Pallas Athene: Intellectual, Decisive, Strategic, and Goddess

Pallas Athene, Goddess of War, born fully armored from the forehead of her father Zeus, without interference of woman. 

I always include Pallas Athene in the chart, but I don't like her very much.  She is patriarchy's daughter, signalling the defeat of the Feminine, and complete co-opting of Divine Feminine Power by the patriarchy.

I am still working out what she means in the Divine Feminine Astrology Readings.

Then, the 2 of Swords keeps showing up in Tarot readings. In the Dark Goddess Tarot, Athena is the 2 of Air (Swords) card. 


Pallas Athene DG

From the Dark Goddess Tarot by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

Now I have to pay attention. 

Two of Swords means make a decision and act now. 

That's Pallas Athene, all right.  

She stands for mental strength and problem solving.  Pallas Athene can show you where to be attentive to your mindset and where your mental powers are most potent. 

Pallas Athene is in my second house of self-esteem. I have to be vigilant in how I think and speak about myself. Pallas Athene reminds me to speak only magnificently of myself. 

One of the most challenging mindset areas I see in women is decision making. Being decisive tends to scare the hell out of some of us, probably because we don't like to say no, and YES, well the right yes can change your life!

Where she shows up in Divine Feminine Astrology Readings, she indicates where mental strength, a mindset upgrade, and discipline are most needed. Pallas Athene is solution-oriented

And she's a Goddess, the patroness of the City of Athens in Ancient Greece. A replica of her temple, the Parthenon, stands in my home state capitol of Nashville, Tennessee.

So pay attention to Pallas Athene in your chart, and do as she says. She gives backbone to the planets she's relating to in your chart. You can count on her.  She is a winner. 

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The Goddess Archetypes like Pallas Athene, Vesta, and the Liliths (all three of them) will illuminate your life as you've never seen before. 

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Be decisive like Pallas Athene and act now. 


Lilith: Embrace the Demon to Heal Trauma

Oh Lilith! You are feminine RAGE personified. 

The Divine Lilith has many faces.

She's Adam's First Wife – the one who would not submit to him.

She's Inanna's handmaiden, who lures men and gods into the temples of the sacred prostitutes.

She's known as baby killer, man emasculator, woman temptor … DEMON!

You find Lilith in the Triple Goddess – she has her maiden, mother, and crone aspects.

I see her as a permaculture goddess, because she was formed of fertile earth, rich humus, and ready to be seeded by life!

Where you find Lilith, you find rage unleashed! She is the roar of the tiger, the howl of the wolf, and the silent deadly wings of the owl.


Lilith DG

From the Dark Goddess Tarot by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince


Lilith refused to lie beneath Adam during sex, because as a Divine Being, she was equal to Man and to God. She would lie on top!

Rather than submit, she abandoned Eden and lived as an outcast. When God sent his angels to escort her back to Adam, she would not come. Her punishment was to give birth to thousands of children and see every one of them die.

Her revenge is to sneak into the homes of the god-fearing, and kill their babies in the night. She enters the dreams of men to shame them with the sin of wet dreams.

Patriarchy portrays her thus, and mythologizes her as a demon, temptress, murderer.

Lilith knows we must embrace our demonic selves to heal and mature.

Lilith knows that the birthright of our orgasm and pleasure must be reclaimed through the return of the demonized Goddess. 

Lilith stands for soul-deep integrity. Lilith knows that the patriarchy stole her goddess birthright, and she will not be silent until she wins it back.

Lilith in Astrology

Of the five Lilith points in the zodiac, I usually work with three of them in the Divine Feminine Astrology Reading:

Lilith Star, the archetype of the Demonized Goddess.

She is big, fierce, and ferocious, like a rushing storm on the horizon. She is not evil, she seeks justice for herself and the Feminine. She does not wait for permission. She will take you over and take you out if your healing requires it. Welcome her. She is power that will change your life.

