There is an Antidote to the Feminine Wound!


I work with women who desire to change the world.

It sounds like a lot of work for women who are already burdened by the Feminine Wound!

Yet compassion and nurture are qualities of the feminine that many women embody. We want the world to be a safe, healthy, and loving place.


The beautiful thing is that we do not have to take on the entire globe and billions of people. When we embrace personal change in ourselves, the world changes with us.

We grow into the Goddess, the Queen, the Woman we are meant to be.

This maturation and evolution into Feminine Wisdom and Power is a natural process. Even so, we need guidance through the changes.

For years I have been teaching women about their power, giving attention to sexual healing as a necessary first step for so many. Sexual healing means cultivating full-bodied appreciation, acceptance, and expression of our feminine sexuality.

It is the front porch of the Temple of your own life. It is the portal.

When your body, womb, and pleasure are numbed out, discounted, set aside, or buried under trauma or frustration, you cannot live in your feminine power.

Sexual healing and knowledge is about women reclaiming, knowing, and owning their Divine Feminine Power out in the world.

And Sexual healing is only one facet of reclaiming your Divine Feminine Power. It is the inner work of your power.

Your energy communicates with the outer world in a perpetual act of co-creation. These two facets of the jewel are Wealth and Voice.

Study this power symbol I created to illustrate the three essential expressions of Feminine Power.


The Foundations of Sacred Feminine Power

SEX: Your Inner Power Source
WEALTH: Your Heart's Outer Expressions
VOICE: Your Manifesting Power

These are all areas where many women need healing, or re-alignment, in order to thrive and be fulfilled.

You can start at any corner, AND you need to address ALL THREE and allow them to work together. They are perspectives through which to view a woman's Divine Feminine Power.

At the Center you see the golden circle I named Orgasm. Orgasmic Energy is the never ending flow of Divine Feminine Power moving through you, AS YOU.

It is joyous, jubilant, triumphant, enlivening, and inspiring.

With Orgasmic energy we create, heal, change, love, and pray.

Watch your email right after the New Moon for an invitation to experience how Sex, Wealth, and Voice weave together with orgasmic energy to be the Foundations of Sacred Feminine Power.

Join the community of Sexy Wealthy Divas who are on the path... because the Divine Feminine is calling!

Reclaim your Power from the Power GRAB

Trigger alert: I am going to share my thoughts about topics in the news this past week. I am not making any political statements with this article. I am making a cultural observation that directly relates to my professional work as an elder who heals and empowers women.  Listen to what I am saying about the world we live in. 


This week's article is not pretty, but it is powerful, and it is an opportunity that women and men must seize! Thanks to the political campaign being waged in the United States, misogyny and sexual assault are in the news.

This is a good thing. It is high time we trained a spotlight on how pervasive and insidious sexual assault, predation, and threat are in this country, and what it costs women.

The recent cases of convicted rapists getting suspended sentences, or football team and frat house gang rapes brought attention to “rape culture”. Yet these incidents have not made as big an impression on the public as this:

A presidential candidate caught bragging about his pattern of sexual assault.

When the news broke, author Kelli Oxford asked her twitter followers to post their first sexual assault. In 7 days over 10 million women posted. 

10 million women, and MORE! Every single one of us has a story. Something has happened to us all.

And we are a force to be fucking reckoned with! Together we have power! And we are going to need it.

Because there is more.

The candidate in question “apologized” by saying the accusations against him are a distraction from the real issues.

NO!  This is NOT a distraction from the issues – it IS the issue!

Misogyny, sexism, and normalization of sexual violence stand right alongside racism as the root of the important “issues”:
economic injustice, crime, destruction of our planetary environment, and wars among nations.

You cannot fix those problems without fixing misogyny and racism.

Sexual assault is the biggest POWER GRAB tool of the patriarchy. Rape has long been a strategy of warfare and conquest. The idea that white men must possess and protect “our women” has been the biggest single excuse for disempowering and murdering men of color.

