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The Solar Eclipse of the Sun is today, August 21, 2017. Called the Great American Solar Eclipse, it is the most hyped celestial event of the century – so far.

What makes this eclipse so important?

It's path of visibility is 100% on continental United States soil. The moon's shadow travels across the country from coast to coast. Millions of people will travel to the 70 mile wide stripe of totality from Oregon to South Carolina.

I had planned to be one of them, as the path of totality includes my hometown in Tennessee. However I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease this month. I deemed it wise to stay home, give my energy to healing, and staying connected to myself as I move through the eclipse portal.

This eclipse is getting a lot of political attention. It is a Leo eclipse on the degree of Donald Trump's rising sign. The brightest star in Leo, Regulus, the star of the king, is conjunct this eclipse. It is tempting to predict a downfall with aspects like this. It bears watching.

This is a more potent eclipse than usual. Every solar eclipse is a portal of change that we have to navigate with awareness. Each one ignites a 19 year cycle of transformation.

I compare solar eclipse to cosmic class 5 rapids, where you strap on your helmet, check your kit bag for water proofing and point your kayak into the chute. And RIDE.

That is true for this eclipse, with the addition that the river is on fire.

What makes this eclipse so powerful the message found in the astrology chart of the moment of totality.

Solar Eclipse Chart

Here is what you are looking at in the chart above.

Notice the triangle. The top angle is Sun/Moon conjunct at 28 Leo. You can see the star Regulus at 0 degrees Virgo right beside them.

Trace the right side of the triangle down to Uranus at 28 Aries. Trace the bottom to Pholus/Galactic Center 26 and 27 Sagittarius, and back up to the Sun and Moon eclipse.

This is called a GRAND FIRE TRINE. This is hot, fiery, explosive, active energy. This would be enough to make you pay attention to how this eclipse affects your life.

But there is even more. The Goddess is all over this chart. The eclipse triggers her in two points specifically, and they are both aspects of Lilith.

On the left angle, at 21 Sagittarius, there is an exact conjunction of Black Moon Lilith and Saturn. This makes a 2nd Grand Fire Trine superimposed on the first.

Lilith, the wildest aspect of the original feminine is standing on top of Saturn, the stern task master father figure. When Lilith is confronted by the controlling aspects of the masculine, she walks away. She will not be controlled. She does not compromise to keep the peace, or make the masculine feel OK.

Lilith stands for radical, soul-level integrity.

You can also take the perspective that Saturn is in service to the feminine, creating a structure in which she can thrive and express her power. In your personal chart, I suggest that you look at your life and see which attitude of Lilith will support your growth and power more. Do you need to leave an oppressive situation, or do you need to work within a structure that channels your energy for higher expression?

Whichever is true for you, it requires that you take conscious action now.

Notice the red line from the top angle of the triangle to the point at 26 Taurus on the right side. This is a square to Algol, the Lilith Star. This star is also called the Eye of Medusa. She represents the Demonized Goddess that the patriarchy disowned and made into the paradigm of evil.

I see her as the Universal aspect of the collective rage of the unvoiced feminine. She stand for that which is forbidden to be felt or spoken.

When this eclipse portal opens, the floodgates open. Her voice roars forth -- through YOU!

She is the Goddess, and she does not speak exclusively for women or against men. She speaks and acts against abuse, destruction, and ignorance. She speaks for justice, abundance, and remembrance of our holy relationship with Nature. This eclipse portal ignites the Goddess and makes her power available to those who listen for her voice. 

We are her body, hands, feet, and voice on earth. Each of us gets to decide how we will respond, how we will show up as HER through US.

I believe this to be true: The Divine Feminine is calling. Your passage through this eclipse portal is an invitation to embrace your mission and purpose, and listen deeply to how SHE would use your gifts to make the world a more beautiful and safe place for all beings.

One last thing: Chiron. The lower red line in the chart connects the Galactic Center to Chiron. In turn, he is connected by a short blue line to Algol. This tells me that this eclipse event is a healer and teacher for the planet through the Divine Feminine energy unleashed.

You can choose to use this to heal your own wounds and step into your own power.

It is vital that you manage your energy over the next few days as this eclipse energy resonates through the earth.

The rest of the world is going to be a little -- or a lot -- extra nuts, so you want to be a extra grounded and anchored in positive intention.

On the eclipse, you dig deep. You look at life-long challenges and a long-term vision. You check in how faithfully you are living your purpose.

You look at the fears that keep you in the stagnant side pools that feel safe, but go nowhere.

You can't ride this eclipse out up a creek tied to a tree. It will rip you out and send you tumbling over the brink.

You must have your intention clear and lined up with your actions.

What you are involved with during an eclipse is amplified. How you feel, what you say, what you do.

A solar eclipse is growth factor for your intentions.

Resolve to be the one who can conquer your fears and trust the Universe and your own Soul Wisdom to get you on the other side.

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The eclipse happens tomorrow, but it does not expire. The effects will be active for the next 6 months.

Make the best of this year and this energy to create the life you want.

Who will YOU be on the other side of the portal?

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