Lilith Asteroid, the disowned feminine within. When the Goddess became a demon, the feminine wound broke open. Having a female body, female sexuality, female solutions to problems – all this became broken, wounded, not enough. Women had to disappear to be acceptable in society. Lilith asteroid shows you how to re-own your disown feminine power.

Black Moon Lilith is the Universal Feminine that emerges on the planet as form. She is the Great Creatrix, the original Lilith who is the mother of us all. She moves in mysterious ways. She is a vortex, a portal. Every woman alive embodies her. Where she lands in your chart points to your highest creative purpose and calling.

Lilith aspects are among the most potent for healing sexual trauma, either passed down through your family, or part of your personal story. I look for the relationship between Lilith and the planet Nessus. Nessus is a centaur who denotes a legacy of abuse and how you can break the chain. His grim message is the portal to healing.

Get to know your Liliths and Nessus.

Is abuse of any kind part of your lineage? (The answer is probably yes, because that is the human condition, alas.)

Are you taking steps to heal and restore after abuse?

The insights you receive through a Divine Feminine Astrology Reading can help you reveal what has remained hidden, find new pathways to wholeness, and integrate your healing process.

I am trained and experienced as a sexual healer and priestess. I can step into this sensitive material with you, guided by the information in your chart.

You want the Demoness as your ally in this life. Your pleasure and power require it!


Vesta: Your Erotic Fire Fuels Your Sacred Purpose

Vesta is the Goddess the Hearth, the keeper of the sacred flame of the home and the temple. She is a Virgin goddess, representing the complete wholeness of the Divine Feminine.  

In Roman times, her priestesses were Keepers of the Eternal Flame of Rome in the Temple of Vesta. Their duty to maintain the flame was so important to the health of the state that the Vestal Virgins held high status in the Empire. 

They had to remain "virgin" on pain of death until their 30 year term of service was complete. The Goddess' power and  her priestesses were thus co-opted to maintain the power of Rome. 

Vesta DG

From the Dark Goddess Tarot by  Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

This image of Vesta emphasizes her Virgin aspect. Remember that Virgin means a " woman whole unto herself". 

She carries the Sacred Flame. The red center of the flame resembles a serpent, a clue that this fire is sourced in her erotic power.

Holding the flame in her hand implies active power. In this picture, all of the erotic energy is being channeled into the priestess function-- service and devotion. 

Vesta Archetype teaches that your sacred erotic fire feeds your spiritual life. It powers your devotion to your life purpose.

Your erotic and sexual energy belongs to you and you can use it for your nourishment and to serve and create at your highest spiritual level. 

Vesta in Astrology

Vesta is one of my favorite Goddess Archetypes in the astrology readings I give my private clients.

When I work with Vesta on a chart, I reach back to her ancient, pre-patriarchy symbolism and power. She is the Priestess, holding space, creating a passage for people to contact the sacred.  

She is also Virgin - a woman whole unto herself. Her inner hearth, her womb, contains the eternal flame of sacred devotion. 
People with strong Vesta in their natal chart, or who are in a significant Vesta transit, may be called to hold space for others healing, often within personal relationships. Strong boundaries are important, lest the Vesta person become sacrificial in devotion to the healing mission. 

The sacred erotic flame feeds and nourishes. A strong Vesta placement can point the way to your purpose and how you best serve. It can also show you how to nourish yourself and what boundaries to hold in place. 

Depending on the house and relationships to other planets, Vesta can be very specific in her guidance as you grow into your divine purpose. 

Do you feel called to a great mission, but can't see the way forward?

That's why I created the Desire and Destiny Intensive.

Time spent with the oracle of your astrology chart and a guide to interpret the Divine Feminine archetypes present at your birth gives you clarity and insight. I help you see connections, pathways, and opportunities that are hidden by your fears or limited belief systems. I also show you where you have resources, talents, and power to support  your manifestation. 

It begins with a natal chart reading focused on the Goddess points. There are two follow up sessions to allow integration and deeper revelation so you can take action and make changes based on your reading. 

