Joseph Rael's January Message to Peace Chambers

Solstice Ceremonies

December 21 this year is Solstice, Full Moon and Lunar eclipse. Attune to the energies with ceremony!

I hope you will join us for two special ceremonies during this most sacred season. People of all faiths are invited. Please respond with your YES.

Sweat Lodge Ceremony
On Sunday, December 19, we will hold a sweat lodge ceremony, as purification for the Solstice, Christmas, and New Year Holidays.
We will sweat in the dark of early evening to receive the blessings of this season of long nights.
Start the fire: 2:30 pm
Enter lodge by 4:30 or 5 pm
Share potluck feast about 7 pm. The feast is an essential part of the ceremony.
We will hold the sweat lodge ceremony in all weather: rain, cold, snow.
(unless there is a blizzard blowing at lodge time)

Donation: $30
Please let me know you are coming by December 17, by email or call 230-7647

Bring a special item that reminds you of the Light to place on the lodge altar for blessing.

Further Sweat lodge instructions and directions are at the end of this message.

24 Hours of Solstice Chanting for Peace
Each Winter Solstice, Peace Chambers around the world join a cycle of 24 hours of chanting for Peace.
This year, Hope Peace Chamber is chanting from 6 pm to 7 pm on Tuesday, December 21.
Please join us for Chanting and a potluck supper celebration.
Bring friends. The more voices the more joy, the more Peace!
We will chant the vowel sounds AH EH EE OH OO.

Suggested donation: $10.00
Please arrive no later than 6 pm. We will settle into our space and begin chanting by 6:15 and continue to 7:15.
Followed by pot luck supper.

Last year was so magickal, I can't wait to see you this year.

RSVP that you are coming by emailing or calling 230-7647

Note: Start off your Solstice Celebration with Dance
Saturday, December 19, 1 pm to 3:30pm 5 Rhythms dance with Inanna in Camden.
Please email for more information. Then come out to Hope for the sweat lodge.

Have a blessed, bountiful and joyous Thanksgiving!

Remember the Vision of the Horn Of Plenty
that Grandfather Joseph Rael shares with us.
Here is his painting of The Horn of Plenty

Remember to light a candle for Peace on December 7.

With Loving Blessings,
Diva Carla
Hope Peace Ceremonies


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