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In Part one of  Lilith: Triple Goddess, I introduced the three faces of Lilith as a Triple Goddess.

When one aspect of the Triple Goddess is active, the other two are also present. At first I did not think that Lilith shows up as Maiden/Mother/Crone. My listening throughout the day reveals that she is Maiden/Mother/Crone as the Dark Goddess.

***Lilith Maiden ***

Lilith is the Wild Feminine. Untamed and untamable. In the ancient Sumerian texts, Lilith was the original femme fatale. In the Hebrew story, she was “first wife, who refused to lie underneath Adam during sex. She insisted that she belonged on top, and would not submit to the man or God.

In an apparent fit of rashness, she abandoned Eden rather than submit to being controlled by man.

This feels like the shadow of the Maiden, who was never a “maiden.” Lilith has always stood for limitless sexual appetite, a quality demonized as succubus: Her erotic appetite literally sucks the life out of a man.

Men learned to fear the sexual power and desire of women. Women internalized this fear, and so began millennia of slut-shaming which forced women to deny their own erotic nature, and participate in their own repression.

Lilith the Wild Feminine disappeared into the realm of shadow – that which women and men alike **do not want to know about ourselves** – and which keeps bubbling to the surface in witch burnings, rape, sexual abuse, sex trafficking and slavery, and legal restrictions to women's control of their own bodies and health.

*** Lilith Mother ***

Long before there was Adam or even Inanna, Lilith was an ancient agricultural and fertility goddess in Sumeria. She was the protector of pregnant women, mothers, and babies.

When She claimed her Goddess-hood, and abdicated her place as Adam's consort in Eden, she was condemned to kill 100 of her children every day. Some stories put the number at 1000. She became the killer of infants, not their protector.

Scholars say this myth explains high infant mortality in ancient society. I don't think so.

My intuition says this is justification of genocide of the Goddess worshipping cultures. Lilith becomes complicit in the murder of her descendants.

This is a shadow that torments us to this day. The group in power decides who is worthy to reproduce and raise children.

Women considered “fallen” or of “loose morals” have their children taken from them to be raised or enslaved by the dominant culture.

Families and communities of people of color are disrupted by violence in every possible form – poverty, prison, lack of opportunity, legalized murder and brutality.

This is the aim of war: total destruction of the people and their future.

When the patriarchy made Lilith into the Demon Mother, devouring her children, she became the scapegoat, the justification for genocide. Women have been socialized to keep this system in power.

This is blasphemy. BLASPHEMY!

This is the trance that held women in its spell for eons.

I've struggled to understand how this happened. When Lilith abandoned Eden, was she abandoning the Earth to the domination of Patriarchy? Why did things get so out of balance?

I get it now.

***Lilith Crone*

She comes to awaken us from our trance. It is a hard awakening. 
She's always been here, whispering through our intuition, quickening our wombs with her wisdom, showing herself in signs and oracles of nature, speaking through divination.

It is hard to hear when you are entranced by the spell of your own powerlessness.

Those who did hear and awaken and speak up were destroyed: killed, shamed, lobotomized.

It is dangerous when Lilith Crone calls you to awaken.

The volume of Lilith's rage, fury, lust, and grief processing through us is more than we can handle without support in remembering.

*** Waking up is an act of profound courage! ***

That is why my mission is to support women through their waking up process.

My work with Womb Wisdom and Sexual Healing gives women the strength to channel their own Lilith energy!

We living women (and men) are her hands, feet, heart, and mind.

The most important thing to remember about the Goddess is she works through us.

When enough of us remember how to hear her voice, and boldly on our vision, we'll be unstoppable. She will be unstoppable.

Lilith Crone is the Goddess who declares through us:

I am NOT Demon, I am Divine.

Yet the wrathfulness of restoring balance could scare us to death.

It will not scare us back to sleep!

Meanwhile, what is your take away from Lilith: Triple Goddess?

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Art: Lilith Temple 3 by Carla Sanders

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