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Lilith: Triple Goddess Part 2

Lilith: Triple Goddess Part 1

The solar eclipse of August 21 activated Lilith energy in two powerful ways: The Demonized Goddess and the original Feminine energy of manifestation.

After the Eclipse I meditated deeply on Lilith and listened to what she had to teach me. 

Lilith is a triple goddess. So many aspects of the Divine Feminine are triple goddesses. Something about Three is a magic number of dynamic creative power within wholeness that shows up in many religious systems.

When I do Divine Feminine Astrology Readings (DFAR), I look up three different Lilith points on your chart.

Lilith, the asteroid. This is a physical body in our solar system, part of the asteroid belt. Many of the goddesses in astrology are named asteroids, considered "minor planets." Like hell they are!

Asteroid Lilith is personal. She represents the disowned and repressed powers of the feminine expressed through sexuality, anger, conflict, voice, even money. Any place where women have been historically and currently denied their power by society. Her location in your chart tells how the feminine wound shows up in your own life, and the resources you have for healing.

Black Moon Lilith is a mathematical point related to the moon's orbit around the earth. It is not a physical body. It is an energetic point of power and symbolism. M. Kelley Hunter calls Black Moon Lilith "an energy vortex, an ancient pathway into incarnation and sword of truth." I understand her to be the original Feminine (mythically the first woman created by God, Adam's first wife). I connect Black Moon Lilith with the portal, and as the portal, I connect her with the Womb: the portal from the Cosmos to physical presence on Earth.

Oh she is a mystery teacher, Black Moon Lilith!

Black Moon Lilith is conjunct Saturn now, and connected to the Solar Eclipse by a trine. You don't have to know astrology to listen deeply to what this feminine energy working with -- or against??? -- the masculine of Saturn says to you. Meditate on it. So much more to say and learn about her!

Algol, the Lilith Star (aka the Eye of Medusa).

Algol is a star, a real physical body and very far away, outside our solar system. The ancients of many cultures associated her with the evil of the Demon Goddess. I see her as the Goddess who is Demonized by the Patriarchy.

She has been cast out and reviled, blamed as a cause of suffering and evil. She has become an object of fear and dread.

***She is that which we fear and dread inside ourselves***

Algol is the Lilith that we reclaim within. As we go through this initiation process of reclaiming the fierce Divine Feminine, SHE emerges from behind her terrifying mask.

Algol Lilith Star is terrible energy. She restores balance to the world. When things have gone so far out of balance, then restoration of balance may feel like disaster.

Algol is square the eclipse point. Tension and action are required.

We have to own and use her energy well. This is big Magic.

Dark Goddess on Fire.


When working with Lilith there are no sparkles or rainbows in sight.

We have our work cut out for us.

Please share what you know about Lilith. Has she visited you? Does this post give insight into your experience?

Art: Lilith Temple 2 by Carla Sanders

LIlith temple 2

Is Lilith calling you? Where does she show up in your own astrology and psyche?
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