Mother Earth Sweat Lodge May 8

A Blessed Farewell to Hope Peace Ceremonies

NOTE: We are not longer holding sweat lodge at Hope Peace Ceremonies. To be notified when we have relocated, you may sign up for the newsletter in the column on the right.

As I emerge from the shadowy realms of deep winter and the Solar Eclipse portal of last August, I owe you an update on everything that has happened at Hope Peace Ceremonies in the past year.

In October of 2017, I sold the house and land where I have lived for 24 years, and where I have held ceremony in the sweat lodge for 15 years.
It started on Christmas Day, 2016. I looked out the back window and a flock of about 20 turkeys walked in a circle all around the house! We don't get turkeys here that often. I've seen this many turkeys in the year twice in 24 years.

Christmas turkeysAt the Fairy Apple Tree Christmas 2016


As the ground thawed last spring, I realized it was time to change the energy.

I had bought the place with my ex-husband, who died in 2016.
I had completed raising my sons in that house, and they are both grown men, nearly 40!
I began my adult spiritual journey by the agency of that sacred land.
I loved that land as my body, and couldn't imagine not living there.
I struggled to keep the land, and maintain a very old farmhouse.
I began to feel the tug of something new – a new way of living in the world.

I felt how as an elder, a Crone Queen, I was using too much of my energy to hold and manage this land, and my personal history enmeshed in it.

I was too attached to that land, that home, and my dreams for the land.

It was time to let go. Time to change the energy.

In May and June we worked hard to get the house and land spiffed up to put on the market. I worked with the best realtor, Annie Higbee of Downhome Maine. Intuition told me that Annie's energy as well as her expertise would be the right support for the sacred letting go of this land.

In the summer Solstice sweat lodge, I got the crystal clear message that I am being repotted!

My mission and my personal growth and fulfillment of purpose depends on moving to a bigger pot. What that pot looks like is an unfolding story. Knowing that I had to leave the land in Hope made the letting go a bit easier, even possible. Yes, it began to be joyful!

I made a ceremony calling in the next caretaker of the sacred land. I made a ceremony opening myself to the call of my new land. Spirit and I were partners in this repotting project.

Remember the turkeys on Christmas Day?

The listing for the house went live around July 7th.
Starting that week, I was visited by turkeys every day.

Deer turkeys cat arrow 2The grey and white cat Bougie spies on the turkeys. They know exactly where he is. 


Throughout July and August I had two big jobs that kept me close to home:

Ceremonial decommissioning all the sacred sites, dance arbors, and the Peace Chamber sites

And healing from Lyme infection.

I notice that a flock of five adult turkeys would bring their chicks through the back yard every day.
Day by day I watched the young turkeys grow. They were two sizes, meaning that one clutch had hatched earlier by a few weeks.

One day they surprised me by all flying into the trees! They were roosting every night in the woods just beyond the backyard meadow. What a blessing!

I would wake at dawn to watch them fly down, and then observe at sunset when they gathered in the meadow to feed and fly up to the high roosts for the night.


Deer turkeys cat arrowBougie the Cat ran into the field to flush the birds. 


Turkey medicine signifies gathering the harvest. I sensed that they were helping in the process of the sale of the house. I also felt they might be for the new owner as much as for me. The turkeys were calling them in.

Interesting that they day we signed the sales contract in September, the turkeys went away! They stopped roosting in the trees, and I did not see them on a feeding stroll through the meadow and garden.

Their work on the land was complete.

Fairy apple turkeys sweat lodge

There was one more example of animal medicine power.

On the last day of negotiations post inspection period, I was taking down the sweat lodge for good. Annie called with some final information, and I was taking a deep breath, because this was it. SOLD!

I looked down at the sacred mound. A two foot long garter snake emerged from the rocks, and raised its head. It stayed there throughout the conversation. I took it to mean: Get on with this! Shed your skin. Shed this house and land. Time for rebirth!

Snake on mound 1Snake says time to shed. Rebirth!

And so with the help of the animals, I made the transition.

The animals said GO! They called in the new owners, a wonderful young family who is farming the land, and they are also pretty excited about all the ceremony we did there for so many years.

The last week as we were moving and getting ready for the closing, it even felt that the land was kicking me off! The land was ready to welcome the new custodians. My work here in Hope is finished.

It is done.

Last sunset 2My Last Sunset on Hatchet Mountain

Through the dark of winter, I felt alone and homesick.

I have felt bereft and ungrounded walking on concrete every day.

I miss my fires and the sweat lodge.

At first I was in “transplant shock” as a seedling will be when first repotted.

Now I am feeling my roots grow strong, and new leaves and shoots and buds forming.

I am enjoying life in Belfast, living in town. I walk everywhere. It is fun.
This time in town is important for gestation. Something new and big is wanting to be born, and we'll all have to wait and see what it is. I am prepared for this transition to take a year or two. I am ready if it happens faster than that.

Sales pendingLast Sunset reflected in the windows of the house

For the foreseeable future, there will be no more sweat lodge ceremonies.

It is an unfolding revelation whether I will be called to build a lodge and hold that ceremony in the future. I listen for the voice of God and for the voice of the land to guide me in this matter.

I will keep the website up during the transition. I will maintain the email list, though I will not be sending regular emails.

I will tell you when I move again, and if/when we resume ceremonies open for the community.

From the deepest place in my womb and heart, I thank you for being part of my community. Those who have joined us for ceremony, who have supported the Peace Chamber, who have shared the news with others, you have been my reason to keep going.

You have blessed me beyond measure. I hope that Spirit has blessed you and the sacred land in Hope, Maine, has blessed you.

Thank you for holding me through all the changes.

For those reading who always wanted to come to a lodge and it never worked out, I appreciate you too. Stay in touch. We may yet light the sacred fire in a new location!

The Sacred Fire in my Heart will always be lit for you!


Burnlodgefire1Last sacred fire at Hope Peace Ceremonies: Burning the Lodge

I'd love to hear from you – your thoughts, your ideas, your prayers and your blessings for the repotting.

If you have a lead on beautiful land for sale, please think of me and email me the information.

My best email for something like that is

I am excited about Waldo County near Belfast, and I am open to other locations, because ultimately, I will go where Spirit has prepared my new and roomier pot!

Another note: We are looking at new ideas around community, land custodianship, and ways of working together. If you have expertise, or desire to learn more about this, reply to this email and let me know.

I'll invite you to our conversations my friends and I are having on these matters.

That's the news from Hope Peace Chamber.

I wish you good heath, abundance, and many blessings!

Here are some pictures of my new  home!

FootbridgeFootbridge over the Passy at Sunset


Sail boats over winterSail Boats overwintering






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