And there is still more –

Women and some men report feeling post-trauma stress symptoms after watching the debate on Sunday. I did not watch it, because after watching the debate two weeks earlier, I had PTSD. It was the start of my meltdown.

When this candidate and his followers insult, threaten, stalk, and verbally abuse the WOMAN who is running for President as his opponent, we hear him saying to us, the female citizens of the world:


The implication is –

What I can say and do to her, I will say and do to you.

This isn't new. Insidious terrorism – scapegoating a visible target –  is a power and control strategy employed by abusers, bullies, and tyrants for all time.

We women recognize it because we have been tolerating it in a culture where this behavior is considered normal and is rewarded.

And we are not taking it anymore.

This is isn't about voting in the election, or who occupies the White House or Congress, or Parliament or governing bodies worldwide.

Who wins the election in November won't change this culture.


This issue of rape culture and its consequences must not go back to sleep. Women and men will take action and make a stand.

When I trained in Earth Activism with StarHawk a few years ago, I figured I'd never be on the front lines of an action. I am not the marching and demonstrating type.

Yet I can see myself joining with 10,000,000 women and marching. I WILL.

And Men! I know there are men reading this newsletter. I know you are a defender and protector of women in the way the indigenous elders teach. I know you are men that author Jeff Brown calls forth – men who will stand with women and not let us fight our battle for justice alone.

Women fight, and when we fight, we fight for our freedom, and we also fight that the children be fed, that wars cease, that people have opportunity and access to the resources they need to follow the opportunity.

Men, stand with us. We need your strong sword arm on our side!

The Divine Feminine is coming. We hear her calling. She calls women to power.

She teaches us to build the foundations of our feminine power through Sex, Wealth, and Voice.

Prepare yourself to receive her guidance for your life with a Womb History VIP intensive.

Your Voice is Necessary.


Why Does Money Hurt?

MONEY is the area of wealth where most women get jammed.

Because Money is a serious pain point even for wealthy divas, we'll be talking a lot about Money in Sexy Wealthy Divas.



Money Hurt

I'm unloading some truth bombs. Look out!

$$ --Remember those 1940s movies, and even “I Love Lucy”, where a woman was not supposed to worry her pretty little head about money, business, finances, and economics?
Money was the domain of men!

My mother was the smart one with money who kept the books for all the family businesses. She did not teach me how to do this. Why not?

$$-- Patriarchy – A few thousand years ago, women were chattel, and wives and children were considered part of the wealth and property of men. BOGUS!

This stuff is OLD, and only recently have laws and beliefs have changed on the surface. But it is still encoded in the collective unconsciousness of the culture and many men and women. It is something we are constantly pushing against even when our consciousness knows better.

$$ -- Money is widely thought to be the domain of the corrupt SYSTEM, as in government, corporations, big banks, and taxes. That makes it EVIL and stained. The RICH are evil. It is a them against US mentality.

YES, I agree that the economic system is broken, skewed to the benefit of a few, and causes suffering for the many...


Does opting out of the system, resenting the rich, and struggling with money, do ONE blessed thing to change the system?

Money isn't the problem, the rules are the problem.

*** Put more money in the hands of genuinely spiritual WOMEN with earth-and people- loving values and watch the rules change!

$$ -- What is this strange collective guilt over the injustice over the genuinely poor and starving people of the planet? Tell me, how does your struggle with money feed a single child in a refugee camp drought stricken village, or inner city shelter?

$$ -- Religion and spiritual systems of all flavors mess with our heads about money. Either we ought not to love material things of this world and store up treasures in heaven, and be righteously poor and content about it –


We are supposed to get rich as a sign of righteousness because God blesses the righteous with riches, and the sinners, well they are starving in a desert somewhere...


Let's close this rant with

$$ -- We are all sinners, unworthy of good things.

That is not what the scriptures teach, yet that is the message that gets planted in our psyches.

So many women caught the unworthiness bug while they were growing up.