If it feels too hard to be great, Vesta can reveal an easier path

Learn more and enroll in Desire and Destiny Intensive here. 

The Sacred Womb Gives Birth to Christ Consciousness


Blessings and joy in this sacred time of year!

In the Northern Hemisphere, we have just celebrated the Winter Solstice, honoring the darkness of the longest night, and celebrating the return of the Light. Now we are celebrating Christmas.

The Christmas season commemorates the birth of a Child, and the Child is the center of ritual.

But the Story of Christmas is really a story of the Womb of the Divine Feminine. The Sacred Womb that gives birth to a Holy Child is a story older than Christianity. Mother Mary and her son Jesus belong to a long history of Goddesses who give miraculous birth to a Son who will change the world.

Christianity chose to negate the sexual power of the Feminine by making its Holy Mother a Virgin, who "had no sin". 

We know the truth: The Sacred Birth is the culmination of the Sacred Sexual Power of the Goddess and the God in Holy Union.

The truth is embedded in Nature and our own bodies. It is time to remember.

The Dark Night of the Winter Solstice is pregnant with the Light of the returning Sun.

The Full Moon gives birth to the manifest intentions we planted at the New Moon.

All mothers give birth to holy children with the power to change the world!

Galaxy Birth by Carla Sanders

Whatever spiritual traditions and symbols you cherish, when you hear songs of the Holy Infant, remember the Womb that carried the baby, and served as portal between the worlds for the Child to come to this time and space.

We all came here through a holy womb.


~ this Sacred Womb that is always carrying us, always birthing us, and through which we give birth to all that we make ~ Children, Art, Healing, Food, Peace.

As you enjoy the lights this holiday season, remember where you come from and honor her Darkness and Her Light: the Womb of the Divine Feminine.

I wish you a joyful day of celebration and connection to the eternal power of LOVE!

Ice drop plain

May the Light be with YOU!




Dream of Protecting the Earth and all the Children

Last night I dreamed of my Mother, Nancy. My brothers and I were also in the dream as young adults.

My mother was a high school teacher, and she was 5 months pregnant. She was in a rough school, and she was being bullied by students. White blond male students.

Her pregnancy made her even more vulnerable, and her position was dangerous. She was on bed rest and also could not stop her job.

My brothers and I were worried and wanted to protect her. My father was not in the dream at all.

At some point in the dream, I knew I would have to help feed the baby, even though in the dream I had not yet been pregnant myself. There was an infant under the bed that I could nurse to help my milk come in. When my sibling was born I would be ready to feed him or her.

Galaxy Baby

As I woke I knew that my dream world had taken scenes from my real life to tell a story about the Earth.

My mother did have a dangerous pregnancy that required bed rest and resulted in a 5 month miscarriage. Her health was never the same after that, and two years later she had a hysterectomy.

In my dream, my mother represents the Earth. The baby is the life-giving, life-sustaining capacity of the Earth. My role as a woman is to put myself on the line to nurture and feed the life on Earth. My brothers represent the men and women who are tasked with defending the Earth. This would be all of us, truly.

The bullies at school, who I visualized in the dream as white supremacist master race types, are the patriarchal threats to the Earth. Their amplified persecution of a pregnant woman is also a reference to how oppression of reproductive rights for women is a symbol and symptom of the wholesale rape of the Earth.

That my mother is a image of woman past childbearing, and I in the dream am still a “maiden”, it tells me that this birthing and nurturing wisdom also belongs to the Crone and the Maiden, as well as the Woman/Mother.

This dream is a Call.

A Call and a reminder of my purpose and mission:

I am the Cosmic Crone, mentor, teacher, and initiator of women into their Womb Wisdom.

I train women and men to live in service of the Divine Feminine, and to live intimately with the Earth.

We are keepers, defenders, protectors, and lovers of the Earth.

This work begins as inner work and deep healing from the ravages of the patriarchy.

