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Equinox: A Great Time for a Divine Feminine Astrology Reading

The Aries Equinox - Sring in the Northern Hemisphere and Fall in the Southern Hemisphere - is an astrological power time. 

A lot of planets that were in Pisces last month have moved to Aries. 

This changes everything!

The planets and other heavenly bodies that astrologers work with represent archetypes. They are symbols of the energy we carry within us. 

When we explore their relationships to one another in the sky, we reveal our personal mysteries so the we can use the energy to create. 

I work with the Divine Feminine. I specialize in the so-called minor planets that represent the Feminine Archetypes of the Goddess. 

Both Women and Men have these Archetypes available in their charts. 

Book a Divine Feminine Astrology Reading today to discover how the Goddess Archetypes can amplify your intuition and provide insight and guidance into the challenges this year will bring you. 

Create your life with a full tank!

Here is more information and how to book a reading. 


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