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Waging Peace part 2

Last weekend I had the privilege to hear Captain Paul Chappell speak on the topic of Waging Peace. Capt. Chappell is a West Point grad, and a veteran of the Iraq war. He left the Army in 2009, because his experience taught him that the people, tools, technologies and philosophies currently used to make war on our fellow humans must be applied to the mission of making peace. Life on earth depends upon it.

Captain Chappell dedicates his whole life to teaching people about waging peace, beginning with personal conversations. He is recruiting a peaceful collective force to change the world through nonviolence. His writing on the topic is clear, simple, and profound. I recommend his books at his website, Peaceful Revolution.

Paul Chappell with portrait by Robert Shetterly for Americans Who Tell the Truth
Photo by Carla Sanders

This young enlightened warrior inspires me in my work through Hope Peace Chamber and Orgasmic Alchemy. He brought the clear light of the awakening masculine to my mission of Peace that simmers in the cauldron of the Feminine.

I am a student of two peacemakers of different traditions: Grandfather Joseph Rael, the Man of Peace, and visionary of the Peace Sound Chambers; and Nut Tmu-Ankh, Nubian-Khamite priestess of Sh’ti Mer, who teaches that Orgasm IZ Enlightenment. Within me these two traditions spiral in the double helix of DNA, birthing a medicine that brings together sexuality, wealth, and spirituality grounded in the fertility and blessings of the Earth.


The great healing that is needed worldwide is in the realms of sex, money, and God.  I believe that this triple problem is really one problem, the illusion of separation from Divine. People are suffering from the war within, which translates to hatred, polarization, slavery, and violence toward one another and toward nature herself.

Captain Chappell demonstrates that this is not normal human behavior. Human beings are not naturally violent. In our natural biology, the flight response is much stronger than the fight response. We must be carefully taught to hate and kill one another, to wage war. And now we must teach ourselves to remember how to live in peace, to solve differences without violence, to literally transform the war machine into a peace machine, starting within each heart.

My work with sexuality is a basic step in this world transformation.

A root of the God/Sex/Money problem is that we don’t understand what they really are. My mission is to provide people with enlightened wisdom about the true nature of sex, and money, and how they relate to our experience of God.

Orgasm, the energy of sex, is the life-sustaining energy that runs through everything, from the tiniest virus to the farthest galaxy. Sex is first the loving union with one’s own soul, which is union with Divine. This allows union with our fellow beings and nature herself.  Money is orgasmic energy in divine action within society.

I am a stand for your Divine Right to own your body, to own your sexuality, and to express it in whatever way you desire. I am equally a stand for your Divine Right to be wealthy, and money is the most versatile of all the currencies of wealth. I am a stand that Divine dwells in and through us, and is expressed in all our activities. There is no separation save the illusion that occupies our minds.

In my spiritual teachings on sexuality, the application of orgasmic energy to wealth consciousness is always included. In my teachings on wealth, the first step is tapping into orgasmic energy to know the Self and access embodied Divine wisdom. This is ancient knowledge, forgotten in the so-called Age of Enlightenment and the Age of Reason.

My teachings on Sex, Wealth, and Spirit are the keystone of peace, ancient wisdom necessary to the healing of the human heart and soul. The human heart is the essential building block of peace. Life on earth depends upon each of us learning and practicing this art.