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Community Sweat Lodge Saturday, November 2

All Soul's Day and Solar Eclipse
~Saturday, November 2, 2013 next community Sweat Lodge~
The Trees of Hope Peace Ceremonies invite you to ceremony.

You are no doubt feeling the intense energy of this solar eclipse. The sun rises in partial eclipse at 6:20 am Sunday, November  3.

I want to share something Deborah Cautela shared from Mountain Astrologer about the Eclipse:

This Solar eclipse signals the close of a major phase of our life and the opportunity to take what we have learned to the next level. Solar eclipses occur close to the same degree every 19 years. What were you doing 19 years ago? What are you drawn towards now?

The sweat lodge is the perfect ceremony of death and rebirth for this eclipse. Begin your eclipse weekend with the sweat lodge, and completed it with New Moon Dance with Deborah Cautela, Sunday, November 3, 2013 at High Mountain Hall from 7:00 – 8:30, cost $15

We will have the sweat lodge the day before the Eclipse because we feel the energy most intensely as the New Moon portal opens. There is so much going on in the world and in our personal lives. Come to the land and give up your grief, your anger, your heartache. Take home peace, clarity, and faith.

Here are all the details for the Sweat Lodge:

SATURDAY, November 2, 2013
Gather: 1 pm 
Fire start: 1 pm
Dress the lodge and make prayer ties
Enter Lodge:  about 3 pm
Begin Potluck Feast: around 5 pm
Offering: $30
Where: 379 Hatchet Mountain Road, Hope
Call to RSVP: 207-712-7310, or reply to this email
What to bring and directions: at the end of this message

Faith is knowing that what you want to create is what Divine wants to create through you.
If you don't know what you want, then Divine can't create it through you.
You miss out on the rewards and satisfaction. The world misses out on what you could be creating.
The theme of the November Lodge will be Faith. We'll share our insights and gifts at the feast afterward.

You may learn more about the teachings of the Sweat Lodge and the Lodge at Hope Peace Ceremonies in this article.

Come and Drink Light with us!


With Loving Blessings,
Diva Carla

Hope Peace Ceremonies

--2 bundles of tobacco, one for your prayer ties, one a gift to the lodge leader
or sage bundles, or other sacred herbs that may be used in ceremony
--material for prayer ties: ¼ yard of cotton fabric in
yellow, black, red, and white; a spool of string (butcher's string is good)
--clothing for sweat: women wear a dress or skirt with modest top,
men wear swim trunks or sarong
--a towel
--food for the pot luck feast
--a cantaloupe size stone for the fire*
-- old blankets if you have any to contribute to the lodge.*
--Donation for Hope Peace Ceremonies
*optional items and always welcome if you have them

RSVP required  Call Carla at  207-712-7310
do not hesitate to call if you have any questions

winter note: parking may be limited, carpool if possible

Hope Peace Ceremonies  379 Hatchet Mountain Road (Rt. 235) Hope, Maine
Directions: From North and East. Take Rt. 105 into Hope Center. At the
Hope General Store, Turn onto Hatchet Mt. Rd. Coming from Camden,
this is a left turn. Coming from Appleton this is a right turn.
Drive 1.8 miles. House is on right, white with red barn. From this direction it
is a blind curve. Slow way down and watch for the drive way at mile 1.8.
From South (Rockland) and West (Augusta), get to Rt. 17, and take it to Alford Lake Road, in South Hope.
Turn onto Alford Lake Road, and drive till it intersects with Hatchet Mountain Road
at Stillwater Farm. Turn right onto Hatchet Mountain Road, and
drive 1 mile to 379. House is on Left.

Full Moon Eclipse on the Mountain

Next Community Sweat Lodge on Saturday, November 2, 2013.

Click here for details.


Rising pink moonLate yesterday afternoon, I hotfooted it up the Mt. Battie road in the Camden Hills State Park so I could be there to greet the rising eclipsing moon. The energy of this eclipse compelled me to climb a mountain, to extend my body and pray with movement. I arrived at the top just as the moon materialized out of the sea mist, pink and pale. One does not often see the moon’s disc rise out of the water here. It is usually shrouded in the densely moist air on the surface of the sea the moment it breaches the limb of the horizon.

For two and a half hours, I sat on a rock, looking east, offering prayers of tobacco, my voice, and my art, taking pictures of the natural drama unfolding. The penumbral eclipse was barely visible. The moon as it elevated seemed to hold its gold color longer than usual. The light it cast seemed less bright.

The energy of this astral event plays in our collective consciousness regardless of our personal awareness or belief system. If you are like me and most of the people I know, the run up to this eclipse as has been intense with personal challenges. The public and political chaos has directly affected or been mirrored in private lives. Poignantly, many people, mostly elders, but some youth, have elected this time to die, creating a vortex of transition for their own souls, and for those left behind.

Receive my prayers on your behalf. Prayers of condolence, strength, celebration, and appreciation.  Point your kayak into the rapids of this eclipse, and stay focused. The Solar eclipse comes in two weeks, with even more intensity.

The great blessing is Venus. She shown high in the west, following the sun down, as the moon rose. I did not photograph her, but she figures in this article. She provides the way through the intensity as the veils thin and we near the dark time of year.