renewable, regenerative resource, so is money. There is no such thing as lack. It is the illusion of blocked flow, and beliefs that feeling sexual is wrong, or must be limited, or that money is wrong, scarce, and impure.

You owe it to yourself to set yourself free. Have the best sex of your life, whether you have a partner or not. Take the steps to receive your abundant wealth, because it is seeking you!

How the sex and money connection impacting your life?
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