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How to Cross the Threshold into the Age of the Divine Feminine


moon and jupiterTomorrow is the last Full Moon of 2012.  We have just come through a series of portals that mark the transition of the AGE. We have crossed over wtihout a doubt into the return of the Divine Feminine!

This year since the 2011 last Capricorn Solstice has been a big year for portals-- with new moons, transits of Venus, solar and lunar eclipses, conjunctions-- all carrying a swift intensity.

It has felt like the labor pangs of the Cosmic Womb. The Great Mother is giving birth to Herself.  The portals are contractions. We awakening humans are the baby. We are collectively birthing ourselves into the returning Age of the Divine Feminine. Give thanks for all that has brought you here to this TIME, this LIFE.

Celebrate the return of the Great Mother. The Divine Masculine greets her with open arms.

Today I wish you bright blessings, and deep joy. May your sojourn in the womb today be released into orgasmic birth! Will you commit to being an explorer of an uncharted, brand new You!

It is time to release what you have completed this year. Your great work--Send it out into the world to serve! Your pain and sorrow -- honor and let go. Your disempowering beliefs and habits, thank them and turn your back on them and walk forward.

What are you creating in the New Year? What dream are you no longer willing to defer? What desire MUST be met deliciously and abundantly? What are you tolerating that you will no longer tolerate?
Break. Free. Now.
Change your life Now. You have the will and power to decide what that transformation what you will create.

I'll share some tips on transformation I've learned in this extraordinary year of 2012.

1. Decide what you want and go for it.  --nothing happens until you make a decision!
2. Change your environment. Clear away what would stop you or does not help you have your desire. --This includes clutter, people, thoughts, fear.
3. Surround yourself only with the people, ideas, and mind inputs that support  your desire--this one is especially important because the collective creates a powerful vibration.
4. Invest in coaching and high level community so you can be with people who are also reaching for and achieving their desire.
5. Don't Stop till you have what you want!

You can do it! I did!

Today is a great day to make a decision that in the coming New Year, you will have what you want. There is nothing stopping you. No excuse.

Now go have yourself a pleasure-filled, high vibration day!