Then we step into partnership with one another and our divine Mother, Gaia, the Earth.

Come to Womb Wisdom Portal and let's do this work of deep love and transformation together.

Art credit:
“Galaxy Baby” by Carla Sanders

Honoring my Ancestors this Samhain

In the Samhain season, we honor our Ancestors. I honor my DNA parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, all the way back to the beginning of time.

The Ancestry I wish to honor in this season comes through the lineages of my teachers who have taught me and healed me, my Spiritual Ancestors.

I feel such gratitude for the priestesses and medicine people who have been my guides into the Divine Feminine.

I honor the priestess of my initiation, Nut Tmu-Ankh Butterfly Dreaming, who mentored me in the Temple of Wombn 10 Moon initiation and Orgasmic Alchemy. 

I honor my teacher Grandfather Joseph Rael, who taught me ceremony, and shared visionary teachings of the Earth and Heavens. He gave us the medicine wheel and the dance vision quests and showed how to be a true human, a medicine bag with eyes.

I honor my teachers of sexual healing and bodywork, including Nut, Hawk, Joseph Kramer, and Jeff Chaplin, along with other colleagues and mentors.

I honor ALisa Starkweather and the Priestess Path Lineage for deepening my direct experience of sisterhood and being in circle with women.

I honor my original spiritual lineage of Southern Baptist Christianity, and the farm community where I was raised. There I created a personal relationship with Divine, in the person of Yeshua, the Christ. He remains my spirit guide, my beloved masculine deity, with me in all spiritual explorations and revelations.

I honor Nature, who was my first teacher, who grounded my childhood spiritual quest firmly between the earth, water fire, air, and the vast universe represented by the Stars. You called me when I was a child, and guided my steps through life passages and teachers.

I honor so many coaches, teachers, and authors in universal law and manifesting, witchcraft and activism, permaculture and nutrition, art and astrology. They are too numerous to mention, and their number grows, for as long as I live, I will have mentors and teachers.

Ancient onesAncient Ones, by Carla Sanders

Sometimes people get on a high horse about spiritual teachers and coaches and mentors. There is a belief out there that people should not charge money for spiritual teaching or work. That granting a certificate in the Goddess is ridiculous. That we learn directly from the Divine Feminine, from the Earth, through our bodies.

We do. And we have to learn to remember how.

This Southern Baptist girl didn't know the Divine Feminine was my healer.

I just wanted my pain to stop. I needed someone to show me the way. I was a deer in the headlights at first, and then SHE dawned inside of me. She did become my teacher, authentically, in my own time, as soon as I was ready for her. Often SHE spoke through the voice of my mentors.

I know this: without my spiritual teachers, mentors, coaches – whoever was in my life at the right moment – without them, I would be dead or very, very sick. I could not have navigated my transformation alone.

I have gladly invested money with teachers and journeys and to go to ceremonies, as well as books and courses. The priestess has to eat too!

Yes, in my healing I needed embodiment, pleasure, boundaries, deep water, naked swimming, sweat, blood, orgasms, and my feet in the muddy earth. I couldn't have gotten there without teachers.

Numb, disconnected and desperate... it was the blood and mud that led me to my first teacher.

It was sweat that led me to my second.

It was the Spider who led me to become a teacher and mentor and guide for others. I charge people money for that. It is how I earn my living.

If ALL it took to embody the Divine Feminine was walking barefoot on the earth, the patriarchy would never have gotten a foot hold.

I know that patriarchy co-opting and packaging the Divine Feminine is a thing. It may be harmful. It may be blasphemy.

And ~

What if SHE has a sense of humor, and may be more amused that angry that someone is handing out certificates in her name?

A certificate could be a lifeline to a sick unto death woman or man who needs that first gasp of air before they can feel their body, and know SHE lives in them already.

I choose to believe that the Divine Feminine is stronger than all that. SHE works through all things, all circumstances, and all ways. I have to believe it, or I could not wake up and work in this world everyday.

