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My interview on the Shift Network's #MeToo Dialogues today

Today is the final heart-opening day of #MeTooDialogues.

My interview on astrology as a resource for people healing a lineage of abuse is on this afternoon. I hope you will Tonya and me for this conversation.

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Here’s the schedule:


  • We’ll begin at 9:00am Pacific with actor Cathy Curtin and Tonya exchanging thoughts about the pressures and difficulties of being in a workplace where there are sexually violating behaviors.

  • Next up… activist, storyteller, and theater artist Ianne Fields Stewartdescribes their challenge in owning their black, queer, and mixed-race transgender identity with love and magnetism.

  • Monique Wilson, global director of One Billion Rising, has lived with blood cancer for seven years and shows how she’s dedicated her work to the healing practices that transform women's lives in a positive way.

  • You won’t want to miss Kasia Urbaniak, founder and CEO of The Academy, as she and and Tonya explore the "freeze" response around sexual abuse — as well as the intricacies of power dynamics. Kasia’s acuteness in addressing this topic is truly stunning.

  • Actor and singer MJ Rodriguez brings her experience as a transgender female to a vibrant conversation about the status of transgender issues in our world today.

  • Founder of Cosmic Crone Enterprises, Diva Carla, talks about a planet called Nessus and points to significant Nessus aspects and transits that can provide clarity about the patterns, wounds, and challenges caused by sexual abuse.

  • Co-author of The Hostage ChildMichelle Etlin, uncovers her personal experience and research in the field of custody battles to elucidate what she sees as the "anti-mother" bias that plays out in the court system.

  • And for the grand finale of The #MeToo DialoguesRudy Mazzocchi, an expert in the field of biotechnology, focuses on biotech solutions to sexual predation. Wow!


Join this necessary and vibrant conversation that will inspire and support you to create lasting change in your life and your community!

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