Does Life on Earth Depend on Sexual Healing?
Interview with Jeff Brown

Charting a Course through the Void

I had the privilege of supporting a private initiation client on retreat while the solar eclipse of May 9 was in progress.  The eclipse amplified the energy of our four days of ceremony, transforming each of us beyond our expectations.

The retreat completed, and the eclipse door closing behind me, I grounded myself with touch, dance, water, tree-hugging, pleasure.  Yet I dropped into the Void, a sense of pregnant emptiness  enveloping me.

In this disconcertingly pleasurable state, I happened upon a radio interview with Jeff Brown, author of the famous “Apology to the Divine Feminine: from a warrior in transition.”

Jeff talked about the Awakening Masculine, especially the embodied awakening masculine. In the last minutes of the broadcast, I asked a question about society’s rejection of the embodied masculine, in fear of male sexuality and violence. Jeff’s answer was so rich and tantalizing that I invited him to join me for an extended conversation on Embodiment of the Awakening Masculine. He has agreed and in about three weeks, we are getting together on the phone, and we’re inviting you to join us live. (Watch for the details next week.)

After the radio show, I had a strong hit to read Jeff’s book, SoulShaping: A Journey of Self Creation. It is the most articulate, real and naked description of the winding road that is the spiritual path I have ever read. It was perfect companion in the Void.

On a sojourn in the Void, the feeling of being off course, lost without a map, can be overwhelming. Sometimes all you can see are the shadows, and you may find that you are beating up on yourself, wallowing in negativity, drowning in regret. The questions may feel unanswerable and therefore unbearable.

The gift of SoulShaping was that in true masculine way, Jeff shined a light on the shadows. As he revealed his own struggles, backslides, and stubborn dark places, I could see mine. In the light, I could see them as opportunities to wake up and grow; for deeper surrender and release of old patterns; a chance to forgive myself, and make a new choice. Exactly the medicine of this eclipse sequence.

Stalk by Carla Sanders
Stalk ©2013 Carla Sanders

Tapping into the Gifts of the Masculine

We humans relate to one another as men and women, and we relate to the Masculine and Feminine energy within us. There is a congruence between how we relate as people, and how we relate to the inner man and woman that is within the Self. If we are all to wake up, waking up starts inside.

The gifts of the masculine are illumination, ignition, focus, and direction. He's kind of like a rocket scientist, or the archer I wrote about a few weeks ago. He lights a fire under us to get us moving. He takes aim, and gives focus and direction. It is especially important for a woman to get to know her inner masculine and enlist his gifts in service of her desires, as well as meeting him authentically in other people.

Here is a meditation to activate your inner Awakened Masculine:

Become still. Feel your body. Give yourself permission to get very clear about what you desire. Hold the vision and the feeling of your desire in your mind, heart, and womb. Get very specific about one desire: what you want, and why you want it. Imagine your Inner King, in whatever form He wants to appear. Tell him your desire. Give him leave to help you get what you want. When he tells you what to do, follow his directions.

The Full Moon brings this amazing opening energy for manifesting desire into form. Activating your masculine energy --  illumination, focus, direction, and action -- will bring you the results you desire.

If your inner masculine shows up in a challenging way, contact me. It could be a clue to where you need some healing work. We can have a chat about what you need.

SoulShaping: A Journey of Self Creation by Jeff Brown
I recommended SoulShaping to a couple of clients who found it spot on for navigating the Void. I recommend it to you too. You can order from Jeff’s site here, or if you can’t wait for the Pony Express to deliver, seek out the Kindle edition at Amazon.