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Our Addiction to Tiger Woods’ “Sex Addiction” «

What I do know is that, after 30 years as a psychotherapist and sex therapist, I’ve never seen a sex addict. I’ve seen people who were obsessive-compulsive, bi-polar, depressed, anxious, or borderline. I’ve seen people who were selfish or unconsciously enraged; who lacked empathy, who hated their spouse, or who specifically didn’t want a divorce but were withering from the lack of touching.


Thanks to Steven Otero who pointed to Dr. Marty Klein's blog on Facebook. We talked for a bit about Tiger Woods "apology" at our potluck dinner tonight. I didn't see it, but what I heard from others sickens me. A check list apology to the nation for behavior that ought to have been his private business, for a psychological diagnosis that Dr. Klein says probably does not exist, and for personal failures that do not conform to what we think he ought to be. Heaven help the Hero who falls from grace with the public.
Tiger Woods surely has some work to do, spiritual, emotional, sexual healing, as we all do. But what he's being put through by the media won't get him one jot closer.

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