I honor the Divine Feminine who lives through me, as me, and who reveals her truth to me in every relationship, every inspiration, every teacher, every passage from Day to Night, Summer to Winter, Life to Death.

Grandmother Spider, Snake, Eagle, Beaver, Great Blue Heron, Fish

The great circle of ancestors who have shaped me through many lifetimes.

I honor you all.

Blessed Samhain!




Women of Power Say YES!

“In the dark hours of Saturday morning, I saw a vision.” This happened three years ago, right after the San Bernardino, CA, mass murder. It is the story of my Cone of Power Painting.
First, I must acknowledge this horror:
On Saturday morning, at the very moment we were gathered in the Womb Wisdom Portal to womb center at the Sun-Venus conjunction, a gunman was shooting people at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. This happened days after a racist killing spree at a supermarket in Kentucky, and a politically motivated bomb scare.
I am devastated by this violence and the national environment that promotes and provokes these hate crimes.
I am angry that the so-called leaders of my country and much of the world spread hate and encourage the violence.
I want to stop them!
Then I remember my power and why I am here. I remember why this group, Womb Wisdom Portal, is here.
Cone of Power by Carla Sanders web
Let me tell you a story about another Saturday morning in the aftermath of violence.
I couldn't sleep because I was cold, and I was too tired to get up for a hot bath to warm up.
As I lay awake between midnight and 1 am, I heard the words in my head “Cone of Power”. They repeated over and over.
I began to see the image of a great cone of light rising from the surface of the earth, coming to a point at a great height.
I saw at the base of the Cone of Light a circle of women, their wombs lit up. They were the source or channel of this Cone of Power.
I felt that I was in ceremony with women around the world, as I lay in this vision, my inner hearth afire, my womb lit up, my core open and breathing light.
I saw the light and the women, and many circles of women around the world lighting up, giving their energy.
I saw men surrounding the women, protecting and guarding them as they worked their magic.
I saw all the women doing healing, teaching, and coaching with women, and I saw how each healer, leader, and woman is carrying her own necessary medicine.
I saw the pain and despair, the violence and blood, war and hatred, and I knew that all of us have medicine needed to heal this suffering, and bring wholeness and fertility back to the earth.
I saw how my work with sexuality and womb wisdom is about the goddess embodied in each woman.
I saw the healers who have hurt wombs, blocked sexuality, shame, shadow, darkness, numbness where there wants to be LIGHT and FIRE!
*** You are the ones whose power is most needed now. ***
I saw how the Divine Feminine is calling of us together, working as women and men to raise that Cone of Power and link together in circles of light, all over the earth, all over the Cosmos.
I saw that she is calling Leaders, Healers, and Teachers of Divine Feminine Truth. I heard Her calling Initiators of Women and Men into the power of their medicine gifts.
As I felt the light flow though me into the Cosmic Ceremony, I saw what I have been resisting.
It is time for me to teach the Leaders and initiate the Healers.
No more hesitation. No more resistance. Now. YES.
I have been saying YES for Three Years.
Saying YES included selling the house I had lived in for 25 years.
Saying YES included a renewal of my own initiation into leadership in the Priestess Path.
Saying YES included purchasing this new land on the Beaver Pond.
Saying YES includes solitude, silence, listening...
Saying YES includes painting this iconic image of my vision, guided by the Cosmic Crone!
Saying YES includes creating this Womb Wisdom Portal to gather the women in the courtyard of the Temple.
Saying YES includes asking YOU to say YES!
Will you say YES to becoming a woman of POWER?
Art credit: "Cone of Power" by Carla Sanders

My interview on the Shift Network's #MeToo Dialogues today

Today is the final heart-opening day of #MeTooDialogues.

My interview on astrology as a resource for people healing a lineage of abuse is on this afternoon. I hope you will Tonya and me for this conversation.

If you haven't RSVP'd yet, click here now!


