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Community Sweat Lodge Saturday, November 2

Full Moon Eclipse on the Mountain

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Rising pink moonLate yesterday afternoon, I hotfooted it up the Mt. Battie road in the Camden Hills State Park so I could be there to greet the rising eclipsing moon. The energy of this eclipse compelled me to climb a mountain, to extend my body and pray with movement. I arrived at the top just as the moon materialized out of the sea mist, pink and pale. One does not often see the moon’s disc rise out of the water here. It is usually shrouded in the densely moist air on the surface of the sea the moment it breaches the limb of the horizon.

For two and a half hours, I sat on a rock, looking east, offering prayers of tobacco, my voice, and my art, taking pictures of the natural drama unfolding. The penumbral eclipse was barely visible. The moon as it elevated seemed to hold its gold color longer than usual. The light it cast seemed less bright.

The energy of this astral event plays in our collective consciousness regardless of our personal awareness or belief system. If you are like me and most of the people I know, the run up to this eclipse as has been intense with personal challenges. The public and political chaos has directly affected or been mirrored in private lives. Poignantly, many people, mostly elders, but some youth, have elected this time to die, creating a vortex of transition for their own souls, and for those left behind.

Receive my prayers on your behalf. Prayers of condolence, strength, celebration, and appreciation.  Point your kayak into the rapids of this eclipse, and stay focused. The Solar eclipse comes in two weeks, with even more intensity.

The great blessing is Venus. She shown high in the west, following the sun down, as the moon rose. I did not photograph her, but she figures in this article. She provides the way through the intensity as the veils thin and we near the dark time of year.


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