Waging Peace part 2
Fire Ceremony, April 2013

The Day the Sun Stands Still

~Save the Date: January 1, 2013 New Year's Day Sweat Lodge~

Today is the Winter Solstice, the one we’ve been waiting for! Before I shower you with Solstice Blessings, I want to remind you of the details of the New Year’s Day Sweat Lodge.
January 1, 2013, New Year’s Day
Gather: Noon
Fire start: soon after
Enter Lodge: around 2 pm
Begin Feast: around Sunset
Theme: How am I being called to serve?
For further details and to RSVP, please email carla at Hopepeacechamber dot com
New Year’s Day Sweat Lodge is a Hope Peace Ceremonies Tradition.
I hope you will join us. Purification and prayer is a great way to begin the ceremony of the year.
We never know what the weather will be. We’ve had warm sunshine, 20 below wind chill, blizzard, and pouring rain. It’s all good! We will sweat in any weather conditions. Please your judgment about travel if there is snow or ice that day.
Here is what the lodge looked like yesterday morning.

Today is the Annual Winter Solstice 24 Hour World-wide Chant for Peace, held by Peace Chambers around the world.  I chanted at midnight this morning, deciding not to do a formal public gathering this year. If you want to come over tonight, the altar is still set up. We can chant the vowels together and share some food. Maybe the moon will shine for us. Or light a candle and chant at home the five vowel sounds that make up the creation power of sound: Ah, Eh, EE, OH, OO

Exciting News! My friend Iva Peele has made a documentary about her initiation with Lorenzo, a Shaman of the Q'ero people of the high Andes in Peru. The Q'eros are the remnant of the Incas who fled to the Andes Mountains when the Spaniards came 5 centuries ago. Her documentary, The Road to Q'ero: A Journey Home is a simple, personal film, with the focus on sharing the teaching and ceremony given by Lorenzo. I saw the film when I visited Iva at Thanksgiving, and the medicine remains with me as I type this. This documentary is a spiritual transmission of the energy and teachings. Iva is making this film available for streaming as a Solstice gift to the world, today and all day tomorrow, 12/22/12. You may watch it streaming video at this link:


Photo: ©Iva Peele, Don Lorenzo praying over a mesa

Winter Solstice: The Age of the Divine Feminine Returns

Solstice is the day the Sun stands still.  December 21st is the Capricorn Solstice, and June 21 is the Cancer Solstice. The sun swings between these marks like a giant pendulum, counting off the solar year in one complete swing. Energetically, when the Sun stands still, a portal opens.
This year since last Capricorn Solstice has been a big year for portals-- with new moons, transits of Venus, solar and lunar eclipses, conjunctions-- all carrying a swift intensity.

This year has felt like the labor pangs of the Cosmic Womb. The Great Mother is giving birth to Herself.  The portals are contractions. We awakening humans are the baby. We are collectively birthing ourselves into the returning Age of the Divine Feminine. On this final day of the Mayan calendar, the end of the 13th Baktun, give thanks for all that has brought you here. Tomorrow, the next age begins, the return of the Great Mother. The Divine Masculine greets her with open arms.

The Winter Solstice in the North is the Shadow time of year. We divide the celebration between sober ceremony and merry making. It is a time of shining light into the darkness. We associate this festival season with gift giving. It is in the darkness of the shadow that our gifts are found!

Today I wish you bright blessings, and deep joy. May your sojourn in the womb today be released into orgasmic birth tomorrow. Will you commit to being an explorer of an uncharted, brand new You! in this next age?

Today we honor the shortest light of the year, the Dark Womb. Tomorrow, and Christmas, and Hannukah just past, we honor the returning light shining in the darkness, and by January 1, 10 days after Solstice, as we enter the Cosmic Womb of the sweat lodge, we will begin to perceive the slight lengthening of days, evidence that light triumphs, and always will.

I wish you joyful holidays, rich gifts and feasting, warm embrace of family and friends. I will embrace your joyfully when I see you this holiday and on New Years Day at the Sweat Lodge.

Solstice Altar for Manifesting
Solstice Altar


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