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Women's Web of Life Dance


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Women’s Web of Life Dance

September 7-9, 2012   


The Women’s Web of Life Dance is a vision quest dance for women. We weave the web of life with our dancing feet, forward and back from the center, and around the center in a spiral. Consciously living the web for 3 days, each Dancer is able to see the threads of her life, the consequences of her choices, the power of her decisions, her capacity for change, her power to heal.

The Dance is about seeing, understanding, and ultimately taking responsibility for what we set in motion. It is about gaining understanding of how we affect the strands next to us and across from us, indeed the whole web of life. With a fire at the center of the arbor, the dance brings a woman deeply into her own heart and creative life force, and helps her feel how her life affects and co-creates the whole. The dancers dance alone, yet always together, in the Web of Life.

The women dance to the beat of a drum and the voices of singers, alternating dance and rest. "It is through stillness and movement that we discover the interrelatedness of all things.” The arbor is egg shaped, with 12 trees around the perimeter and a 13th tree inside the edge of the dance area. Dancers set their tents around the edge of the arbor, which will be their home for 3 days.  Dancers dance without food or water from sundown Friday to Mid-day Sunday, supported by the Drum, the Singers, the Fire and the Spirit Warriors.

The Women’s Web of Life Dance is the vision of two elders in the Peace Chamber community: Gail Cully of Oklahoma and BrendaSue Whitmire of Georgia. They each received parts of the dance separately, and realized they had been given a vision to create together. For years they chiefed the dance together, raising up other chiefs in the communities that hold this dance. In 2012, the Web of Life dance in Hope is chiefed by Brenda Sue Whitmire and Carla Sanders.

The contribution for this dance is $375. This covers the expenses necessary to hold the dance. (There is never a charge for ceremony.)

 A $50 nonrefundable deposit holds your space. Payment plans are available, please contact Diva Carla to discuss the options.

An interview with Diva Carla or Brenda Sue is required to participate in the Dance. Please email carla (at) HopePeaceChamber (dot) com to schedule a brief phone conversation.