Carla poster


Here’s the schedule:


  • We’ll begin at 9:00am Pacific with actor Cathy Curtin and Tonya exchanging thoughts about the pressures and difficulties of being in a workplace where there are sexually violating behaviors.

  • Next up… activist, storyteller, and theater artist Ianne Fields Stewartdescribes their challenge in owning their black, queer, and mixed-race transgender identity with love and magnetism.

  • Monique Wilson, global director of One Billion Rising, has lived with blood cancer for seven years and shows how she’s dedicated her work to the healing practices that transform women's lives in a positive way.

  • You won’t want to miss Kasia Urbaniak, founder and CEO of The Academy, as she and and Tonya explore the "freeze" response around sexual abuse — as well as the intricacies of power dynamics. Kasia’s acuteness in addressing this topic is truly stunning.

  • Actor and singer MJ Rodriguez brings her experience as a transgender female to a vibrant conversation about the status of transgender issues in our world today.

  • Founder of Cosmic Crone Enterprises, Diva Carla, talks about a planet called Nessus and points to significant Nessus aspects and transits that can provide clarity about the patterns, wounds, and challenges caused by sexual abuse.

  • Co-author of The Hostage ChildMichelle Etlin, uncovers her personal experience and research in the field of custody battles to elucidate what she sees as the "anti-mother" bias that plays out in the court system.

  • And for the grand finale of The #MeToo DialoguesRudy Mazzocchi, an expert in the field of biotechnology, focuses on biotech solutions to sexual predation. Wow!


Join this necessary and vibrant conversation that will inspire and support you to create lasting change in your life and your community!

RSVP: #MeToo Dialogues

What do you REQUIRE to Thrive?

The energy of the Cancer New Moon and solar eclipse is whooshing us with some big power!

This weekend I will attend Healing Turtle Island ceremonies hosted by Sherri Mitchell - Wena'hamu'gwasit of the Penobscot people of Maine.

She writes: “Our ancestors tell us that the Eastern Door is where we will gather to begin the healing of this land. It is here in the East where first contact was made between the Native peoples and the newcomers. It is here that the first blood was spilled between our people, and the long history of violence began. And, it is here on this same land that the healing must begin.

Our prophecies tell us that when the people of the world rise up and begin standing for the protection of life, a great healing will begin. In order for that healing to take root, the people must return to the place where the initial wounding on this land took place, and join together with one heart and one mind to heal the wounds that they carry within them, and those carried by Mother Earth.”

Send your prayers for the Healing of Turtle Island. I’ll carry them with me.

Read more HERE, and if you are in driving distance, you are invited to come to the ceremony.


Sacred Boundaries Part 2: What do you REQUIRE to thrive?

See Sacred Boundaries Part 1: What does it mean to have boundaries? Click Here.

Boundaries are an expression of our sovereignty over our personhood, body, and life.

Today's lesson on boundaries homes in on sovereign.

Sovereign is the truth of yourself that you must claim as you set your boundaries.

You are sovereign. You are Queen, Empress, or King of your resources, especially time and energy.

I invite you to upgrade your thinking about boundaries to a higher vibration.

Consider what you REQUIRE in your life so you can be your highest and best self.


My priestess Nut Tmu-Ankh used to ask me this question:

What do you REQUIRE to fulfill your mission?

I'd stare into space like a deer in headlights. I had no idea what she was talking about. I barely had a sense of myself as a person worthy of having basic needs met. I was only beginning to allow myself to name my heart's desires.

Am I allowed to REQUIRE something?

As in I must have it; I command it; I have a right to expect it.

Circuits BLOWN!

In the past few months, I find myself asking my clients this question too, because I know it will challenge them as it challenged me.

I know this sense of requiring is how they will break free.

Many women are new to taking up space in the world, asking for what they want, and raising their expectations of how people treat them. In other words, setting boundaries.

Their boundaries land somewhere between “I don't need that much to be OK”, and outright martyrdom and self-sacrifice. One of the side effects can be desperate overcompensation. They tend to lock out the very things they desire and need to feel supported and fulfilled.

