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The Benevolent Warrior, with Jeff Brown

On June 17, I interviewed Jeff Brown of on Live with Diva Carla, a podcast of We talked about the Awakening Masculine and his relationship to the Awakening Feminine. Here is an article following up the interview, and providing the link to listen to the whole thing.

The idea that women have to stand up alone to have their voice heard, get laws changed, and put protections in place in defense of themselves against the malevolent masculine without male support feels ridiculous to me … My imagining of the world as it ought to be would include the benevolent masculine standing down the malevolent masculine in defense of the feminine. It is an essential step in the healing of the genderation gap. ~Jeff Brown

And this quote was in the first 12 minutes!

Here is the link to the audio:

Download JeffBrownJune17-001.mp3 (13503.4K)

The conversation with Jeff Brown was rich and inspiring. While we focused on the challenges and opportunities for the Awakening Man, we also grappled with the "genderation gap" between men and women. We considered who we need to be and how we need to be with each other to respect and nurture the Awakening process, or as Jeff calls it, "Waking Down" into the body. We looked at the broader culture, and what needs to be transformed so that we can remember how to be human together again. Yes, we talked about sexuality in the embodied awakening condition.

From the Personal to the Transpersonal
The whole conversation pointed to the transformation that has begun in human culture, as we recover from the 20th century, and re-vision what it means to be human in the 21st century. There are a lot of us here, and we are a diverse and contentious bunch of beings. We are also creative and expressive, and that means we will have society, economy, commerce, art, religion, and government. If we are to survive and thrive through the 21st century, we look to make our economies and systems sustainable.

Does changing how we do things on the surface -- clean, green, and lean -- make our way of life sustainable? Not if it is built on the same toxic value system that socializes men to be "malevolent masculine", lording it over what i'll call the "pissed-off feminine."

What is the foundation of sustainability? What form is the seed of a sustainable, sacred human society that works?

It starts with human beings, men and women together exploring with integrity and willingness the complex emotions, fears, and desires that are the very soil of transformation.

A Vision and a Movement
Jeff and I share the vision that the Sacred Masculine--the Benevolent Warrior--has the purpose to encircle, protect, and defend the Divine Feminine. We were talking about personal and interpersonal healing and awakening. Yet it is a seed of an idea that can grow into a new vision of society.

As a woman who guides ceremony, I know we call upon the masculine to guard the perimeter and hold the light for our sacred feminine magik. How does this ancient memory express in contemporary life? How does it change how we create family, community, education, business, and  government? Can it be the foundation of a sustainable, healed world?

The circle of Benevolent Warriors protecting the birthing and medicine of the Divine Feminine is a cosmic energy signature that runs through all of life. It is about more than how men and women act, but it starts with men and women. We are witihin this idea, and we have so much to remember with each other.

What does this image evoke for you? How do you see this form, this metaphor, playing out in your life?

What else opens up for you as you listen to the conversation with Jeff Brown?

Please share this audio with friends. Plaster it all over social media. Give it to your clients, church, support groups, strangers!  LOVE IT FORWARD.
Listen to the audio more than once. Start conversations with each other, and really start listening to one another. There is enough food for thought in this 75 minutes to keep you talking for years. Fill in the gaps. Expand and extend. Create something new!

Download JeffBrownJune17-001.mp3 (13503.4K)

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Of course, if something deeply personal comes up for you, click reply and request a time to have a conversation with me. I'll be here for you.

Love It Forward
You are also invited to join Jeff's new LOVE IT FORWARD movement. It is among other things, a distribution channel for books and products sold via homeless people, bringing them gently back into the flow of life. You can participate too. Check out the website to learn more.

And again I recommend you read Jeff's book: Soulshaping: A Journey of Self-Creation. Order it from his webpage or I reviewed Soulshaping in my last newsletter. It's a powerful companion on your path.

We are not broken and we do not need fixing. We do need to be listened to, and heard. And we each need to speak our truth without fear of judgment or shame.


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