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February 2014

Grandmother Sweat Lodge in February

Grandmother Sweat Lodge
~Sunday, February 23, 2014 ~
Theme: Listening to the Grandmothers

The Sweat Lodge has awakened with the increasing light and calls the Sacred Fire to be lit, and for the Stone People to come. This sweat lodge will listen deeply to the Grandmothers. We are beginning the Venus Cycle in Capricorn, the Grandmother time. All people, men and women together, are called to listen to and speak with the Grandmothers.

January Sunset

Here are all the details for the Sweat Lodge:

Sunday, February 23, 2014
Gather: 11 am
Fire start: Noon
Make prayer ties
Enter Lodge:  about 2 pm
Begin Potluck Feast: around 4 pm
Offering: $30
Where: 379 Hatchet Mountain Road, Hope
Call to RSVP: 207-712-7310, or email -- carla at hopepeacechamber dot com
What to bring and directions: send email with your intention to come

You may learn more about the teachings of the Sweat Lodge and the Lodge at Hope Peace Ceremonies in this article.

The lodge is still covered from the New Year's Day Lodge. The deep snow of the Capricorn New Moon has melted, though we have a sweet new covering. Who knows what we'll find on February 23rd. If I need your help digging, I'll reach out. We also have a cord of good ash firewood on the property. If you have some time to help stack, it's nice to be here working on the land.

The deer in their winter coats eating frozen apples.

Deer and sweat lodge, through a frosty window

We will hold this ceremony in any weather conditions, rain, snow, sleet or heatwave. Only if a blizzard is in progress during Sunday morning travel time will we postpone.

Meanwhile, it is my prayer for you that you have been warm and healthy, and are feeling blessed by the longer days.

Come to the land and pray in conscious, loving community.


I want you to know about this interview about the Venus Cycle, as it is connected to the energy of this sweat lodge.

I'll interview Cayelin Castell, co-founder of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School. Cayelin will share the powerful medicine of the new Venus Cycle in Capricorn: Reclaiming the Grandmother Goddess. Cayelin will share how you can work with your own Venus Cycle, and what it can mean to you. I am eager to ask Cayelin questions about what the Grandmother Goddess means to people of all ages, and what connection there may be with the Hopi Prophecy: When the Grandmothers Speak, the world heals.

Join us Live on February 10 at 3 pm eastern for
The Venus Cycle in Capricorn: Reclaiming the Grandmother Goddess
with Cayelin Castell
Free registration at this link:


 Come and Drink Light with us!