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Balance of Light and Dark

Equinox lake

Balance of Light and Dark

Equinox is gift the Cosmos sends us so that two times a year, we can remember balance. 
Balance is not stasis or stagnation.
Balance is movement!
Balance marks the halfway point of a journey. 
There is as much behind me as before me.  
Dark night I have awakened from is as long as the day I am awakening to. 
That which I planted I can harvest.
My desire, which creates a hole in my heart, is met in equal measure with abundant fulfillment. 

Equinox is a moment. A day and a night. A chime in the great clock of our solar system. 

We humans spend so much of our energy in drama, in the struggle of making the two ends of a thing meet. 

Equinox is a moment to drop those two ends and let them be. They are in balance. YOUR needs are met. However dark it seems now, equal light is also here. 

Feel the thrill and the peace that comes when you rest in the middle of the tension. That tension becomes pleasure. Energy you can tap into and use. 

Balance is dynamic and creative. Most of the time it is a potential. We see too much of one thing and not enough of something else. It can feel uncomfortably out of balance.

Life requires and creates this movement. That is when change happens. It is good.

Today, feel the balance of Light and Dark in your body. Know that whatever is happening in the world, in your life, balance is the order. 

Today, you get to feel it. Let it be your teacher and your comfort. 

Blessed Equinox!

With all my LOVE, 

Diva Carla

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