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Step through the Eclipse Portal

The Eclipse Portal Opens

Note: First in a series on the "Great American Eclipse" in Leo next month. This is an article I wrote a few years ago about solar eclipse energy. It holds true now, exponentially!

There is a huge portal opening. Strap on your helmet and point your Kayak through the chute. Prepare to be changed.


It is the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on the Aries Equinox. The last degree of Pisces the moon's shadow eclipses the Sun, and 12 hours later the Sun enters Aries and a new astrological year.

Every eclipse is a portal, and the challenging energy before and after can feel like cosmic rapids. Every month, the new moon is a time of intention setting and visioning. When a new moon makes a solar eclipse, the intention setting takes on a new scope and weight.

On the eclipse, you dig deep. You look at life-long challenges and a long-term vision. You check in how faithfully you are living your purpose. You look at the fears that keep you in the stagnant side pools that feel safe, but go nowhere. You resolve to be the one who can conquer your fears and trust Providence and your kayak (your own soul wisdom) to get you through the chute and out the other side. 

I used to teach about leaving things behind that you don't need, or that would impede your safe passage into a new state of being and possibility. I am not sure that is possible, or even preferable. The thing to do is own and rejoice in those parts of your self that seem to hold you back. These shadows are rich with blessings. You need every one of them to be who you are. Integrate these shadows and reduce them to a size that will fit in your waterproof pouch. They don't have to run the show, and they have provided important experiences and medicine for your journey.

You bring all of yourself to the class 5 cosmic rapids of a solar eclipse on the equinox, in the last degree of Pisces. You will have all of yourself – redesigned, re-imagined, rebirthed – on the other side.

Pause for a moment to get very clear on what you want on the other side of this eclipse. It may take a long time to fully manifest it. You'll live with the intentions of this day for a score of years. Today you turn a corner that will change the rest of your life, and the world with you. Be vigilant, aware, and have faith.

Look to the future you creating. Point your Soul Kayak though the portal and call in both your unseen divine helpers and your human guides, coaches, and friends. You don't have to do this alone.

I recommend a ritual or ceremony to hold you steady and keep your mind focused in a strong way. This evening I am holding fire ceremony to open the portal and get myself aligned. Ceremony gets you aligned with the energy, and allows you to be still in your center to receive the medicine of the eclipse. No matter what happens in the outside world, inside you are centered. Keep it simple.

Fire, dance, journal, a sweat or sauna, candles, and gather with others if you can.

Much love and courage. I'll see you on the other side.