How many wise, gifted, and mission-inspired women do I know who settle for crumbs, and deplete themselves doing Divine work without the support and resources they require!

Doing God's work on your energetic dime!

What does that yield? Lots of overworked, depleted, angry women who give up on the work they love and came to Earth to do. Who settle for less than they really want and deserve.

It's blasphemy!

Divine Love did not place you on this earth to share your jewels without the soul nourishment, finances, love, and companionship you need to do the work.

You can forgive yourself for internalizing the idea of service as self-sacrifice.

You learned how to be this way in your mother’s womb.

The Patriarchy has grown fat on the physical, spiritual, and emotional labor of women, especially black and brown women.

You can change your life. When you change, the world will change.

Try this on:

What happens when you stop thinking of need and start thinking of require?

Take a minute right now to list all the things that would make it possible for you to show up powerfully as you, express your highest gifts, feel supported and appreciated for your work.

You list may have things like a beautiful place to live, good food, pleasure, deep sexual connection, high paying clients, money to continue your own spiritual growth, flowers!

Notice where you back-peddle on this. Where are you in the habit of setting or not expecting you'll have what you want.

Where do you still feel unworthy?

YOU as sovereign of your life have the right and the power to command the Universe to supply your needs and desires.

You let the Universe know what you require to be your best, highest, and fulfilled expression of you.

It is a pre-requisite for setting your boundaries in THRIVE mode.

Does this feel really hard for you?

You may need some deep healing, womb clearing, and practice with someone to guide you.

Let's talk about how I can support you.

You can book a no strings chat with me on my calendar

and let me know what you'd like to talk about.

Part 1: Sacred Boundaries - What does it mean to have boundaries?

Logo gold cream
Boundaries are up in my world these days. Clients, friends, myself are all feeling the shock of having boundaries violated in some way.

It is time to write a series of articles about boundaries:
What they are and are not
Different kinds of boundaries
How they work
How you find your own boundaries and hold them.
Boundaries are not one thing, they are many things.

Some boundaries are hard lines that you do not allow crossing at all.
Some boundaries are frontiers that are areas to explore for growth and adventure and fun.
Some boundaries belong to others in our lives and we learn to respect them as we want to be respected.

Some boundaries are unconscious; sometimes we don’t know they have been violated, we just feel violated, and we think there is something wrong with us because of our feelings. Unhealthy, insecure, or wicked people may take advantage of that.

Some boundaries are conscious, meaning we know what we won’t tolerate and protect that boundary conscientiously, even fiercely.

Boundaries usually mean NO, and boundaries are a prerequisite for YES.

In the Sex, Wealth, and Voice trinity that I teach, boundaries are an aspect of VOICE.
Boundaries require you use your voice to articulate them, first to yourself, and then to others around you.

Boundaries require you to speak up when someone is violating a boundary.

And in many relationships, you have to use your words -- and your voice -- to negotiate the boundaries. It's a vital skill that makes relationships satisfying and fulfilling on every level.

The tragedy is that most of us do not learn to know and own and express our boundaries. Most of us have our boundaries routinely violated from birth in ways that are considered normal socialization. Some of us have our boundaries horrendously violated in criminal, abusive ways, and our journey to wholeness is even more challenging.

We spend our adult lives constructing boundaries. Sometimes they are healthy and serve us well. Sometimes they are unhealthy and cause us to repeat the patterns of disempowerment or abuse we grew up with.

A broad definition of boundaries that I like:

To be a sovereign woman who lives in your divine feminine power, you must master boundaries.

That’s why the work I do with women in claiming your powers of sex, wealth, and voice includes a lot of boundary awareness, discovery, and negotiation in each of the powers.

Boundaries cannot be overestimated!

Over the next few moon cycles, I’ll be writing more about the different aspects of boundaries, as well as doing some Facebook live streams in my group Sexy Wealthy Divas. (Join us!)

Boundaries are power! Use them well. 


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