Part 1: Sacred Boundaries - What does it mean to have boundaries?
My interview on the Shift Network's #MeToo Dialogues today

What do you REQUIRE to Thrive?

The energy of the Cancer New Moon and solar eclipse is whooshing us with some big power!

This weekend I will attend Healing Turtle Island ceremonies hosted by Sherri Mitchell - Wena'hamu'gwasit of the Penobscot people of Maine.

She writes: “Our ancestors tell us that the Eastern Door is where we will gather to begin the healing of this land. It is here in the East where first contact was made between the Native peoples and the newcomers. It is here that the first blood was spilled between our people, and the long history of violence began. And, it is here on this same land that the healing must begin.

Our prophecies tell us that when the people of the world rise up and begin standing for the protection of life, a great healing will begin. In order for that healing to take root, the people must return to the place where the initial wounding on this land took place, and join together with one heart and one mind to heal the wounds that they carry within them, and those carried by Mother Earth.”

Send your prayers for the Healing of Turtle Island. I’ll carry them with me.

Read more HERE, and if you are in driving distance, you are invited to come to the ceremony.


Sacred Boundaries Part 2: What do you REQUIRE to thrive?

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Boundaries are an expression of our sovereignty over our personhood, body, and life.

Today's lesson on boundaries homes in on sovereign.

Sovereign is the truth of yourself that you must claim as you set your boundaries.

You are sovereign. You are Queen, Empress, or King of your resources, especially time and energy.

I invite you to upgrade your thinking about boundaries to a higher vibration.

Consider what you REQUIRE in your life so you can be your highest and best self.


My priestess Nut Tmu-Ankh used to ask me this question:

What do you REQUIRE to fulfill your mission?

I'd stare into space like a deer in headlights. I had no idea what she was talking about. I barely had a sense of myself as a person worthy of having basic needs met. I was only beginning to allow myself to name my heart's desires.

Am I allowed to REQUIRE something?

As in I must have it; I command it; I have a right to expect it.

Circuits BLOWN!

In the past few months, I find myself asking my clients this question too, because I know it will challenge them as it challenged me.

I know this sense of requiring is how they will break free.

Many women are new to taking up space in the world, asking for what they want, and raising their expectations of how people treat them. In other words, setting boundaries.

Their boundaries land somewhere between “I don't need that much to be OK”, and outright martyrdom and self-sacrifice. One of the side effects can be desperate overcompensation. They tend to lock out the very things they desire and need to feel supported and fulfilled.

How many wise, gifted, and mission-inspired women do I know who settle for crumbs, and deplete themselves doing Divine work without the support and resources they require!

Doing God's work on your energetic dime!

What does that yield? Lots of overworked, depleted, angry women who give up on the work they love and came to Earth to do. Who settle for less than they really want and deserve.

It's blasphemy!

Divine Love did not place you on this earth to share your jewels without the soul nourishment, finances, love, and companionship you need to do the work.

You can forgive yourself for internalizing the idea of service as self-sacrifice.

You learned how to be this way in your mother’s womb.

The Patriarchy has grown fat on the physical, spiritual, and emotional labor of women, especially black and brown women.

You can change your life. When you change, the world will change.

Try this on:

What happens when you stop thinking of need and start thinking of require?

Take a minute right now to list all the things that would make it possible for you to show up powerfully as you, express your highest gifts, feel supported and appreciated for your work.

You list may have things like a beautiful place to live, good food, pleasure, deep sexual connection, high paying clients, money to continue your own spiritual growth, flowers!

Notice where you back-peddle on this. Where are you in the habit of setting or not expecting you'll have what you want.

Where do you still feel unworthy?

YOU as sovereign of your life have the right and the power to command the Universe to supply your needs and desires.

You let the Universe know what you require to be your best, highest, and fulfilled expression of you.

It is a pre-requisite for setting your boundaries in THRIVE mode.

Does this feel really hard for you?

You may need some deep healing, womb clearing, and practice with someone to guide you.

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