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In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Vision Boards Work for Me!

I used to hate Vision Boards. Vision boring.
I dislike searching through magazines and cutting out pictures and gluing. In late 2016, I joined Vanessa Long's Goddess Voice class, and there was a session on Vision Boards. I decided to make one. I found most of my images on the internet, and among my own photographs. That helped.
I made the vision board and throughout the year it got shuffled through stacks of paper. Occasionally I tacked it to the wall. It literally gathered dust as we renovated the house in prep to sell, and it surfaced again as a difficult-to-pack object as I was moving.
That's when I became a convert to vision boards. I'll tell you the story in pictures.
First is a picture of my whole 2017 vision board:
Vision board 2017
At the bottom you see a picture of my house with a maple tree in fall color (green circle). I inserted a SOLD sign from my realtor's Facebook page. Even though we hadn't started the process yet, I knew I was going to call Annie Higbee to be my realtor. No one else was allowed to touch my house!
Green circle
In October we signed the sale contract and prepared to get moved by the November 2nd closing date. The next picture is the one I took of the real sold sign in October 2017. Holy moly! My Unconscious Mind took my picture literally!
Sold house
Next, look at this detail circled in red on the vision board. And look at what I have in the house I am currently renting. How did I live without a claw foot bathtub for 25 years? I have one now!    
One more, that I just noticed as I was writing this post:
Circled in Yellow is a jeweled key with a goddess image on it. I chose this image because it reminds me of my spiritual path: the priceless, jeweled, precious journey of my deepening and growing relationship with the Divine Feminine. This fall, I joined ALisa Starkweather and 30 sisters on the Priestess Path.
These pictures are at the bottom of the Vision Board, as if they are foundational parts that had to happen before the other things can come in.
This week I am reviewing the elements of this Vision Board, and checking: Do I really desire this? What makes my desire more clear, specific, and vivid?
PS. I had a LOT of FOCUSED ACTION on getting the house sold. I also had people in my life working on the same goal. They had my back big time: My partner Charlie and my realtor Annie, among others.
Vision Boards require action, both inner and outer!
I am a convert to vision boards now.
Are you?