I don't fucking get it, and I am mad as hell about it.


It lives right in your womb along with your sexual wounding.

I can help you.  

It starts with an VIP Womb Interview Program that will uncover the roots of your pain around both sex and money. From there, you'll discover how to heal them and move forward. 

Book a conversation with me and we'll get you started on the process.



Womb Power with Kaouthar Darmoni


This  TED talk by Kaouthar Darmoni

may be the most powerful 21 minutes you spend this year!



She teaches and demonstrates womb power. She gives you, the woman, 

permission to take up space, express your sensuality, walk in your power, fight like a woman for justice!

And she shows men how to be men: supporting, protecting, and carrying the women

so we the women can give our gifts as women, in our femininity!

Click, watch, get up and dance!

Then Share!

Getting Ourselves back the Garden

We have been given a paradise on this Earth. We live in Eden on a garden planet. Our home is sentient and sensual, wise and wild. Yet we live estranged our garden home, in a delusion of separation and loneliness.

This painting shows the primal man and primal woman, Adam and Eve, being kicked out of the Garden of Eden. If you were raised in one of the Abrahamic religions, you know this story. It has cast a shadow of shame over your entire life.

Adam and Eve
Expulsion from the Garden by Massaccio

This painting depicts not our original sin, but the original wound of being cast out from the garden, separated and unworthy of beauty, abundance, ease, and wholeness. The shadow lives in our collective unconsious, the ancient and present memory of when sex became evil, and nakedness shameful. Woman became the weak and gullible temptress who caused man to sin. Because of her, the man was cursed to labor and struggle for food. She, the woman, was cursed to give birth in pain.

The Abrahamic religions – the endarkened soul of patriarchy - infected the entire Earth with this blasphemy.

It is impossible to imagine a world without shame, before shame. Why is it so hard to remember our own innocence? How do we heal the desperate sense of betrayal that came when we learned that being naturally human is inherently evil?

We all learned this as infants. It is our parents' job to teach us that we are broken. It is their job to teach us the rules pf brokenness that keep us safe. The wound gets passed along through the generations like that.

It is not working out so well. We are not safe, and we are not happy!

As a species we are raging against the Garden Goddess who houses and feeds us. We rage against our own bodies and desires, and the bodies and desires of others. The wildness and wisdom of what we have lost and no longer understand provokes fear, and the urge to control, even if it means destruction.

How can we heal this rift, this separation from our home, our soul? How can we save our Home, and ourselves?

Where does it stop?

It stops with you! And with me!

It is an inside job. We each have heal ourselves, and help each other heal collectively.

At the root is sexual healing.

A return to innocence, not because we have sinned. Rather we have been sinned against. Innocence is that time before we learned sex was bad, that we were bad.

That's what needs healing – the belief that we are bad, broken, and alone. It is the great vision quest of life!

Goddess in the Jungle
The Dream by Henri Rousseau

My work is to guide you in the remembering of your natural innocence, and initiate you into your adult sexual power.

One of my sexuality teachers  seldom referred to  sex at all. he spoke instead of our naturalness

My mother's idea of sex education was “just do what comes naturally.” Ironic, because none of us knows what natural is any more - that was stolen from us at the  dawn myth of Eden.

I give testimony to the healing power of orgasm. When I received orgasmic sexual healing, the separate parts were knit together, and I became whole again. I came home into my own body. It was a kind of soul retrieval. What I thought was missing was restored.

This is the healing and freedom I want for you to. Don't be afraid. The old story got it wrong. 

Pleasure, connection, and happiness are natural and essential. 

Come Home!

Save your space in the 3 Keys to Feminine Pleasure webinar today: Click Here to Register

There is nothing more natural than an orgasmic woman!

Sexuality is the Embodiment of the Divine Feminine - an interview


I am genuinely excited to be the Reba Linker's opening guest on her series on Divine Feminine. We talk about the Divine Feminine and Sexuality, a remembrance of ancient Truth restored. 




