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May 22, 2007


dan simons

I was just reading through your site and it is wonderful. I think its so beautiful that you are doing a great job in the community and it is flourishing for you. Its great to experience it.

I hope that all the people will really be there for you and all your wishes come true and you have a wonderful presentation.

Please do keep up the good work.


Thanks Dan! I am glad you enjoyed your visit here. Come back often. How did you find this site, just curious.

Alyson B. Stanfield

Carla, this is great! I'm going to post the trailer on my blog tomorrow. It's so fun to see you at work and to get a sense of scale. I had no idea these forms were this small. I hope you get some excellent installation shots when the exhibit is up. I think it would be a fun exhibit to install.

Great use of video!


Alyson, Thank you! I am off to hang install. Very organic situation I am putting it in. Maybe I could hide the bowls like Easter Eggs.
I am a little nuts right now LOL. Carla


aloha Carla

two thoughts i'd like to comment with:

from a male perspective climaxing feels to me more like a giving/gifting than an emptying out. i recognize in terms of words, emptying out is also correct and it also creates an available place to be refilled/renewed. still for me it is an act of giving/gifting and an act of creating life.

following from that thought, it's long made sense to me that one can not give if there is no one to receive. (yes gifts to the world, to God etc. do not require another specific human as a receiver, but it does require the receiver - the world, God etc.)

the beauty of two in the act of loving is there is both the giving and the receiving. how ever it does not end at that point. as you say, if i understood correctly, in the female receiving there is the taking in and creating with that gift that is given. that creation then also becomes a giving/gifting at the highest level of creation which is Life - and that then is given/gifted out from within the woman just as the man gifted out or into the woman for creating. to who/what is that creation or gifting now given? life to the world. life to the all creator. life to the two of love. interesting flow and cycle.

in the act of self love there is also a giving/gifting even tho it is each of us who is the giver/gifter, female or male. this too is a closeness to the spirit of creation and can be understood from that concept as a relationship with the creator which gives to and acknowledges that creator of all.

my other thought is in regard to late in your video presentation when you speak of your "small" works as treasure and the way your hands form it. to me the validity of the work in this size follows as much from intimacy. your work is very intimate. small works require intimacy in order to appreciate, explore, experience it. it is in intimacy with God that we are in our closest connection to God. for me if your work was on a larger scale the intimacy would be lost. the work might easily become something else.

just so you know - i have not gone beyond your video on your site yet. i found your site while looking for something else on another blog - the first time i had been on that blog but the writer (Alyson B. Stanfield - the Art Biz Blog) made a lot of sense for me so i was exploring some of the areas in the blog. i followed the link to your video from here:

have fun, it's always a good day to have fun - and keep creating too - aloha Wrick.

Carla Sanders

Wrick, I just found this comment, three weeks later. I am delighted that you engaged so much with the video and took time to respond. Regarding the gifting, I love it that you feel the masculine orgasm that way. My use of the word emptying is how I feel what happens to the man from my perspective. And when I first felt that, it was a discovery, something unexpected. I do like to think that two lovers are giving each other the gift of their orgasm. It is not just a selfish act, especially when the ultimate result is as you so beautifully say-- the gift of life to the world. The world is created anew with each orgasm.
Thank you for appreciating the intimacy of my artwork, and the importance of scale in expressing that. It is important, especially since the universe does fit into small things. I notice your art is small scale too, at least the work that you blog about over at More 19 Planets (click on Wrick's name to visit, till I put a link up later.) People are telling me to go bigger, and I have a physical urge to work bigger. I think my muscles just want to relax and do something different. It will be different work. It will be fun. And you told me to have fun. Thanks for writing. Oh, and I am so happy you are checking out Alyson Stanfield. Stay in touch with her, she is great!


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