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Eros of Manifesting: Transit of Venus

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Eros of Manifesting: The Energy of the Transit of Venus
Complimentary Teleclass Recording!
It was a fun call!

Click the link below to listen to the recording of Diva Carla sharing about the energy of the astrological event The Transit of Venus. The physical transit begins Tuesday, June 5, at 5:30 pm eastern time, and will last nearly 7 hours. The energy effects are already active, and will remain active for some time to come. Check out the audio presentation by Diva Carla and research the links at the bottom of this post for more insights and breaking news of the Power of Love, brought to you by Venus and the Sun.

Download VenusTransit-0603.mp3, an audio presentation by Diva Carla (14805.8K)

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There's a severe imbalance on the planet, and there are many spiritual theories going around as to why that might be. Instead of treating the sex and gender issue as a symptom, I would propose that it might be a lot closer to the cause. ~Eric Francis

I agree with this quote from Eric Francis’s recent article, The Transit of Venus: Embracing the Solar Feminine. I take the matter even further: the cure won’t happen unless there is sexual healing within each human being, and each society on the planet.  

This is my mission with Orgasmic Alchemy healing.

I believe this sexual healing work is necessary to heal our collective relationship with the Earth. It is necessary to our survival that our entire society, economy, and governance repair a broken and failed erotic relationship with the Earth.

Sexual healing is required that we may restore our intimacy with Nature and our placement in it as human beings. This is the work of Orgasmic Alchemy, and the mission of Hope Peace Ceremonies, the land on which Orgasmic Alchemy happens. It is the signature energy of Hope Peace Chamber.

Sexual healing must spread through the world, and fast!  This is the reason I help people who are also healers, teachers, and leaders in business and healing, so that they can bring this conscious healing to their fields of genius.

That’s why the Transit of Venus is such an important opportunity for using orgasmic energy for conscious creation. The conjunction of the Sun and Venus is flooding each of us with eroticized energy: the stuff that cause the Big Bang, that is released when egg and sperm merge, or a seed germinates. It is firing up what we think about and giving it form. So we have to be really conscious about what we are thinking.

 I wish there were words to convey the degree and power of this Eros effect. The language is like what most of you have heard in the “law of attraction” literature. But it different! It’s megatonage!  The most I can do is offer an experience.

That’s why I am holding complimentary teleclass on Sunday evening. Taste the power of Orgasmic Alchemy and learn a practice that will help you attune to the energy of the Transit. Together we will focus the erotic energy already active to a specific situation, the Fukishima nuclear reactor in Japan.

Download VenusTransit-0603.mp3, an audio presentation by Diva Carla (14805.8K)

PS. Eric Francis is the founder and chief contributer to the Astrology news site: PlanetWaves.net. He has compiled a List of resources so you can learn more about this Transit energy. The article I will refer to in our call is based on his interview with astrologer David Tresemer, Opening to Eros. Eric's audio interview with David Tresemer is in this article: Potent Forces at Work.