Reba invited me to be the first guest for this special series on her TV show, Paint Yourself Into the Picture. We talk about the how the Divine Feminine expresses through feminine sexuality, what is the masculine role, and the connection between womb and voice in women -- and so much MORE! 

Click the link to view, and be sure to share your thoughts with Reba and me in the comments. You'll want to subscribe to Reba's Paint Yourself Into the Picture YouTube channel so you get access to all the conversations with wise women of the Divine Feminine.


Are you ready to meet your Soul Mate this summer?

Divine matchmaker 75

Last night I felt lonely.

Enchanted by first fireflies of the season I was suddenly swamped by loneliness. For years, I sat alone on summer nights watching the fireflies in their twinkly mating light show, feeling desperately lonely for a beloved, someone to see into me, my heart, my Soul.

Last night I felt sorry for myself, just for a little while. Then I realized these feelings are a memory, a bit of nostalgia. My sweetheart was out of town last night, and he will be back tonight. We'll watch fireflies together. I went to bed, no longer lonely.


This morning in my meditations, I pondered the bittersweet emotions of loneliness. So often, loneliness is paired with feelings about love. You may be longing for your soulmate, like I was. Or you may be with your soulmate, but you are going through a rough patch. The loneliest I ever felt in my life was when my marriage was on the skids. Every night I lay in bed beside my husband, the emotional distance so great I feared if I reached out I would feel an empty bed. It was scary.

Turned inward, loneliness can feel crushing, even though relief may be just a phone call away. Your friend's number is on speed dial, but you avoid making the call. What you really want is for them to call YOU, because what if no one answers, or they have plans, or – and you are making this one up – you are bothering them.

Loneliness does a number on your self-esteem. Your life starts looking like a depressing pity-party with a guest list of one – you! And maybe your cat or your parakeet.

I know those feelings too well. I also know the distraction tricks like Netflix, food, Jane Austen novels (my drug of choice), working 14 hours a day (my other drug), even happy hour. At least there were people at happy hour.

Underneath that bittersweet feeling is your desire for love, touch, and connection, often projected onto your desire for a partner. Loneliness becomes the exquisite heartache of not having what you want, and the weariness of waiting for it. If your longing is tied up in the past with a lost love, or a love that done you wrong, like in a country-western song, then you have a problem. Your unconscious mind still has someone to love, and there is no room for the one who really wants to be with you to get in!

What if you see loneliness as Divine Longing – the call of your heart for the one you love to be with you now.

What you seek is seeking you!

Yes, someone really wants to love you. Your soulmate is right here, maybe sharing a bed with you now, and you are not really available. Your open sign isn't lit up, and the welcome mat isn't out, even if you think it is. (I learned about this the hard way myself – one heartbreak after another.)

Reframe loneliness into Divine Longing, and then focus on the Divine part. You see, Divine wants you to have what you want even more than you do. You are the only one in the way.

Divine is not restricted by time.

Divine doesn't make excuses.

Divine has no limiting beliefs.

Divine doesn't believe you are unworthy, unattractive, or unlucky -- Divine knows how awesome you are!

And Divine doesn't believe there are no good men out there! Divine knows there are plenty of good men out there. The Divine is a matchmaker and is all about bringing you and your partner together!

Do you want to be with your Soulmate by September, or sooner?

What's in the way of you having the love you want? What needs to be released, shifted, healed? What skills are you missing? What blind spots need to be revealed?

Do you want to be lonely for the next three months or longer? Or worse, make another mistake, cruising for heartbreak, waste more time, and risk confirming all those untrue, unkind things you sometimes think about yourself?

Let's do something about it.

I can help you open your heart, turn the porch light on, and put out the welcome mat for your sweetheart. The benefits are enormous, because what's been keeping love away has been keeping other good things away too.

Ready? Is your heart telling you yes, let's go?

We can get started now, this month, in June.

