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An Interview with Carla

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Carla Sanders lives and makes art in an old farmhouse near the coast of Maine. This is her website, so she'd like to tell you her story herself:

I began painting the figure while living in New York City. Returning to art after some time off while my sons were very young, I joined a painting group to draw and paint the model. The first stroke on the canvas was coming home. Oohh THIS is what I came to Earth to do.

In 1993, I moved my family to Maine. I continued to develop more personal imagery with the figure, culminating in a series of Giantess paintings.

I first sculpted the figure in clay in 1997, quickly evolving from full figure studies to deeply personal small vessels containing parts of the body. This early exploration in clay coincided with a spiritual homecoming, beginning a practice with the medicine wheel, the sweat lodge, and vision quest dance. Ceremonial bowls, animal sculptures and cosmic images came into the work.

Initially, I worked with low fire earthenware clay, and fired in a trash can burning sawdust, giving the sculpture a black or charcoal gray color. Often the surface was burnished to a high polish with a smooth river rock. Working in this way I felt a kinship with my ancient potter ancestors.

I bought my first electric kiln in 2004. I now prefer high fire porcelain clay for small, detailed sculpture. Its translucent quality and pure white color transmit light and subtle energy. I also use colored glass instead of glaze, which creates pools of liquid colored light in the art.

These works marked the opening of my spiritual quest to express the healing power of sexuality, eroticism and divine love. Diva Bowls were born. Diva Bowls touch people in deep places where they often needed healing. There are diva bowls sitting on altars all over the country.

In 2006, I realized that some people needed to wear their sculpture on their body, and so Love Charms came into being. Originally I made them exclusively of porcelain and glass. Then I got my hands on Precious Metal Clay, and now Love Charms are also made in fine silver. Recently porcelain and silver started a love affair that is still challenging and exciting me. The relationship of these two materials is a rich new field for play and discovery.

What's next? Love Charms in Gold and Gems! Watch for the sculpture to get big. More painting is happening this summer. I invite you to subscribe to the blog feed on the side bar to share in my adventures with sensual art.