Phenomenal Touch in Maine
Phenomenal Naked Coffee by the Woodstove

Naked Coffee by the Woodstove

72 lotusnude A Friday Feature of Orgasmic Alchemy blog is Conversation over Naked Coffee. In Summer we love to have our coffee naked in the garden, or on the screen porch. But it's Winter in Maine, and there is a howling snowstorm blowing outside. Let's huddle up the woodstove with a steaming cuppa and chat a while. Yes, you can have a blanket, this is a drafty old farm house. Throw another log on the fire. That's good. Thanks!

So what do you want to talk about? Yes, you get to choose the topic, ask some questions. OK, I'll start. Let's get warmed up, back right up the woodstove till our bums turn pink. My friend Pat shared this talk by Eve Ensler on TED, called Embrace your Inner Girl.  Let's watch together then talk about it in the comments below.

Wow! That's what Naked Coffee is all about! Getting naked with the truth, our feelings! What was the most powerful part of this video for you? Did you read through some of the comments? What are those folks resisting? Did this talk scare them? How are you feeling right now? Please sign in with typepad, facebook or twitter accounts, and leave your comments below. Can I heat up your cup there? More cream?