Here's what you do. Copy and past the following questions into an email (or click reply to this email), answer them in detail, and send to

Here are the questions to email to me:

Full Name, phone number, email address, time zone

What is your Divine Longing for your love life and relationship?

What do you think is stopping you from having that now?

On a scale of 1 – 10, how important is it for you to change this now?

If we are a match to work together, are you ready to commit time, attention, effort, and money turning the lights on in your love life now?

When I receive your email I will send you my calendar link to schedule a chat with me to see if we are a match to work together. 

Get ready to rock your world. You don't have to watch the fireflies or the fireworks alone! Your soulmate is waiting for you!


Vesta's Fiery Wake Up Call

I am a big fan of the Goddess Vesta.

With the Sun in conjunction with Vesta over the next few days, and during the Full Moon today, we have the energy of I AM (the Sun) lighting up the Sacred Inner Flame that is Vesta. I've meditated with her this Full Moon and asked what She would have us know about ourselves now.

Astrologically Vesta is a represented by a flame. This flame burns inside of each of us and is tended with devotion upon our inner hearth or altar. It is the flame that keeps us alive, and gives us purpose. It is our spiritual spark, our creative genius, and our erotic life force. The hot blue flame at its center is a mystery, held silent and sacred from an earlier time. It is a mystery of Being that each one of us holds inside, and Vesta will teach us how to remember. 

I've come to think of her as the patroness of midlife women and men. She is the one who “shakes us by the shoulders and says Use your fucking gifts!” … to co-opt Brene Brown's famous quote.

During our youth, up until 40 or so, the inner flame burns brightly, and we hardly have to tend it. We are busy being educated, working jobs and careers, following dreams, (hopefully our own dreams) and likely having a marriage and a family. We give our sacred flame to what society, community, or tribe expects of us. We use those parts of our talents and gifts according to the rules and values of our society, and what society will pay for. This is not wrong or bad, though we have to do it without benefit of initiation. So much, such as sex, and our relationship to Self, we have to figure out on our own. We tend to do this badly.

There comes a day when we realize we have given over our devotion to an entity that doesn't really care. Our genius, our true gift lies forgotten or unopened inside. Maybe we never learned what that true gift is, because we were too busy surviving, pleasing, and taking care of others.

That's Vesta blowing on the embers of the sacred fire in your belly and womb, and saying: USE YOUR GIFTS!



This wake up call is rarely sweet or gentle. When Vesta's sacred flame burns hot in your womb, it is burning down the house. It can look and feel like disaster or crisis.

What seemed to be solid and lasting may crumble, like a marriage, a career, financial security, or health.

What seemed to be fine, like your sex life or your relationship, suddenly becomes intolerable.

What seemed to be over, or hidden in secret, like a repressed memory or an ungrieved loss, comes crashing through the walls, and demands to be seen and felt.


The Goddess doesn't care what it takes to wake you up. There is no bad or good and she knows you'll be fine. She uses whatever will get your attention!

Vesta says: You've given your life force to others, now give it to me, which means give yourself to yourself. Come out of hiding, tend your flame, discover your gifts, and use them fiercely.

Don't let your wounds or regrets stop you. They point to where your True Gifts are hiding.

This is work you have to do yourself, and it is not work you have to do alone.

This is a time to take action toward a big change in your life you may have been resisting. Change will happen anyway. Work with it and make the change something you want, in a way that you want to manifest it. 

Don't try to do it alone.

This Full Moon will support you Reclaiming Your Sacred Feminine Power, your birthright.  

Power 6 FM and Con

So will I. It is my mission to support your Reclaiming your Power, when you get that fiery wake up call from Vesta. It is ideal for women recovering from break-up or divorce, repressive religious upbringing, or negative experiences with sex.

If you are ready to release old wounds and step into the freedom of your feminine power, apply for one of three open spots in Reclaim Your Power Immersion. 

Email divacarla (at) orgasmicalchemy (dot) com and say I am ready to reclaim my power!
Include your full name and your phone number and tell me about the situation you want to release and how it has impacted your life.